SteelSeries gaming headset teaser 001

Accessory maker SteelSeries designs some pretty cool Apple-compatible accessories. I use their Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller to play games on my Apple TV and couldn’t be happier with it. Today, the company said in an email blast to customers that they’ll be “changing the gaming headset” next Tuesday.

“On October 4, we’re releasing our love letter to gamers,” teases the firm. The email offers a sneak peek at the upcoming on-ear wired headset said to provide comfort and high-quality sound.

“Just like you—we’re tired of cheap mics, unbalanced sound and uncomfortable headsets,” reads the email, saying “the end of compromise is coming” on October 4.

SteelSeries gaming headset 001

“Gaming headsets don’t have to look like toys anymore,” says the voiceover in the firm’s teaser video that I embedded for your viewing pleasure below, “with crude audio that’s unbalanced, with cheap mics that are unbalanced and comfort that hasn’t been innovated in over ten years”.

Here’s the teaser video.

SteelSeries wrote on its Facebook page that what you’ll see on October 4 is the result of “everything we learned in these past 15 years, both the positive and negative.”

The future is wireless, alright. But when it comes to high-quality sound without any lag, wired is still the way to go—especially if you’re a gamer.

Are you looking forward to this new product from SteelSeries?

  • I need to get a new headset soon. Just hoping this won’t be $500.

    • gary

      I recently went from using the Astro A40 headest with the mixamp to using Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio headphones with the same mixamp and a Mod Mic attached. The quality is so good that I will never be going back to “gaming” headsets. If you’re looking for a change, you should strongly consider going the ‘audiophile’ headphone + separate microphone route.

  • jz100

    All the Steelseries headsets end up breaking on me. I have had it with their brand. It ends up being wasted money.