shipping slipping

It’s just been half an hour since Apple’s new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus handsets went on sale, and shipping estimates for select models have already dropped dramatically. The average delivery window now seems to be 4-6 weeks out, with the AT&T iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black simply showing “November” for the expected shipping date for both storage configurations.

Folks who weren’t able to get their order in before the inventory cleared out have a few options. You can try ordering a full retail handset from a different (compatible) carrier, like T-Mobile/AT&T, or you can wait and try your luck at your local Apple Store, carrier, or authorized retailer on launch day. Just plan on camping out in line on the night before September 16.

If you can stand it, though, you’re probably just better off ordering and waiting. Apple indicated earlier this week that opening weekend sales were going to be severely supply-constrained, so it’s likely these handsets are going to be low in inventory, no matter where you look. But hey, here’s hoping it can ramp up production and significantly beat these lengthy estimates.

Did you order a new iPhone this morning? What’s your shipping estimate look like?

  • Jerry

    Was literally fighting with the T-Mobile website but finally managed to snag a jet black 128 7 plus.

    • askep3

      Dude the T-Mobile process for jump is so dumb, calling them is an even bigger pain. Exact same phone I want tho haha

      • Jerry

        At 301 I refreshed the page and it showed all Samsung phones over and over

      • TwinSon

        It really is. I managed to get my Black 128Gb 7 Plus in but the systems locked down near the end of getting my girlfriends. Currently waiting for a call back to say it was completed. Estimated Shipping date for mine is 9/19-9/26

      • askep3

        Is that for both the phones or just your girlfriends? I had to order by calling because for my plan it wouldn’t let me pre-order using the website, and I got the same estimate. I want to know if anyone is getting their phone on the 16th from T-Mobile, or if the 19-26 is latest shipment.

      • TwinSon

        No that’s just for mine.System went down so I had to order my girlfriend’s later. I’m thinking I might just get to a T-mobile store 2-3 hours early opening day and grab hers since its 32GB 7 Plus Black. They always keep the lowest storage models in store so it’ll be quicker that way than preordering.

      • askep3

        Oh ok, so it seems no one is getting the phone on the 16th from T-Mobile . And getting the phone in store should work cuz usually people just rush to the Apple Store to get their phone.

      • M Boogie

        Preordered the Black 128 gb at 8:30 ish this morning and received a text from T-Mo that ordered is confirmed and shipping 9/15-16

      • askep3

        No way!??!!? Wait was it black or jet black? And plus or normal, it’s the jet black plus that’s out of stock everywhere the other ones (especially on plus models) are easily in stock, since they didn’t have yield probs with them

      • M Boogie

        iPhone 7 matte black 128 gb

    • Connie Rosenbloom

      What ship date on the jet black?

      • Jerry

        Says sept 19-26

  • Fanboy 

    iPhone 7+ / Jet Black / 256gb / AT&T

    Preordered as soon as it launched, 1-2 weeks

    • Jerry

      Was gonna gonna go I have 66gigs left on my 6s plus with the 128 and my phone is jammed packed with stuff

    • Jamessmooth

      Same here! Ordered mine right away

    • Joi Ocampo

      Got the Matte black, same time frame.

    • p1noyako

      1-2 weeks is better than November lol

    • :|Alain|:

      1-2 weeks is basically the official launch week so you’re right on track

  • [RECON1]

    Ordered 7+ 256 Black and Series 2 Watch. Delivers the 16th

    • Igor Araujo


      • [RECON1]

        How what?

  • Deven

    iPhone 7+ / Jet Black / 256GB / Verizon
    Preordered once it open says it’ll be delivered by “9/28/16”

    • Javier Luis

      mee to

  • Mondo

    Verizon 7+ 128 Black, Delivery by 9/23

    • Deven

      Same here it took the website forever to come up!

      • Mondo

        As I got photos after I ordered of my friend showing off his (same as my choice) phones being delivered 9/16

      • J3ff

        guarantee you that you will get it by the 16th, this happens every time and you end up getting it earlier than it says.

    • :|Alain|:

      Should’ve gone with the app :/

  • therealjjohnson

    Matte Black/128GB/ATT/Sept 16!

    Ordered from Apple Store app on phone.

    Forgot to set alarm but just so happen to wake up at 3:01AM. The Apple gods showed favor upon me!

    • Trent

      Bro same here I set me alarm at 2:01 am and my alarm rang for literally an hour I thought I had missed it but I was right on time

  • Zaw Win Htun

    still on call with t mobile a pain in the ass

    • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

      yeah man T-mobile has been a nightmare

      • Mike M. Powell

        Least ya got something sprint got shit rained on em website couldn’t even get passed the upgrade page for 2-3hours, their twitter got shit on as well ._.

  • TJ

    The 256 gb iPhone 7 oh man, thats sexy

  • Jake Platt

    Black iPhone 7 32GB order placed, delivery date 16/9

  • Stuart

    I was just contacted by our Apple Business Manager, and he confirmed there will be no in store purchases for customers or businesses this year, Every order must be pre-ordered for shipping, or in store collection.

  • nova voter

    Had to keep killing the app and reloading but got in at 3:02am eastern.

    iPhone 7 Jet Black 128gb: Sept 16
    Nike+ Black/Cool Grey Apple Watch: “Late October”

    Could have gotten regular aluminum series 2 watch 9/16, but I really wanted the Nike version.

  • Cones1r

    7 Plus/Black/128g At&t Ships between Sept 23-30

  • pastelasoproductions

    Ordered direct from ATT website and jet black 128 plus says it will ship October 14-21 and my order went through at 12:07am 🙁

    • dodo bread

      I ordered mine from AT&T at 7:30 am eastern time and the said September 30- October 7

  • Nick

    Woke up 24 min late, took forever to find my info for the upgrade program. Still was able to get a 7 Jet Black with a shipping estimate of 9/16! Not trying to brag, just curious how I apparently got so lucky? Is everyone just getting the plus instead, for the telephoto?

  • askep3

    lol I was madly refreshing the Apple Store app since it was up until 12:07 or 12:08, and I thought there was some glitch for me

  • Ds

    Jet Black, 256GB, 7+, shipping between Sept 26th and Oct 3rd. Ordered at 12:05am. Also ordered a Peel Slim case, and have a InvisibleShield HD glass screen protector laying around from a previous purchase.

    • moparbob

      So do you think a iPhone 6+ InvisibleShield HD glass screen protector fit the 7+?

      • Ds

        I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I haven’t seen any info that they changed the design of the front panel of the phone minus the home button and that doesn’t really matter with screen protectors. But the InvisibleShield is something that has been sitting around my house for 6months. So if it fits, awesome! If it doesn’t fit, oh well.

      • [RECON1]

        Only difference I’ve seen is the earpiece looks thinner and a bit longer.

      • 5723alex .

        The earpiece in longer as it is now a speaker as well.

      • Ds

        I don’t really see that being a problem either since the screen protector ear piece slot was always bigger than that of the iPhone.

    • dodo bread

      I ordered mine from AT&T at 7:30 am eastern time and the said September 30- October 7 🙁

  • craig

    luckily when i ordered my iphone 7 black 256gb at 8:05am uk time people was so busy ordering the jet black i had no problems so just got to pick it up on 16th now 🙂 no doubt you will see people buying about 9 of them to sell on for twice the price online.

  • Sonny

    I ordered the 7 plus 128gb Jet Black at 3:09 EST and the estimated delivery is Oct 4 – Oct 10 :/

  • Ricardo Cuevas

    iPhone 7 32GB Black shipping until 3-6 October 🙁

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Mine is 2-3 weeks but I’ve heard stories in the past of people who will magically get theirs on launch day with the same estimate. Come on Apple! *crosses fingers*

  • Andrew Law

    I ordered a 128Gig Black 7 right after it launched. Shipping for me is supposed to be next week!

  • Ray

    I was able to order two iPhones from AT&T. Rose gold 256gb and “matte” black 256gb. It went pretty smoothly. My shipping estimates for both say 9.23 to 9.30 right now

    • trickyD

      I got the same shipping time for Black 7plus 128gb from AT&T.

  • M Boogie

    Guess I got lucky this morning. I had to call in, around 5 am, to upgrade through JUMP. The system was acting up, so the rep wasn’t able to place my order. Dejected, I settled on picking one up sometime in November; assuming the black 128 gb would be sold out until then.

    At work, around 8:30 am, I decided to give it another shot. Went through with an estimated ship date of Sept. 15th-16th. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays on target.

  • [RECON1]

    Order preparing for shipment O_o

    • Austin

      ALREADY! lucky

  • AFB197

    Anyone knows if you can go to the Apple Store the 16th of September and buy it there? Thanks 🙂

  • ck125

    You would think after 2 years they would realize how in demand the plus is. Especially this year with the dual cameras…

  • Tristan DeFord

    Ordered one for my wife. 128GB Rose Gold IPhone 7 Plus. Ordered though AT&T and had my confirmation at 2:05am, 5 minutes after they went on sale. Shipping date guaranteed for the 15th with delivery on the 16th

  • Connie Rosenbloom

    I’m on EST… Couldn’t get into Apple website until 3:15am – ordered an AT&T matte black 7 plus 256. Shipping was quoted out till after Sept 30th but if I paid $10 for shipping I could get it delivered Sep 23-27. Order is in processing mode… Says “Ships: 6-8 business days Delivers: Sep 23-Sep 27 by 2-3 business days”

  • Shamir Akida

    Went to ATT website ordered the 7+ B L A C K, with no problem only which size to go with 128 or 256…128 I’m good.

  • Micke på taket

    Jet black is scratchgate

  • PhilT

    Ordered my 7+ 32gb black and got confirmation at 8:04! Shipping 27-29!

  • William Melendez

    These are the dates I got . Anyone order the jet black with delivery dates on the 16th , through the Apple Store ? I’m talking about the plus model that is. Not the regular the 7, the plus I repeat myself lol.

  • Brandon Valley

    Number 14 for Rogers in Barrie

  • Jasmine

    everyone here is so lucky. i ordered my iphone 7plus jet black 128g and shipping says 11/11

  • Joey Soloo

    Manage to order mine Friday night round 8
    Signing my EIP with T-Mobile via email and I got a estimated delivery 9/27 – 10/10/2016
    I was thinking should tried my luck at a corporate store.

  • Nick Cancel

    If it says delivery by date: 9/16 (AT&T), does that mean ill get it that day? Or that’s when all of them are being shipped out and i’ll get it later?

  • Raul Toro

    Preordered the IPhone 7 Plus Black at like 6pm on the 9th and it says it’s arriving on October 4th if only I had known that th T-Mobile website woudve shipped it quicker

  • sadek ismael

    october 11 – 17 !!! i hate that

  • Luis Acosta

    Mine it was a pain in the ass the guy told me I had to give a down payment of $160 and the phone was arriving a week later and I order it on spring on September 18 and its been 3 weeks already and I spend more than $60 buying equipment for the phone and the phone is just has a shipps by 10-8 thought 10-15-16 be careful try another store sprint has so many orders you might won’t get your phone until like 1 month later and I order the iPhone 7 rose gold 32gb