Pay What You Want- The Award-Winning Mac Bundle MF

Your Mac is the pinnacle of Apple tech, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it. The Award-Winning Mac Bundle will give your Mac a tune-up and efficiency boost with over a dozen highly-rated apps.

Take advantage of this great offer: pay what you want for the training for a limited time.

This collection of award-winning apps will help you stay organized, streamline your projects, repair your system, protect your activity, and much more. Here are a few included apps in your collection:

Drive Genius 4 optimizes and speeds up your Mac, and helps you repair your hard drive. You’ll easily manage your files, deleting ones you don’t need, identifying files that may be corrupted, preventing data loss, and more.

The Hit List is a productivity app that lets you create smart to-do lists you can sync across different devices. You’ll also be able to create smart folders, schedule bills and meetings, and utilize a built-in timer to gauge the progress you’ve made on your tasks.

Aurora HDR is the world’s leading HDR photo editor, with an impressive range of editing functions and tools which allow you to turn your photos into frame-worthy works of art.

A 3-year subscription to VPN Forever will protect your online activity from hackers. Plus, you can unblock geo-restricted content while traveling abroad, so you can keep up with your favorite Netflix shows no matter where you may be.

Here’s how the “Pay What You Want” model works: at purchase, you’ll automatically get three of the apps for as much as you want to pay. If you beat the average price, you’ll get the complete bundle of 13 apps. It’s that simple!

Maximize your computer’s productivity with game-changing results. Pay what you want for the Award-Winning Mac Bundle today.