Remember Motorola? Yes, they’re still in the business and some of the handsets they make come with cool features, like quick customization modules that snap onto a phone using integrated magnets to add features like powerful speakers, external battery packs and so forth. It also made the first Android handset with a special low-power chip which made possible an always-listening “OK Google” mode.

With the iPhone 7 sales about to kick off, the Lenovo-owned company is now telling customers to “skip the sevens” and has produced a video in which supposedly genuine Apple fans express their disappointment with incremental iPhone 7 improvements like “a little better camera” and “a little faster processor”.

What happens next is a typical marketing crap.

According to Motorola, smartphone innovation “has stalled” because leading brands are “focused on incremental product improvements” such as display sizes increase “by fractions of an inch”, cameras change “by a few megapixels” and so forth.

In a not so subtle dig at Apple, Motorola says consumers often have to “wait two more years for the next big thing.” In the video, iPhone fans are shown a device they’re told was an iPhone prototype. As you can imagine, they go on gushing about how innovative it is before being told they were actually looking at a Moto Z handset.

The video concludes with a tagline saying, “You can make announcements or you can break new ground”, and here it is.

Moto Mods is the “first real change for smartphones,” says Motorola:

Moto Mods are interchangeable backs that snap onto your Moto Z Droid, instantly transforming it into an entirely new device that does what no other phone can do. Like turn it into a movie projector, a boombox, or a battery powerhouse. The possibilities are practically endless. Moto Mods magnetically snap onto your phone, seamlessly becoming one with it. And they’re easy to swap whenever inspiration strikes.

Motorola made similar digs at Apple in the past, but I don’t think they’re fooling anyone as these are anything but focus groups.

It’s an insult to the brain to suggest iPhone fans would be stupid enough to mistaken a Motorola device for an iPhone 7. I mean, who in their right mind would believe that Motorola would somehow be in possession of an iPhone 7 prototype?

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    An iPhone “loyalist” (if there is such a thing) would know an iPhone from another smartphone.

    • Troy

      Just what I thought lol

      • NanamiAsuri

        You’d be shocked actually. Watch Just Kidding News’s video on the iPhone announcement. All 6 hosts have iPhones but they don’t even know what models they own or the storage capacity.

      • Jayy

        Then one of them thought the 6s/6s/7/7 plus released at different times and that you had to wait a few months for the plus.

      • Blip dude

        “and that you had to wait a few months for the plus.”

        Well, due to extreme supply constraints, that may actually now be true for the 7 plus, especially if no 7 Plus models will be available at Apple Stores to pick up at launch.

      • Jayy

        Oh really, I hear the only model that’s hard to come by is the jet black. But other than that it’ll be just like last year.

      • NanamiAsuri

        In the US, and I think the UK, no Apple Stores will have any versions of the Plus in store unless you managed to pre-order one within the first 3 days of the launch

  • Riley Freeman

    I’ve said this a million times. Motorola, samsung and microsoft give free publicity to apple when they spend their marketing dollars mentioning them.

    Every time you try to knock the other products, its because they are higher than you. All the more reason for someone not to buy your product. These 3 idiots have been making the same mistake for years and it will continue.

    • Diego Milano

      Haha, that’s right! And sadly there are a lot of people with high education degrees behind these ads/campaigns, oh well. 🙂

    • Mister Miss

      its like the Kardashians… can’t get rid of them if you keep talking about ’em

  • Roland G

    Moto who?

    • They’re just mad they can’t sell phones any more like they could the razr.

      • Jayy

        Lol legit the razr is the only phone I think of when I think Motorola!

      • Ernie Marin

        And not even in a good way

  • burge

    Totally skipping the 7 as there is nothing that special about it. The only good thing worth having is the camera on the plus. But I still won’t touch a moto.

    • IMO the water resistance and stereo speakers make it a pretty good upgrade..

      • Jeffrey

        Yeah the stereo speakers are way underrated by the mainstream…

      • I admit its they same thing HTC did starting with the HTC one M7 but its still better. At first i thought why not at the bottom but the top is a lot better, its why the iPad Pro has them at all four corners..

      • Jeffrey

        It sure is better than 2 at the bottom, but, even though I love the fact that the iPhone 7 has stereo speakers, I do think that the stereo speakers of the HTC One sound better. I forgot where I heard it, but a YouTuber who already received and tested the iPhone 7 said that the HTC One’s were still better.

        No matter what though, it is a really cool and well appreciated feature!

      • The HTC one has beats audio profile, that could be a reason why it sounded better, by default I doubt Apple has the same equalizer set up. No matter what the feature is still appreciated like you said.

  • That Guy

    Remember Motorola?? Wow. Yup the only company actually innovating.

    • Jeffrey


    • Ernie Marin

      Innovating in avoiding getting their lights shut off

  • Elias Chao

    #Skipthesevens also work for the newest Samsung phones tho ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Ernie Marin

      Yeah, but one is just if you already own a 6, the other is a health hazard

  • Andrew Root

    This is sad on many levels. Look here I swapped my battery out (you could buy the Smart Apple Case if you wanted).
    I admit that I do love Apple and the steps they take. Sure we all want some super innovative “thing” added to each phone. OK, how about touch ID, force touch? Those are pretty awesome. I admit the new iPhone 7 might be missing that type of direct innovation, but the hybrid chip is an amazing step (might not seem like it to the average person). Removing the headphone jack will make many mad, but starting to remove things like that (next would be the lightning port, or redesigned) to allow the phone to be flexible. It takes time to get to that level, it can’t happen over night.

    Motorola is only relevant now because it is owned by google. Just keep poking at apple, while they continue to sell more or the “same” model phone then all other companies. They dont mind.

    • *owned by Lenovo.

      • Andrew Root

        Sorry, updated, thanks!

  • NanamiAsuri

    So… Is this the Jimmy Kimmel equivalent of telling people they have the new iPhones to test and just swap the cases on their original phone and people don’t know the difference?

    • Ernie Marin

      Excep this is funnier than Kimmel

  • Ernie Marin

    How is Motorola not owned by Apple by now?, I mean their phones are cheap as hell, almost no company wants to put their OS on them anymore, and almost every high selling brand is either Apple, Samsung or LG (I would say Nokia, but all they make are Windows phones now).

    • George

      their os? it’s stock android.

  • Srv Rungta

    i am here with popcorn to read through the comments. don’t mind me! 😀

  • Elias Chao

    Does that mean they’re not updating their phones to Android 7.0?

  • nova voter

    dear motorola:

    lol, nah.

    this iPhone “loyalist”

  • BAiNZy3

    one word – “android ”

  • dasny97

    Ha Motorola is the reason I’m getting an iPhone for the first time. I’ve had Androids since the original droid came out but after not even having my Moto x pure for a year I’m done. There are way too many issues with it and when I contacted Motorola they told me to uninstall my apps and only use what came on the phone. I loved my Nexus 5 and would do a nexus again if Google had a place I could take my phone if I started having issues instead of sending it out for repairs. At least with Apple if I have an issue I can go to an apple store.

  • George

    say what you want but Motorola actually did something new.

    • jdjd

      say what you want, but it’s still Android OS.

      • George

        Yep and it’s better than cartoony iOS.

      • jdjd

        say what you want…it’s still Android OS.

  • George

    have you not watched the yearly Jimmy Kimmel videos where he shows people the “new iPhone” you’re fooling yourself if you think a lot of isheep know the difference.

  • Diego Milano

    iPhone loyalists? Ha. One word, and one word only: FAKE.

  • :D

    I’m not even gonna bother watching the video because it sounds stupid

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  • Julio M.

    This new iPhone and iOS10 really disappointed me. I don’t like the direction they’re going at all.

    Hate to say it, but I kinda agree with this.

  • John Tremendol

    Little Faster Processor?! Lol who are you kidding Motorola? iPhone 7’s Single Core Geekbench Score is twice of any other Android Phone out there, so you can suck it.

  • 5723alex .

    “Remember Motorola? Yes, they’re still in the business”..

    Motorola is DEAD. There is only Lenovo.

  • jdjd

    Donald J. Trump is actually the GOP’s candidate for the 2016 US presidential election. Millions of Americans actually believe his snake oil.

    And the author has the audacity to ask something as lame as “who in their right mind would believe that Motorola would somehow be in possession of an iPhone 7 prototype?”

    Christian Zibreg, get out more.

  • First, I love the idea, but… I love the Apple interface sooooo looks like I’m still a fan of Apple. But I think I’ll keep a more open mind now about the concept of modifyable smart phones 🙂