NoBlackFlicker Review

If you have a wallpaper on your Lock screen that doesn’t match the one on your Home screen, you might have noticed a rather unsightly black frame effect that occurs in between the switch from one wallpaper to another as you unlock your iPhone or iPad.

NoBlackFlicker is a new free jailbreak tweak that fixes this unsightly black effect and makes the transition more appealing.

For those who are unfamiliar with this, or haven’t noticed it before, the animated GIF below depicts the black effect that occurs while unlocking a device with separate wallpapers on the Lock Screen and Home screen before installing NoBlackFilter:

NoBlackFlicker Before GIF

Take note of the black frame just in between the transition between the Lock screen wallpaper and the Home screen wallpaper. It’s really not all that pleasant to look at.

Now, after we install NoBlackFlicker, you can see in the next animated GIF that the black frame has been completely eliminated:

NoBlackFlicker After GIF

Many people tend not to care about small UI imperfections like this, but for the perfectionists out there that cringe at these kinds of inconsistencies, NoBlackFlicker is going to be a pretty good solution.

If you have the same wallpaper on your Lock screen as you do on your Home screen, then you should never have this problem to begin with, and therefore this tweak isn’t needed.

NoBlackFlicker is available free of cost from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and works on all iOS 9 devices. There are no options to configure after installation.

  • Bill

    After watching both of these .gifs, I prefer it the way it is. It’s a nice fade-in effect rather than being blasted with a new image at once. My opinion, of course. 🙂

  • Jayy

    You don’t notice it to much when the lock and homescreen wallpapers are the same, but when they aren’t I notice it a lot!

    • Lance Baker

      That’s because it isn’t even there when the lock and home wallpapers are the same.

      • Jayy

        Oh okay, thanks!

  • Diego Milano

    Ah, I really had to watch the GIF to understand the difference. I wonder if this is truly a defect or maybe Apple did this on purpose, because there seems to be a fade-in effect when the new wallpaper appears.
    I’d need to see this in action to decide, cause honestly I don’t dislike the black background right before the new wallpaper kicks in.

  • ClaudieX X

    better with black fade in

  • Firedomain

    I tried to see the black frame myself & realised that I can’t really notice it because my animations are sped up with springtomize! :p

  • sg1969

    it’s not really a black “frame”, it just fades in. I think it looks nicer, though it would be cool to have a tweak to adjust the animation speed so that maybe it doesn’t stay black that long.