Apple officially launched iOS 10 to the hands of the public this week with more than 100 new features for iPhone and iPad users.

It looks like an exciting update, but we know some people are still wary of updating this early in the game. So to find out where you stand, we’ve launched another poll you can participate in.

The iOS 10 release took Apple’s download servers by storm. I remember having to restart my download at least six separate times because it kept timing out in iTunes, but eventually I tried an over-the-air update on my iPad and it worked.

Things went smoothly for most of the community that was updating, but for a few, there was a fluke that reportedly caused a number of people updating over-the-air to have to restore their iOS device to factory settings.

Fortunately, that problem was dealt with swiftly and most people weren’t affected. For those that were, having a backup made of their iOS device like we recommended before the update process meant they were able to get back on their feet in just minutes.

Although lots of people upgraded, many people are choosing to keep their jailbreak on iOS 8 or iOS 9 as opposed to having iOS 10 because being able to modify it in any way without Apple’s say-so is their #1 priority. And honestly, we can’t blame them.

So iDB, we’re curious where you stand. Did you update to iOS 10 already, or not? Let us know what you did in the Poll below:

Stay tuned to iDB for the latest news and tutorials on iOS 10. We’re working around the clock to keep you updated with everything we find new in Apple’s new mobile operating system.

  • David Gow

    I regret it I should have kept jailbreak

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      i used to be a hard core jailbreaker, but just feel that barely any devs are putting out any innovative tweaks

      • Furrnace

        What you said Mr.Coolfreak. I’ve been a hardcore jailbreaker since the 3G days. But I’ve liked being on the newest updates; Apple’s doing much better about getting the features out (finally) that I used to have to otherwise jailbreak to get before. Quick reply was a HUGE one for me, used to JB just for that alone. And lockscreen tweaks; but I’m really digging the new notifications center, especially right from the lock screen.

      • I agree the notifications panel on the lock screen was brilliant. I just hate to loose the swipe to unlock. I hate killing my home button twice as fast.

      • Cristian Meneses

        Apple is continuously taking JB ideas into iOS… Useful stuff like control center did not exist before.. Night shift, blacklisting phone numbers, even Tethering, all of those were tweaks. I use to jailbreak all my iOS devices, but as iOS gets better at integrating these tweaks, I’ve been losing interest on jailbreaking.

      • Rowan09

        True they even add announcing names when someone calls.

      • Mark S

        Apple’s blacklisting ain’t got nothing on iblacklist. That is how you make a blacklist program, not Apple’s weak method.

      • I disagree. People come up with issues and there are many many tweaks which deal with things on ios. In my mind there will always be a need for jailbreaking.

      • Serban

        Really? Regardless of the state of the jb community right now, “VirtualHome”. I love that tweak, it beats iOS 10 raise to wake feature because you just need to rest your finger on the home button to wake it up. Also, you don’t need to press the home button ever again (or the lock button, for that matter), which even beats iPhone 7 and their annoying vibration button-thingy. It’s hard to think about upgrading to iOS 10 when there’s so much to lose in terms of convenience.

      • Mallowigi

        Jailbreak puts a heavy burden on the phone: slowness, battery drain, crashes, bugs and unnecessary jailbreak detection by scumbag developers, but still a non-jb iphone lacks a lot of features that should be canon:
        – Callbar
        – SwipeSelection
        – Control Center customization
        – BioProtect (for theft protection)
        – iTouchSecure (autofills passwords with TouchID)
        – Activator (though I agree it is too “advanced” for “dumb phone users”)

        And last but not least: icon customization! I don’t know why, since ios 4 and the introduction of themes by the jailbreak community, iOS still doesn’t allow users to download theme packs!

        And it’s not Siri customization or iMessage copy-paste-from-messenger that will make me change my mind/

        But still slowliness and crashes are a pain in the ass 🙁

      • mersc

        If you have slowness and crashes you need to uninstall the offending tweaks and find alternatives. I have 40+ tweaks and no issues.

    • mersc

      NEVER EVER update unless JB is ready.

  • Chris Owen

    I have to say, iOS 10 has been very stable and smooth on my iPhone 6 I’ve had no issues since I updated last night.

  • Loops

    I will as soon as pangu comes out with a jailbreak for iOS10.

    • Xee


    • T. Allen

      I second that.

    • Obada Essa


    • Diego Milano

      Exactly, I never ever hesitated.

      • Serban

        Tried the beta, cute and all, but no point in upgrading without a JB.

      • Diego Milano

        Totally agreed!

    • Mallowigi

      Don’t know, there are not much improvements since 9.3.3 that requires me to update

  • Ds

    I will when I get my 7+… until then I’m staying jailbroken.

    • Xee

      Same again.

    • T. Allen

      I also second that.

      • Rowan09

        When you get your 7+ you’ll have to upgrade your phone first. I had issues last year trying to use a backup from an old OS with the now current 6S Plus.

      • T. Allen

        Yep. Definitely prepred to that…..once it has been confirmed a working jailbreak for iOS 10 is on the street. Otherwise, gonna stay right where I’m at.

      • Cones1r

        I third that!!!

  • L J


    • Sohail Wahab

      Check the lock and keyboard sound please. Is it low for you too?

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Way low…

    • Sylvan Feghali

      I agree !

  • Sohail Wahab

    I love it, some of the things that I wanted from jailbreak community is implemented.
    The only thing that I anticipated was a loud lock and keyboard sound.
    Which will probably get after a jailbreak.

    • Diego Milano

      What has been implemented from the jailbreak scene?

  • john snow

    On iOS 10 since 2nd beta

    • Sohail Wahab

      How did the lock and key sound evolved and how is it now?

      • john snow

        Loved the firts change of lock sound with taptic feedback

      • CaptainHappy

        Wish they would include it as an option at least. I wonder if they were just testing a button press with haptic feedback ahead of introducing the new home button.

  • Julio Hernandez

    I’ll hold out until we get a jailbreak on iOS 10. VideoPane, noslowanimations, Eclipse 3 and AdBlocker are more important to me than iOS 10

    • Guy

      I use VideoPane daily. This is one feature iOS 10 still missing.

  • Austin

    i would love to, but i never put the old phones on the new software. i have to stick it out until friday.

  • Guy

    Used iOS 10 beta up to beta 4. Downgraded to jailbreak and glad I did so.

  • Bradley Hines

    Staying on 9.3.3 jailbroken with no bugs and every tweak I could possibly want, no reason to upgrade, why go to new buggy OS w/ no jb? I’ll wait till its stable and there’s a jb.

    • Diego Milano

      I can’t agree more, except I can’t tell if it’s buggy or not, the thing is- I DON’T EVEN CARE if it isn’t! I’m staying jailbroken, period! 😀

  • Apple❤️

    stock with jailbreak

  • port87

    keeping jailbreak till then. cant give up unlimited spotify (spotilife), free tethering (tetherme), youtube downloading and background play (youtube++), springboard customizations ( mikoto, hidemeX, folderenhancer, winterboard etc) no ads on certain apps (minimal hosts blocker), downloader for snapchat (phantom), basically I cant give up customizing my phone.

    • Diego Milano

      What is this Spotilife tweak all about? It’s not on the BigBoss repo.

    • Jayy

      Agreed 100%

  • Blip dude

    Staying Jailbroken, so I will stick to iOS 9.3(.2) for the time being.

  • Rondog

    I did on my ipad but not on my iphone as I don’t want to lose my jailbreak. As far as my ipad on ios10 I was just curious to see if we get a jailbreak for it any time soon. If not I’ll downgrade back to 9.3.5, because I don’t really care for the changes on ios 10. I’ve always had my idevices on a jailbreak and looking the way I WANT them not how Apple wants them to look, never cared for the stock look. Waiting on a JAILBREAK for ios10.

  • chuckisbusy

    How is iOS 10 running on the iPhone 6 plus, anyone??

    • Osiala

      Just as good as iOS 9.

      • chuckisbusy

        Just as snappy, no lag??

      • Osiala

        I don’t think there is any lag, but if you upgrade and you don’t like it, you can still downgrade.

      • CaptainHappy

        Feels snappier if anything. Animations are quicker for opening/closing apps and folders etc..

        Also, small thing, but if you open an app by mistake you can press home and get back to the home screen before the app finishes opening – much better than iOS9 and having to wait to for the app to load.

    • David Gow

      No worries

    • Budz Camacho

      Smooth Im loving it . Better than IOS 9 IMO

      • mersc

        But not better than ios 9 jailbroken

      • Budz Camacho

        I had 9.3.3 jailbreak but I gave it up to have IOS 10. I’ll wait till the IOS 10 JB tool

    • Cristian Meneses

      Same here, smoothly and without problems

  • David Ruiz

    First day after the update: working good on iPhone 5C. Notice a little less battery life, but is smooth and didnt have a crash or anything bad yet. Is better than expected and I like the new font and loved the widgets!


    Amazing Job, Mr Cook, iOS 10 flies on iPhone 6!

  • David Gow

    My debit card won’t take for Apple Pay. In iOS 9 I was able too but not now

  • Millticket

    well, 1 day after the release the download is still slow af here, and no it’s not my net

  • Jayy

    I’m not ready to give up my untethed iOS 9.0.2 jailbreakers yet!

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      I miss my iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak now…

      • Jayy

        Which is why I haven’t updated yet, I knew for a fact I’d miss a lot of features!

  • Adam

    Ordered 7 so next week will get iOS 10. My 6 stays jb for now – can’t live without swipe selection

    • Rowan09

      Once you get a phone with force touch you’ll forget about it.

      • Adam

        WOW didn’t know that – great news 🙂 thanks

      • Diego Milano

        This isn’t entirely true, you’ll see why when the time comes… 🙂

  • samyg

    Was on iOS 9.0.2 (JB), backed up to iCloud, then restored to iOS 10 IPSW via iTunes. There was no option to restore from iCloud on iOS 10 first boot. Restored to 9.3.5, still no option to restore. Erased all content and settings and then restored from iCloud. More than half my apps just disappeared. Some were restored. Worst of all, my SwiftKey app wasn’t restored, and I’ve lost my whole custom dictionary of stuff that I type. Extremely irritating ordeal. Stick to iTunes backups, y’all. iCloud seems to suck.

    • Rowan09

      The problem is you were on a jailbroken OS for some reason iCloud doesn’t play well with backing up from a jailbroken OS from my experience to a major update.

  • Bjones331

    Sure didn’t. I have an iPhone 5s on 8.4 jailbroken. Since my phone has age on it I’m not going to update.

  • Chan Crockett

    I’ve had beta for forever. its amazing

  • locomambo

    only will do it IF there is a jailbreak for ios 10..waited way too long for 9.2 – 9.3.3 jailbreak. not falling for that again..i just wait for tweaks that simulates ios 10 new features.

  • LimboMan

    Anyone else experiencing a very warm phone after the update to 10? Both mine (SE) and my brother’s (6s) experienced a warm handset at idle after iOS10

  • Mark Swain

    Jailbreak has gone, I updated last night, after restoring to 9.3.5 via .ispw, then restored to iOS10 via .ispw. I am loving iOS10!! Messages!

  • TwinSon

    I’ve been getting my ass whooped in Chess on iMessage all morning. So yes, I upgraded to iOS 10.

    • Diego Milano

      I wonder if any malware may get its way via this new iMessage app doorway.

  • Jerry

    Not going to upgrade my 6s because its worth more money jailbroken so I have to wait for my i7 to try ios10

    • Rowan09

      Really people pay more for jailbroken phones?

      • Jerry

        Yeah especially since the jailbreaks are rare now

      • Yes, and that’s why Saurik released Cydia Eraser.

  • HardTakeR

    good update !

  • Budz Camacho

    I already have a GM and its the same build , I’ll wait till The next build 🙂

  • Sylvan Feghali

    I did update from 9.02 because the jailbreak messed up my iphone so bad and my battery was dying within hours. Honestly i dont regret it because jailbreak is almost irrelevant for me now ,am just saying

    • mersc

      You’re JBing wrong.

  • Rowan09

    I love it. I updated yesterday and it’s a huge upgrade. I jailbreak my devices for ifile and movie apps like Kodi and movie box. I can side load Kodi and if I can find a deb movie box file I can do the same for movie box. However I have CB Online and cinemabox when they were snuck unto the App Store, so my movie, tv show and anime needs are met. All I need now is a file explorer and I’ll be great.

  • Andres Torres

    I lost my jailbreak, so I ultimately decided to update to iOS 10. Other than the animation lag, it runs well on my iPhone 6.

  • Max Rojas

    Im on ios 10 GM, anyone noticing battery dying faster than usual?

  • JulianZH

    of course, no point to keep using old os.

    • mersc

      lol… wondering why you’re on a JBing website.

  • I was going to do it honestly, My Pc didn’t want me too be cause on September 13th it gave me and MBR Error 1.. Stupid windows… It literally happened a few hours before the update went live. Ill be keeping the Jailbreak for a little longer.

  • Diego Milano

    How come iDB never comes up with the one most of us jailbreake users will opt to which is, “I will wait for the iOS 10 jailbreak to become available to upgrade”? 🙂

  • Wesh

    holding out for jb.
    Im sure there will be a boost in adoption rate when one hits the scene 🙂

  • Kunal Aggarwal

    I upgraded to iOS 10 doing a complete restore on my iPhone 6S Plus. I turned on Rest to Unlock. Unlocking the phone seems so slow now! It takes about a second or two to Unlock the device. Anyone else facing the same issue? Please help!
    Touch ID seems to be working fine, in fingerprint settings, I can see my finger getting detected instantly! But unlocking takes two seconds. Tried everything, restarting, re-registering fingerprints, etc.

  • Mark S

    No jailbreak, no update. It’s as simple as that.

  • TonyVee73

    I’ll update as soon s a Jailbreak is available. I was on 8.4 until the 9.3.3 jailbreak was released so I can wait.

  • Leslie Bee

    I’ll consider not jailbreaking when Apple implements Activator, BioLockdown, Cloaky, iTouchSecure, Springtomize, and SwipeSelection. I can’t believe they’ve never implemented SwipeSelection. The default typing interface in iOS is total appcray.

  • NewYorkCityBoy

    I will once the JB hits.