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  • Joaquim N.

    I know they all sell this “unlimited data transfer speeds” but it is all bs. I already tried 4 different “top rated” vpn services so far and none of them could reach at least 70% of the internet speed I have at home which I pay a lot to have. And it is only a 60mb link.
    And yes, I changed servers and tried it for days during different hours before asking for a full refund from them all!

    For now I can’t afford to go back in time 10 years and stay slow online. I rather protect myself using different methods until I find a really honest vpn service.

    • White Michael Jackson

      I use windscribe and I am able to get max speeds while using it. Try the free trial. They also don’t log an information also. (From what I hear.)

      • Joaquim N.

        How much is the max speed you are used to get from them? Thanks

      • White Michael Jackson

        My max internet speed is 10 mb/s with torrents. possibly 4 mbs per torrent. if it slows down, I switch vpn networks. it even has a handy tag that tells which ones are good for torrent.

  • Israel Valencia

    Does this work with Netflix? because I have “VPN Unlimited” but recently Netflix detects this VPN and won’t allow me to watch it outside a netflix-available-country.