It’s been only three days since Microsoft’s advertising department unleashed a new ad salvo at Apple’s direction in the form of a commercial for its Surface Pro 4 tablet/laptop hybrid and now it’s posted yet another video to conveniently reiterate its message ahead of iPhone 7’s launch tomorrow. Titled “Power of Touch”, the 30-second commercial doubles down on the ”the Mac lacks a touchscreen” theme.

Not only does Microsoft poke fun of the fact that Macs are long overdue for a refresh (yours supposedly “ain’t fast enough” lately), but also disses the Mac for not shipping with a detachable keyboard or a stylus.

That your Mac “lately ain’t fast enough” is “just a shame” after all those years.

The ad goes on to diss Macs—that is, the MacBook Airs—for their low-resolution screen. Watch the video for yourself and let us know what you think in comments.

I guess we should all sell our Macs right away and rush to buy ourselves one of the Surface Pro 4 devices because they come with an Intel inside and run the full Office suite and other desktop Windows apps. There’s another ad that criticizes the Mac’s lack of a detachable keyboard, a touchscreen and a stylus.

Now, the first Surface ad featuring that singer was quite amusing but the latest ones could have been done better and aren’t very funny, in my personal opinion.

Tell us how you feel about these new Surface ads down in the comments.

  • John Austin

    thing about the surface is that microsoft lists it as a “laptop replacement” which means that comparing it to a MacBook (ANY MacBook) isnt even a comparison.

    NOW if they compared it to the iPad pro with apple pencil and smart keyboard, it would be seriously embarrassed (according to benchmarks)

    Ultimately its what people are comfortable with ….if your a mac person or a windows person, it all gets the same amount of stuff done.

    • Boom, you dropped the Mic.. completely agree with you! I don’t get this whole comparison nonsense they are trying to pull these days anyway. They’ve had 1 good product in what? 10 years… and that’s the surface pro.. Xbox doesn’t count.. it’s not a computer.. at least not yet. I understand it’s marketing but to me I just see a company that’s bitter people pay more attention to Apple then them.. when 10 plus years ago it was all Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft. Should go back to the drawing board on these ads.. make me want to get a surface pro.. instead of me laughing it off as a bad joke! Even though the product itself is pretty good.. still can’t see a reason for me to get one.

    • George

      the ipad pro only replaces your old ipad. ios does not and wont ever replace a real pc.

      • John Austin

        I routinely carry my Ipad Pro instead of my retina macbook. I do a majority of my spreadsheets and typing on my ipad, Great many of my CAD applications, Adobe illustrator, Photo editing….it does quite a bit of what my mac does with the ease of a touch screen.

        EVERY bit as capable as the surface. Really comes down to preference. Some people prefer windows and the surface is perfect for them. Some prefer apple and the ipad works for them.

      • Byambaa

        If and when only you can jailbreak your iPhone with an iPad (assuming a jailbreak tool exists), can man say iPad replaces mac (thats the golden measurement for this)

      • Proinsias

        Illustrator on an iPad pro? I wasn’t aware of that.

      • John Austin

        Adobe Illustrator Draw – can save to the creative cloud and work on laptop or desktop.

        Concepts – Can export to DXF and SVG for import into illustrator – more of a CAD application

        ASTROPAD – turns your iPad into drawing tablet (like a bamboo tablet)

      • Proinsias

        Ah Draw. I get ya now. Sounds like a really good workflow. Good Stuff.

  • AOGV

    Didn’t the iPad Pro that was on the market for only like 3 weeks outsell the latest surface that was out for like 7 months?

  • Srv Rungta

    Again with the apples and the oranges. Horrible marketing by microsoft. they are going down the samsung path i see!

  • Alex Wilson

    I’m seeing their ads backfire. So far just around me three people bought a Mac laptop. Why? One said that ads made her look at the Mac line, said she didn’t want a touch screen and had no use for a tablet. One other said if Microsoft was advertising that hard against them, there must be something good about them. Can’t say that’s working for all, but been interesting to hear why the purchased them.

  • Diego
    • pandoradog

      Is that Baby Ballmer?

  • Comparing a tablet to a powerful laptop. Nice one Microsoft!

  • Mads Teland

    You can see Microsoft logo on Surface Pro 4 goes into gitar in this video. What a mistake/fail from Microsoft and it looks like photoshop there.

  • pandoradog

    What is a “diss?” Sounds like child’s talk.

  • Diego Milano

    Well, at least they are comparing Surface with a Mac and not with an iPad, they’re getting somewhere now.

  • :D


    • Xee

      I think they are great funny adverts.

  • :D

    Might as well compare to an iPhone whilst they’re at it

  • Jerry

    That song really really pisses me off

  • Crim Nino

    I will stick to my secure Mac OS and flawless computing. Only thing Microsoft has going for them really is Xbox live.

  • Alex Wilson

    Microsoft’s attempt “revenge” for the years of PC Mac ads?