iPhone 7 water resistant

When it comes to competition in the technology world, there’s nothing fiercer than that of what exists between Apple and Samsung.

Apple’s new iPhone 7 & 7 Plus handsets are water resistant, and recent water resistance testing has shown that it’s probably under-rated at IP67, but Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is rated to IP68 standards. So how do they compare?

A new video published on YouTube by EverythingApplePro follows up with his recent water resistance tests to find out just how much the iPhone 7 can take:

The new water resistance test compared the resistance of both the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 in deep water immersion up to 35 feet below the surface.

Starting with small increments of 5 and 10 feet deep, both handsets continued to work flawlessly after 5 minutes of immersion each. The rush to find the breaking point meant submerging even deeper, so afterwards they were pushed to 20 and 30 feet for 5 minutes each.

At this point, the Galaxy S7 started to reboot randomly and the iPhone 7 came up with Siri activated, both of which are relatively strange behaviors and may have been the result of being submerged, but afterwards, both phones appeared to work normally.

To conclude, EverythingApplePro dunked both devices for an additional 5 minutes at 35 feet. By the time they came back up, the Galaxy S7 was powered off and would not respond, but the iPhone 7 was still working, with Siri once again activated when the phone came back up.

After closer inspection, the iPhone 7 started to exhibit slight signs of water damage with an odd light leak at the bottom of the display and the Touch ID sensor started to act up a little, but despite everything, the iPhone’s touch screen and software all worked fine the next day.

It’s a one-off video, so it probably doesn’t prove that the iPhone 7 has better water resistance than the Samsung Galaxy S7 does indefinitely, but it certainly does prove that Apple has under-rated their iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus handsets. They’re clearly very capable in watery environments.

Apple does not cover water damage under warranty, so despite being IP67-rated, it’s still not recommended that you use your iPhone near water on purpose. If anything, it’s only there to offer you a little peace of mind.

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Are you impressed with the iPhone 7’s water resistance in the video? Tell us what you think below.

  • Xee

    Does Samsung cover Galaxy S7 for water damage under warranty?

    • kaliente


    • leart

      don’t think that any device will cover that..

  • Ninja Ass

    Apple bring everything late but it bring perfect always . Other phone bring features fast not perfect.

    • Xee

      What about this supposed HissGate that has surfaced recently?

      • The Jury is still out on that I’m afraid. At this point we don’t know how many people experienced it, how loud it is, or even if it signals any real problems with the device. All electronics make “hissing” noises, it’s just that usually we can’t hear them because of proper shielding, noise canceling techniques or they are just too quiet. Until Apple or some 3rd party can comment on what is making the noise it’s too early to say.

        At this point if there was something to be concerned over it would seem to be the people reporting that some phones once switched to airplane mode don’t want to come out of it. But again, we don’t know if that’s a hardware or software issue. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see for both.

      • NanamiAsuri

        A lot of people I’ve spoken to haven’t heard it at all. I’ve tried to replicate it on my device with no hissing sound. Probably asked about 15 people or so. Could be an issue with US unites or whatnot. Who knows lol

  • leart

    the nickname of Samsung Galaxy S7 is FIRESTARTER so it’s not a fear test underwater

  • leart

    don’t worry.. the Samsung Galaxy S7, also called THE FIRESTARTER probably should give its best on other tests..

    • Benedict

      Note 7 started burning… not S7.
      but anyway.. impressive test. I guess the lack of one big headphone jack hole gives the iphone some advantage in this test conditions.

      • You’d think that, but if thats the case the S7 should not have the higher IP rating.. the ratingb has nothing to do with how many wholes the device has. Samsung probably just inflated its rating just like they rushed the Note 7 to the market.. they probably shouldn’t have skipped the 6 lol

      • leart

        I don’t follow that much to realise the diference between those Samsung names lol.. 5s-s5, 6s-s6, now s6 plus LOL

      • George

        Maybe you should know what you’re talking about before you post a comment.

      • leart

        basically everyone in the word knows that the latest Samsung are exploding .. but since im not a fan of their products and can’t remembere all 300 devices they produce annually .. sorry

      • Benedict

        Samsung Galaxy S – this was the original name. Apple started to use the “s” for the iphone 4s. But I see a lot of people who get confused. Interesting to see that people think the S7 explodes and nobody buys them. 😉 That’s too bad for Samsung but their own fault…

      • leart

        no it was not like that.. Apple first used the S letter back in 2009 for the 3G + s (for speed) so we had 3GS and Samsung “invented” GS3.. when Apple insisted with the S with 4s, they “reinvented” the s4..
        they are the master of copycat.. and they didn’t copied just Apple. did it with everyone.. not sure from who copied the exploding feature through

  • Matt Abbott

    “so afterwards they were pushed to 20 and 50 feet for 5 minutes each.”

    Incorrect. Typo?

    • Ted Forbes

      Besides that, the total amount of time that the phones have submerged in water should be considered the total time. Not just the intervals.

  • Jake Platt

    Apple would’ve known what it was capable of, but probably just conservatively rated it as IP67 to prevent people getting too carried away with how much water they can expose it to.

    • NanamiAsuri

      I think any phone that has an IP rating is always marked lower than it actually is. I remember reading that IP68 is 1.5 meters for 30 minutes while Samsung sates the device will only manage 1 meter for 30 minutes. It’s just to cover their asses tbh.

    • Austin

      It’s kinda like pharmaceutical drugs, they have to put an expiration date on them even though they may not go bad, because they do tests on many batches and maybe just one lost potency. I believe water resistant rating is the same way, they test a ton of electronics (in this case iPhones) and one went bad at that rating so it has to be rated at that.

  • Siri should have said “I’m drowning”. The weird effects reported are obviously due to constant water pressure on the home button simulating a long press. SCUBA divers will tell you that 35 feet down is one additional atmosphere of pressure 15 psi of water looking for any way to sneak inside….

  • Ted Forbes

    This is a great test. It appears it’s iPhone all the way. Not only that. Any water drop iPhone can be recovered if you open it up and have it rinsed and properly dried out after a few hours of dropping it in beverage, pool, sea or fresh water. So, while both phones are freshly dropped I’d like to see these phones cured and returned to service so that we see how well they continue to perform.

  • BAiNZy3

    The Siri activation would have been due the water pressure impacting the new non-moving pressure sensitive home button.

  • Riley Freeman

    Is it really competition? It’s like when people say theres a rivalry between 2 teams but one one side has won the majority of the games. It’s not really competition if apple beats them in sales flagship for their 3 flagships, profits, customer satisfaction,etc.. etc..

    Samsung may be the loudest of the android manufacturers but thats not saying much.

    I know android fans will attack what i said but from the app test video to the water resistant video to pretty much everything else i mentioned above they really dont have to leg to stand on.

    Waits for them to bring up the screens and no jailbreak required *yawn*