While there are plenty of automation tools on the market, Keyboard Maestro is one of the most powerful. The award-winning productivity software allows you to automate almost any repetitive task you do on your Mac, saving you serious time and effort.

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This handy app lets you create or record custom macro shortcuts that you can activate at any time. For instance, you can assign various tasks to a single keystroke, keyword, timer, wireless networks, or any number of other triggers. You’ll even be able to autocomplete words, sentences or entire paragraphs with a simple command.

Keyboard Maestro’s editor window will allow you to create shortcuts at your own discretion. Each action is fitted with a Gear menu to enable, disable, rename, add notes, set colors, and more, as well as copying the action as text or an image for easier sharing.

You can even track your macro stats via the Macro Inspector to see which macros you use the most. This will give you a clear idea of which tasks you automate most, and lending you insight as to where next to direct your automation efforts.

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