Apple seeds iOS 10.1 beta 2 to developers

By , Oct 4, 2016

10-1 beta 2

Apple on Tuesday issued the second beta for iOS 10.1. Registered developers can grab the new software via the over-the-air update mechanism in the iOS Settings app, or via Apple’s online developer portal.

By far the most significant change in iOS 10.1 is the addition of Portrait camera mode— an iPhone 7 Plus-exclusive software feature that creates a ‘bokeh’ effect, which Apple demonstrated at last month’s event.

Here’s an example of what a photo taken in Portrait mode looks like:


And here’s TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino with a breakdown of how it works:

The Portrait mode, which displays a beta notification prominently on first launch, resides to the right side of the standard photo mode in your camera app. There is no zooming, digital or otherwise, in Portrait mode. Instead, the Portrait mode exclusively uses the 56mm lens to shoot the image and the wide angle lens to gather the perspective data that allows it to generate a 9-layer depth map.

We are installing the iOS 10.1 beta now, and will be sure to update this article with any significant new findings. If you find something new we haven’t mentioned, feel free to let us know down in the comments below!

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  • Hussain Alsanona

    macOS 10.12.1 Public beta is out as well

    • [RECON1]

      Not seeing this yet.

    • Mads Teland

      I can see now, but the strange is that it uses Mountain Lion Installer icon instead Sierra Installer icon in updates in App Store.

      • [RECON1]

        Yeah, I found that a bit odd too

  • [RECON1]
    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Finally, you’re someone who gets tells the actual news instead of faux. I Liked the dotted one better though.

  • [RECON1]

    There’s also a replay option for Message effects.

  • Chang in Charge

    They need to fix all of the cellular connectivity issues.

    • Danny Shepherd

      Speak to apple, some units with the intel baseband chips are faulty. The Qualcomm chips have no issues with Cellular. Apple are swapping these over and are aware of it.

      • Chang in Charge

        Already did they said they are aware of software issues and bug fixes are on the way. In what IOS version they did not say.

      • Danny Shepherd

        They ran a diagnostic on my i7 at the Genius Bar, came up with my serial number being from a batch of faulty Intel chips. Swapped it for a brand new one.

      • Chang in Charge

        Did this resolve any issues you were seeing?

      • Danny Shepherd

        No, as it was a hardware fault with chip, they just swapped it outright for another one.

      • Sung

        Which carrier??

  • Adam

    I am still not seeing the update? Anyone else not seeing it?

  • Martynet

    Is it faster than 10.0.2 ? Sometimes I find my 6s plus a bit laggy with iOS 10. Really annoying.

    • leart

      really ? mine is still on ios 9… I’m not sure it’s the right time to move on , plus i hate the slide to unlock miss

      • Martynet

        Really. Sometimes when I launch an app, I’m waiting like 2-3 seconds. This never happened on ios 9. I really like ios 10 but those little lags are not good. I hope apple fixes this soon.

      • leart

        wow, that’s bad.. knowing that the 6s+ it’s a power machine.. I was considering to update since from time to time, I’m experiencing interface freeze, mostly when I use low power mode.. but I started to think that this trouble is becouse I use some old versions for certain apps like Facebook and some other that I don’t like latest versions