Less than two weeks ago, iOS hacker Luca Todesco, better known to the community as @qwertyoruiop, showed off a working jailbreak on iOS 10, that he called yaluX.

Now he’s at it again with an even more detailed video that demonstrates working Cydia Substrate-based jailbreak tweaks.

Todesco says that Substrate had to be patched very heavily in order to work on iOS 10. He notes in the video description that he used a self-made library to replace SubstrateLauncher, which unless you’re an iOS developer, might sound like it’s written in another language to you.

Nevertheless, Todesco demonstrates successful code injection by launching several apps that can only be had from Cydia on his jailbroken iOS 10 iPad successfully, including Anemone and Mobile Terminal.


One of the things that will jump out to you immediately is the Glasklart Home screen theme the hacker has installed from Cydia.

To see it in action, mash the play button on the video below:

Getting around KPP (kernel patch protection), a security feature Apple implemented to try and thwart jailbreak attempts, is a really tricky process in the latest versions of iOS, and Todesco has proven that it’s possible.

Additionally, the yaluX jailbreak once again relies on a side-loaded app that only works on 64-bit iOS devices, which means this appears to be a semi-untethered jailbreak like like Pangu for iOS 9.3.3 was. This means 32-bit devices like the iPhone 5 are once again left in the dust.

There’s no word on whether or not Todesco will be releasing his jailbreak to the public, but based on his track record of showing off his mad hacking skills, he may end up keeping this jailbreak to himself.

For what it’s worth, Pangu has hinted that they’re working on a jailbreak for iOS 10. Now that iOS 10 is in the hands of the public, it should only be a matter of time before we see our first jailbreak for iOS 10, of course, it could take a while.

Are you happy to see that iOS 10’s anti-jailbreak measures have been thwarted? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

  • Budz Camacho

    I want a jailbroken IOS 10

  • This happens all the time. I’d be happy to pay for an untethered jailbreak if it was like five bucks.

    • VICKY

      Same here. Perhaps a small free would entice hackers to release public jailbreaks.

  • Ramon

    Hopefully this comes out soon so developers can start working on the compatibility on their tweaks!

  • The Afroman

    I get that he doesn’t release stuff, for his own reasons. That’s fine.

    But why name it.. why give the “jailbreak” or what ever this is a name, if it’s not going to be released?

    Love his work. but when you give it a name and put a title card at the end of the video, it’s kinda like saying “coming soon”

    But we know it’s not.


    • Kubaton

      That was my first thought too.

  • Rondog

    Is it at least POSSIBLE that we get a jailbreak for ios 10. I’d really hate to let go of my 9.3.3 jailbreak and get left out without a jailbreak. I’ve been on a jailbreak since the days of ios 6, so I DON’T WANT a jailbreak, I NEED A JAILBREAK. And before anyone goes mouthing off about not needing a jailbreak, I’m talking about MYSELF, couldn’t care less on what anybody else thinks about jailbreaks. LOVE you all.

    • Adrian

      I hear ya, imagine how I feel.. Been jail breaking since iPhoneOS 2.0 lol I just hope ios10 JB doesn’t happen until after Apple releases the i7plus camera patch.

      • Sohail Wahab

        Yeah, exactly. I want every freakin bug fixes before jailbreak release. I was on iOS 9.0.2 since the beginning till a couple of days ago

  • Melma

    Good news, i just got it wait for my jet black

  • Joiie Sade

    But he never releases it so I think it’s fake. And if it’s real then what’s the point of calling it a jailbreak if he’s keeping it for himself. What’s the point of showing us then…?

    • leart

      free publicity for him

    • It seems that time proved you wrong…

  • leart

    Luca Todesco is trying to sell something, he needs attention.

  • Alex Best
  • Sohail Wahab

    My message to the one who’s teasing the jailbreak is that, if you release it. People will know you for sometime, I mean a lot of people and they’ll probably like you too.
    But teasing and keeping this ain’t gonna give you anything. People will forget you after an official iOS 10 jailbreak. And don’t give a damn about you. So you decide for yourself.

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Chill out, he’s a security researcher… Perhaps working indirectly with .

  • Sohail Wahab

    I had this gorgeous Glasklart them on my original iPhone the iPhone 2G

  • Xee

    iOS hacker Luca Todesco, better known to the community as an arseh0le.


  • Agneev Mukherjee

    but based on his track record of showing off his mad hacking skills

    So true.

  • Jarl Dzul

    I gladly to leave jailbreak if Apple opting to include such features as Activator. I have the AssistiveTouch!