Starting with iOS 10, some iPhone models now have a new feature called Raise to Wake, which like the name suggests, wakes the screen when you grab your device. This feature is only available on newer iPhones, including iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7.

Those of you who don’t like this new way of quickly accessing the Lock screen can easily disable that in the Settings app. We’ll show you where.

But first, you have to ask yourself why you’d want to turn off this feature. Admittedly, like any change, it takes a bit of getting used to, and after using it after a few hours, you’ll start seeing the benefits. My suggestion is for you to first give it a good try, and if you end up not liking this new feature, then of course, go ahead and turn it off.

If you’re concerned about Raise to Wake using too much battery, I think you can rest assured that the sensors used to detect the raise gesture of the device have been configured to avoid any false positives, such as when the phone is in your pocket or when it is in a purse, or backpack. That said, Raise to Wake should have no noticeable impact on your battery life, although the conspiracy theorists of battery life, will most likely disagree with me…

Stop your screen from turning on when grabbing your iPhone

1) Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

2) Navigate to the Display & Brightness section.

3) Toggle off the Raise to Wake option.

Going forward, the only way to wake your iPhone will be by pressing the Home button, or the Power button, effectively returning things to the way they were pre-iOS 10.

Obviously, if you want to enable Raise to Wake again, then follow the same directions and press the toggle again to turn it on.

Have you had a chance to experience Raise to Wake yet on your device? If so, what do you think of this new feature?

  • leart

    now this is an amazing feature.. no need to wear constantly physical buttons .. I’m just curious of how this would affect battery life..

    • I’ve heard “reports” of people saying this feature makes their devices wake while in their pocket. I don’t believe it to be true as I’m sure the sensors can tell they are actually in a pocket (or in a closed space) and don’t need to wake the screen.

      Ultimately, I think this has no noticeable impact of battery.

      • Joaquim N.

        I tested this today, after fresh installing IOS10, pulling my device off my pocket slowly and parcially many times in a row and it didn’t wake the screen at all.

      • Exactly 🙂

      • askep3

        It’s amazing how battery efficient it is, and it works perfectly since the first beta, I’m glad it’s not exclusives to the 7!

      • Karen Van Raden

        I recently updated my phone (6S) and mine DOES repeatedly wake itself up in my pocket (which I can see when I wear light-weight jackets and the screen is facing out).

      • gmangsxr750

        Mine wakes up when I remove it from my jacket breast pocket. So it wakes from vertical position to a vertical position. It always fires on me

      • Kelly Sobon

        Yes, this does actually turn on in your pocket, or I’m guessing the act of putting it in your pocket. I have had it wake after I specifically hit the power button to make it sleep, only to start hearing music or an audio book, apps that I did not have open.

      • iGreg iMartinez

        It is true, it activates phone when you stand after sitting. The phone tilts up and activates.

  • Jiří

    Hilarious that this feature is only available to these devices. I wonder if they should remove ability to rotate a screen to landscape for older decices.. they use gyroscope and accelerometer too.

    • askep3

      That has nothing to do with it it’s the m9 which also has hey Siri.

    • askep3

      That has nothing to do with it it’s the m9 which also has hey Siri. the use of those sensor while the phone is not being used would drain the phone a lot, while the 6s is optimized for that

  • Joaquim N.

    I’m just concerned that it will increase my battery drain eventually. Not sure yet and so far I haven’t noticed anything related to that.

  • Juan Andres

    Where you can find that wallpaper?

  • Gabriel Anaya

    After some usage, this is definitely a great feature I plan on keeping on.

  • Saxhorn

    I just turned the raise to wake feature off. I believe that it was turning the phone on in my pocket and engaging the camera. I took the phone out my pocket to find the camera shooting video! This happened more than once. Of course, it was draining my battery, too.

  • Trump/Pence/Fox News 2016!

    this just makes my iphone wake up whenever I raise my arm even a little bit. it’s annoying. i turned it off.

  • John

    Raise to wake has to be the most obnoxious thing Apple has ever come up with. Some phones apparently are more sensitive to it than others. Wife’s phone is resistant to Raise to Wake, but my phone which I keep in a carrying case was constantly on and getting quite warm and battery going down to “Low” very quickly with Video on recording the inside of the carrying case. I thought the damn thing was broke. As soon as I found out how I turned it off to never turn on again.

  • Juris Nimitzki

    Hi..I cannot see in my settings the “raise to wake up” .,please help…

  • Paisha White

    my screen would “wake” at such random times (when i set it down, putting it in my purse, 5 seconds after turning it away from my face) that i didnt even know this feature was called “raise to wake” until i stumbled across this article. After reading the article i tried to use the feature the correct way with the same outcome.

  • Debba Robinson

    I hate the Raise to Wake feature. My phone constantly lights up in my pocket, in my purse, I tell it to sleep and before I can set it down it’s awake again . . . SO glad I was able to turn it off right now. It HAD to be affecting my battery life for all the time it was on.

  • gmangsxr750

    I get false positive all the time. I keep my phone in a breast pocket of my jacket which means it’s always vertical. Every time I take it out it come on even though the orientation hasn’t changed

  • Mark Harris Jr.

    This is a completely unnecessary feature and a waste of programing time. I have to put my thumb on the home button anyway for my fingerprint to unlock the phone … what exactly is the problem this “feature” is supposed to solve!? All it does is annoy me by turning the screen back on literally half a second after I hit the lock button to turn it off.

    I despise ios, and only have an iPhone because that’s all my work issues (personal phone is a Samsung Note 5). This is just one more reason to hate ios …

  • iGreg iMartinez

    Tried it and do NOT like it. If you do not act very quickly to open the the phone with your finger the feature stops so fast you have to press the Home button anyway. Plus, the bottom line is that it does use some battery power. If you sit with iPhone in your pocket the moment you stand it WILL tilt phone up and it will activate (however briefly) in your pocket. Just an unnecessary feature. It is off for good on my new iPhone SE.

  • Jim Williams

    I’m so grateful to have stumbled into this article. I had thought my iPhone was possessed by a demon! The strangest apps kept popping up including real battery drainers like my flashlight app. Who on earth was sneaking into my pocket and messing with my iPhone?! Thank you iDb!