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After briefly talking about the new ads in App Store search results and a new feature of iOS 10.1 beta, Cody and Sebastien spend most of the episode talking about the Samsung debacle as well as the new Google Pixel phone.

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  • GrandMasterB

    At least you call it what it is. It was like an hour long informercial for the Pixel… Still love you guys just the same though! <3

  • Eric M

    I feel bad for anyone who has gotten hurt with the battery issue in regards to the Note 7. I totally agree with Sebastien, if it were the iPhone the world would be calling for Tim Cook’s resignation.

    All of the Tech bloggers who make their living off of Apple products looking for ways to hate on the iPhone have barely said anything about the battery of the Note 7.

  • About the tech double standard, I think that people hold Apple on a higher standard, so they simply don’t expect something like that to happen from them, despite them being a tech company like any other. So if an incident happened en-masse for their latest product, the backlash would be greater. That’s also something that happens in parallel to those bloggers who dedicate their entire columns on sensationalist Apple-attack articles designed just to inflate click counts.

  • mwpitt52

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    • Hey, this was a rogue ad and not something intentional. We made sure this pop up will never show up again. If it does, please feel free to email. Sorry about the bad user experience.

      • mwpitt52

        No problem. Read your blog daily. Thanks!

    • Hey. I just saw your comment here. These popups are not intended. This is not something we intentionally do. I assume you are using Safari on your iPhone. Is that right?

      Would you please try to go to Settings > Safari > Clear History & Website Data, and let me know if that fixes the issue?

      Again, I’m terribly sorry about that and we’re actively looking into it to prevent such behavior.

      Keep me posted.

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