Skype for iOS CallKit SiriKit integration 003

Two weeks ago, Microsoft-owned Skype launched a major update with Siri, Phone, Contacts and Lock screen integration, courtesy of iOS 10’s new CallKit framework which allows calls from VoIP apps to behave like normal phone calls.

Today, both Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad received a minor refresh which brings out a toggle for enabling or disabling CallKit integration, the ability to get new contact requests as a notification and under-the-hood fixes and improvements to make the app run more reliably on iOS 10 devices.

In the new version of Skype for iPhone and iPad, you can toggle iOS 10’s integrated calling via CallKit on and off within the app’s settings.

To disable CallKit integration, open Skype and tap the My Info tab at the bottom, then tap Settings and slide the Integrated calling switch underneath the Calls heading to the OFF position.

If you disable CallKit integration, VoIP calls from Skype will appear on the Lock screen as a dull notification. You also won’t be able to make Skype calls from your device’s contact list nor will Skype calls be captured in Phone’s Recents.

To disable Skype’s Siri integration, go to Settings → Siri → App Support. Be sure to enable notifications for Skype to receive any new contact requests as a notification.

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  • igorsky

    Any logical reason for allowing CallKit to be turned off? Seems like that would degrade the experience.

    • You would be right, if the call interface was different on the iPad.
      Having your whole screen turn black, with no option to ignore the call and go back to whatever you were doing, just because someone is initiating a Skype call is… unorthodox.

    • I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. One annoyance I have with it is that when in CallKit, if I decide I want to take a picture and Skype it to the chat thread I have to be very careful how I hold my phone. If I get even slightly too close to that proximity sensor the screen blacks out and I can’t see what I’m doing anymore.

      Another cosmetic gripe is that Skype doesn’t appear to (I haven’t tried in this last update) take advantage of user profile pictures to display a background image which kind of makes the CallKit interface look a bit dull.

      Personally the feature I was most hoping for would have been that rich notification functionality from iOS 10. Currently, if someone sends me a message and I pull down I get the old iOS 9 style banner (which is incompatible with a LOT of Skype features including emoticons). But the worse part is that while I’m composing a response I can’t see any additional messages that come through and Skype often won’t even tell me about them after the fact. Turns out the most useful iOS 10 features (at least for me) are still waiting to be adopted, but one can dream that they’ll eventually get around to it 😉

    • YES! I now need to sift through double the amount of contact details (each method repeated with type “Skype”) in KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  • Scott Curry

    Two updates for regular Skype and nada for Skype for Business. Cuz I’m sure SO MANY more people use Skype personally than business do… O.o

    • No real surprise there. Skype for Web, Skype for Business, Skype for iOS, Skype for WP, Skype for Desktop, etc all have one thing in common. None of them have the same features and all of them have items that are incompatible with other versions.

      If Microsoft seems to be good at anything it’s taking a product and fracturing it into many walled off development projects. I just hope that I can find a replacement program before Microsoft completely runs Skype into the ground.

      • Franklin Richards

        Try Discord. It’s a gamer centric app but it works all the same. Call quality is miles ahead of Skype too.

      • I actually do use Discord and love it! However unlike Skype for desktop I can’t share my screen (and I need this feature when demoing things to some clients) nor can I call land lines and mobiles with it.

        Despite my gripes with Microsoft’s apparent drive to destroy Skype it is still an excellent app for letting me drop my phone bill and turn my iPhone into a WiFi phone at a fraction of the cost.

  • Why can’t the world just bypass AT&T and go completely VOIP?