iPhone 7 and airpods

According to a new survey of more than a thousand customers in the United States, conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch and cited in today’s BusinessInsider article, a whopping twelve percent of respondents are interested in buying Apple’s $159 wireless AirPods earbuds when they go on sale next month, resulting in an incremental $3 billion in revenue.

In fact, more respondents said they planned to purchase the AirPods than the new Apple Watch Series 2 (eight percent).

“Twelve precent of the US installed base could lead to up to an incremental $3 billion in revenue,” the analysts wrote. About 56 percent of respondents find their current headphones good enough and forty percent of respondents won’t be buying the AirPods because they deem the product too pricey.

Merrill Lynch survey purchase intent AirPods Apple Watch Series 2

According to analysts, “only a small portion of respondents own the Watch Series 1 and only eight percent of respondents intend to buy the Watch Series 2”.

I’m finding the results of this survey eye-opening.

For starters, fifty percent more respondents said they would be buying the AirPods than there were those who said the same for the Apple Watch Series 2. That’s remarkable given the Apple Watch Series 2 is on sale and available for hands-on experience in Apple Stores, but the AirPods will arrive in October and cannot be tried out yet.

Will you be buying Apple’s wireless earbuds?

Source: Business Insider

  • Diogo Pires

    There is a “1” missing in the Airpods price 🙂

    • added 😀

      • Diogo Pires

        But hey, I don’t mind to pay $59 for those! 😉

  • lisettecruiz

    I think there’s a typo since the air pods are $159

  • Ds

    I’ll probably end up getting the Airpods, or a new set of Beats since they have a 40hr battery (according to 9-5mac) and as for the Apple Watch. I’m getting a Nixon Mission. Yes I know it runs Android. Yes I know I won’t be able to do as much with it as a Apple Watch. No I don’t really care. For a watch that has a 10ATM rating I’m willing to sacrifice seamless integration.

  • AMB_07

    Will I buy Apple’s overpriced low-quality not practical and super-easy-to-lose Airpods? No, no I will not.

    • Amid Abdul

      Pls tell me more why is it overpriced (name one company which has a cheaper true wireless earbuds with these specs) and why is it easy to loose. Watch some early reviews on yt, especially business insider’s. Low quality? LOL

      • AMB_07

        Struck a nerve didn’t I? haha

        Not that I have to justify my opinion to you but allow me to respond anyway:
        Yes I’ve seen reviews I don’t base my opinion out of thin air. The airpods don’t sound that much better than the included earphones and the price that is asked for this kind of sound quality is too much to me yes ( I am in Canada ). The main attraction of this thing is it being wireless, period. Better options for me do exist out there.

        They are easy to lose, drop one while running, go ahead. Or if you’re in the metro with dozens of people walking around you. One of those drops in those circumstances good luck finding it back.

        Sure they’re pretty, but they’re not for me.

      • Amid Abdul

        Nah, Im totally chilled 🙂 The main attraction is that it is TRUE wireless. I prefer in-ear solutions, but I couldnt find a true wireless from other companies. What they sell is more expensive than the Airpods and their fb page is full of rage because of the unreliable connection. (for example: Bragi) Or they are just a startup, that probably never going to ship. Maybe you have a point about the sound quality, I’ll find out when I try one, Im not an audiofil though.

      • Rowan09

        Everyone is an expert now a days and need the most clear headphones on the market but pay a fraction of the price. Studio headphones cost an arm and a leg.

      • Amid Abdul

        Yeah, the funny thing is everyone is talking about how bad these bt earbuds sound, but they listen to compressed music from spotify or youtube.. 🙂

      • AMB_07

        It is ironic yes, those people wouldn’t know the difference between quality they’ll only look at the brand and the look of the headphones.

      • AMB_07

        I wouldnt call myself an audiophile either and I may have pushed it a bit hard when I said low-quality, Apple’s earphones are very “standard” if you know what I mean. By no means bad, but at those prices I can get stuff that sound clearly better (altough not a night/day difference).

        Anyways man, have fun with your Airpods!

      • Amid Abdul

        Yeah I hope I wont have to return it because they’re falling out. Thanks btw 🙂

  • Jamessmooth

    I won’t buy the earbuds, but I will upgrade my apple watch to series 2 over the holidays!

  • chjode

    Waiting for a refurb or Black Friday deal on the Apple Watch Series 2. Last year Target had the Apple Watch with $100 gift card that might be worth considering.

  • George V

    This survey doesn’t make sense because currently the Apple Watch Series 2 is unavailable in the entire country until Nov. 2

    • philip Mills

      I ordered my series 2 nike sports on 9th September still not got no email yet does anybody know when it will be available thanks

      • George V

        I ordered my series 2 that day and got it 2 weeks later only to find out it was defective and they had no replacements so I had to return it…. I don’t understand how they don’t anticipate demand and push production

      • KerChin Teh

        Hey, if you have access to an Apple Store, you can try to to do an in store pick up. That’s how I got mine. You’d have to check the Apple Store app on your phone or online pretty much everyday to see if they have it in stock or not. Just have the item in your cart and while you’re at check out, do store pick up. It will tell you if it is in stock or not. They update their inventory status at around 8 am everyday. That’s what a specialist told me. Hope this helps!

      • George V

        Thanks for the tip! I will start checking everyday I hope they get some soon

      • Rowan09

        You never make too much, you meet demand instead of predicting it.

  • Jon20

    I want them mainly for their seamless integration. Also the fact that if I needed to bring an extra battery pack for my iPhone or the AirPod case, all I need is a lightning cable and that’s it. Currently I’m using Bluetooth headsets that require Micro USB so I always have to carry a Lightning Cable and a Micro USB Cable in the event that I run out of juice. Having everything lightning would make things so much easier. I would also really like them in Black. Being that the design looks a little awkward as it is, the white just stands out too much. Black would sort of blend in a little better like traditional Bluetooth headsets. But I will do the white if I have to.

    • Omkar Nagnur

      Pretty sure Dbrand or some other company will come up with skins :p

  • TJ

    I will be buying the Apple Airpods, I see no use for the Apple Watch

  • iByron

    AirPods cost $159. Apple Watch Series 2 starts at $369.

    More people are interested in buying a bag of chips than a sheet of Wagyu steaks, too.

  • czbird

    Still waiting for a serious accoustic quality review of these…

  • totempole90

    Will these new Airpods work on older devices like SE and Apple TV 4?

    • Chris Owen

      Well I don’t know about the TV but the iPhone SE should definitely work with them as long as it’s running iOS 10.

    • Omkar Nagnur

      Check the apple website. It says all devices running iOS 10 (that includes TV 4 i guess) and os 10.12 will work!

  • I would really love to own a pair of these. But £159 is far too expensive for something that could very easily be lost/plucked straight out of your ears.

  • Troy

    I’m just not interested in the AirPods. I have powerbeats for the gym and my V-Moda Crossfade Wireless for everyday use.

  • Firedomain

    Release them in black & i might consider it…

  • mwpitt52

    Buy the new Beats X. And you will not look like a dork.

  • lou111

    Airpods are great, but in natural way these should be add with iPhone 7 in price. Absolutely. If they want to make a evolution they should be consistent.
    Adaptor is not funny half-measure..

  • Wolfgang Rumpf

    This is fairly revealing, actually – if 8% of responders want to purchase the Watch Series 2, that actually translates into significant sales. I do not view this as a negative.

  • Sleetui

    This better work for older iOS’s. And not have iOS 10 be mandatory for usage.