Following an unprecedented global recall of at least 2.5 million Note 7 smartphones due to faulty batteries causing some of the units to catch fire, Samsung today told Reuters that more than one million people worldwide are now using Galaxy Note 7 smartphones with batteries that are not vulnerable to overheating and catching fire. However, the firm has another problem on its hands: exploding washing machines. It’s certainly been a rough month for Samsung.

Yesterday, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission warned owners of certain top-loading Samsung washing machines of “safety issues” following reports that some have exploded.

As for the Note 7 fires, Samsung said two days ago that “Our focus now is to make sure that all affected devices are replaced as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

In the name of transparency, the company released the following stats:

  • Around 90 percent of Galaxy Note 7 users have been choosing a new Galaxy Note 7 since products became widely available.
  • More than 60 percent of all recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones sold in the United States and Korea have been exchanged through the program.
  • In Singapore, more than 80 percent of customers have participated in the exchange program, which started on September 17.

The company has issued a software update to Note 7 owners which puts up a prompt each time the device’s screen turns on, urging customers to power down and exchange their Note 7 as soon as possible.

In its press release, Samsung also asked customers who own affected Galaxy Note 7 devices to power down and return them. Bloomberg reported that Note 7 fires are the result of Samsung’s desire to beat the iPhone 7 to market.

Reports of Note 7 fires in China are still coming in, prompting Samsung to apologize for not providing a detailed explanation why the Notes sold in China were safe.

The company previously said that Note 7 units bound for China were safe as they used batteries that came from a different supplier to those that could overheat.

“Currently, the brand new Note 7 products that have been swapped in overseas markets are using identical batteries to those that were supplied and used for the Chinese version,” Samsung said.

According to Reuters:

Samsung said it takes reports of Note 7 fires in China very seriously and has conducted inspections on such devices. Batteries for the burnt phones were not at fault, Samsung said, adding its conclusion was also backed up by independent third-party testing.

Analysts say the Note 7 recall could cost Samsung billions of dollars and tarnish its brand image. Despite the recall, reports of exploding Samsung devices persist.

Travel+Leisure reported today that a recent Delta flight from Detroit to Amsterdam diverted after a Samsung tablet onboard overheated and started smoking.

“The flight diverted to Manchester, where authorities investigated the smoke and found a Samsung tablet lodged in between two seats,” reads the story. But Samsung now has another problem on its hands.

CNN cites a Texas woman who said her Samsung washing machine “exploded with such ferocity that it penetrated the interior wall of her garage”. A woman in Dallas, Georgia, said it felt and sounded as if “a bomb went off.”

Samsung exploding washing machines image 001

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that the lower spin speed “lessens the risk of impact injuries or property damage due to the washing machine becoming dislodged” and is working with Samsung on a remedy.

A month ago, owners of the exploding washing machines filed a federal class-action lawsuit against the South Korean firm. The lawsuit claims that Samsung “has moved aggressively to collect and destroy all evidence of the defective machines.”

Source: Reuters

  • Dao Sasone

    Lol sammy is goin down

    • Someone probably sabotaging them lol.. okay its not funny because people are getting hurt.. They need to get their act together before its too late. No more rushing samesung! Its really not worth it.

      • WizCraft

        Shamesung. The next big bang is here! 🙁

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Saw this last night. My parents have a Samsung washer/dryer and if you check on Samsung’s site to see if your machine is affected they simply say they will get in contact with you once they find out how to handle the issue. My parents washer model is affected by this too, so kinda scary.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      Let us know when they’ll contact you and when a replacement finally arrives!

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Competing with china with exploding objects now??

  • Can Samsung not rush on something for once?

  • Torrey Shelton

    No honestly phones explode all of the time. It’s just that every time a “Samsung Phone” explodes it’s going to be made into the biggest deal ever because if this note 7 recall.
    Look at this, where are the reports? I’ll wait….

    • Looks like the device was in a contained area, so that photo is fake as far as regular daily use. Someone was probably testing the durability of it and it blew.

      • Torrey Shelton

        I personally took this photo… it did this when it was changing in my kitchen.

      • Looks setup to me.

      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        Hi Torrey. Did you mean charging?
        Looking at this picture very carefully, we can see that this device was broken in the middle, and this damage was also caused to the battery. Was your device already damaged when you tried to charge it?

      • Dave Kurt

        Why is there filler space in your photo? It’s as if you took a screenshot of a photo… I smell B.S.

      • Benedict
      • Jerwyn Feria

        Although we truly don’t know the story behind these images, and possibly more. it wasn’t as massive problem like how the world and Samsung is making it out to be. The first person was a child which is the huge kicker in news and then more with cars are catching fire by just a cellphone. these are second and third degree burns that can be medically treated and thank god it wasn’t serious burns but if a Note 7 can take down a car. What would happen if a Note 7 was charged overnight and it caught houses on fire. I’ve seen a iPhone battery fizzle and it wasn’t a serious feat because it was containable. but a Note 7(Suppose to be the next greatest thing) causing things to go on fire, thats a whole new level on bad.

    • Dave Kurt

      All batteries are susceptible to thermal runaway. It’s simply a product of chemistry. Samsung’s problem is beyond that, There’s a flaw that was obviously overlooked. Batteries are well understood. This isn’t about some modest guy making a mistake, it’s about Samsung cutting costs and corners… It really makes you question their integrity.

    • Jerwyn Feria

      did it cause a car or house to burn down? if it didn’t then it won’t make news.

  • mrgerbik

    to be fair the washing machine didnt ‘explode’ per-say, the spin cycle goes incredibly fast and something probably breaks and send the wash basin flying.

    Anyways, Samsung appliances have always been iffy quality wise

  • Chindavon

    North Korea would like to buy all of those defective Note 7s to put into their nukes for added destruction.

    • JDL

      Lmfao best comment

  • Jim B
  • Louie Kulla

    Samsung Note 7 are banned in commercial flights and public transport !!

    Officially the US govt and governments of other countries called for the ban of the Samsung device.

    Question is , if I see someone still using them despite the ban . Should I call the authorities?

    Is it going to be long term ban?

    Because , a Samsung note 2 exploded in an passenger airplane recently.

    Some Samsung S7 edges still explodes after six months.

    The new replacement Notes still considered dangerous?

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Weird part is it exploded while still fresh inside the box. Second weird part is apple made a box that can with stand what the iphone couldn’t! That box is something special I tell ya.