2016 Mac Freebie Bundle MF

The best things in life are indeed free. The 2016 Mac Freebie Bundle delivers on this promise with 8 free Mac apps designed to make life easier, more organized and efficient.

This bundle is worth $125, but you can pick it up for free for a limited time.

Your Mac is a powerhouse in its own right, but with this set of highly-rated apps your computing experience will be streamlined and supercharged. A few of the upgrades in store for your Mac:

CommandQ prevents those annoying accidental app closures when you hit ⌘Q, potentially saving serious time and effort through lost work.

Export for iTunes allows you to send your playlists and albums from iTunes to any device, local folder, external storage or USB drive. It even converts files to mp3 for easy compatibility across platforms and systems.

Screenie allows you to skip constantly going between the Finder and multiple other windows when you’re working with images on Mac. Just take a screenshot, and drag it from your menubar icon to wherever you desire with one smooth action.

Total Video Player for Mac will play any media file you own, including HD ones, allowing you to finally do away with the multiple video players required for different formats.

That’s just a taste of the upgrades available in the 2016 Mac Freebie Bundle, guaranteed to streamline your Mac efficiency and make life easier.

Pick up this great collection today for absolutely free — but hurry, because it’s available for a limited time only.