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The iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 are now available for pre-order. Folks in participating launch countries can now place orders for the new devices on Apple’s website, the mobile Apple Store app, or via their wireless carrier.

As we mentioned in our Pro Tips guide to pre-ordering, the easiest way to place your order is through the mobile app. Apple’s site tends to get bogged down with the influx of traffic, and carrier website health is hard to predict.

Folks still trying to figure out what to purchase will find these posts and video roundups helpful:

But don’t wait too long to make your decision. Just a few minutes after pre-orders opened, we noticed select iPhone models were already seeing longer shipping times—particularly the iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black.

Did you order a new iPhone or Apple Watch tonight? Tell us which model you went with and why in the comments below!

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    if only it was live. lol

    • Rowan09

      Use the app. It is live

    • Fanboy 

      Did anybody got the jetblack PLUS model for delivery by the 16th?? It seems as soon as it went live it was already backed up for 2-3 weeks.

  • Eminem

    Not working for me yet !! Arizona

    • Rowan09

      Use the app.

      • Eminem

        Cool it worked !!

      • Rowan09

        Nice. Which one did you get? The website is up now.

  • Rowan09

    Use the app. The Apple Store still down but the 128GB Jet Black won’t deliver until October 4th, I preordered mine and that was the start time.

    • Welp im out I cant buy with out a contract that sucks.. a lot.

      • Rowan09

        Damn that sucks.

      • I just canceled my att contract too, thinking they’d do the sim free unlocked thing this year.. sigh..

      • Rowan09

        Why didn’t you get the T-Mobile version?

      • Actually I forgot it was unlocked lol.. I just placed the order but I guess I waited to long, Oct 18th is my date as of right now sigh again lol.

      • Mayank Saraogi

        t mobile iphones are unlocked out of the box ? dont u have to insert t mobile sim for the first time

      • Rowan09

        No you don’t. When you buy it straight up its unlocked.

  • nova voter

    Got my 128gb jet black 7, delivery by September 16.

    Nike+ watch “late October” — regular series 2 apple watches are 9/16 delivery. Boooo!!!

    • Rowan09

      How did you get September delivery when it started at 2-3 weeks? As soon as the app went live before the website it was 2-3 weeks.

      • nova voter

        Don’t know. Still showing 9/16 for me. Maybe you’re trying to get the plus?

      • Rowan09

        Oh yes that’s why.

  • Arzensan

    Placed my order for the 32GB Black one in the UK, expected delivery date by the 16th September. Booya! ^^ By the way, everyone should use the app, the website didn’t work for me either! Good luck everyone!

  • Jamessmooth

    Wow. I got my jet black 128gb almost immediately and it’s not shipping for 2-3 weeks! Booooooo!

  • Huh?

    LMAO at all the lames who are actually gonna pre-order a device that is 95% identical to the one they probably already have in their pocket! Buncha fuckin weirdos. SMH

    • Actually 95% don’t have the 6 or 6S series iPhones so you’re wrong…

      • Huh?

        Clearly you don’t know how to fuckin read! Maybe you should ask Siri to re-read my post for you so that maybe you can better understand it a second time around.

      • Secondly you’re wrong about assuming 95% of people have the phone in there pockets…

      • Huh?

        Wow did you seriously read my post again and STILL can’t comprehend what I wrote?? Where the FVCK did I say that 95% of people have the iPhone in their pocket??? LMFAO!! Wow what a tool! SMH

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      • Huh?

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      • Ashy Larry

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      • Huh?

        Nah, just like talking shit to lame ass faggot fanboys, that’s all. =)

      • Ashy Larry

        If it makes you feel better, I tried to order a galaxy note 7. But they’re on recall for some reason… LOL

        Went with the trusty iPhone instead.

      • Huh?

        Oh so you tried ordering a different piece of shit before you ended up with a piece of shit? Cool story bro! =)

        Oh wait my bad was this the typical fanboy mentality thinking that just because I’m talking shit about crApple that I must be an Android owner? Hardly dipshit, I happily own a JAILBROKEN iPhone 6! I have NO REASON to DOWNGRADE to a NEWER device! =)

      • Ashy Larry

        You don’t have to keep adding to your responses. You’re taking this too serious… Lol

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    • Jayy

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    • Fanboy 

      And how do you know people aren’t upgrading from an iPhone 5S, 5C, SE, android phone, blackberry, etc.?

      • Huh?

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      • Fanboy 

        It’s become obvious that you have a lot of free time on your hands, probably don’t work a real job that makes real money. I have a new iPhone 6S and I dropped $1k on an iPhone 7 Plus. Why? BECAUSE I CAN. Good night!

        P.S. I heard McDonalds is hiring for night shifts. Might be better use of your time.

      • Huh?

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  • J3ff

    128gb iphone 7 plus matte black. jet black was immediately 2-3weeks so I went with the back up plan of just regular black. It’s still showing September 16 even after I realized you needed a credit card not a debit card for payment and had to run to the room for my card lol. Now it’s time to wait

  • I force quit and relaunched the Apple Store app a few times. Finally it loaded. Just like I explained in my pre-ordering tip post ( http://www.idownloadblog.com/2016/09/08/pro-tips-how-to-pre-order-your-iphone-7-as-fast-as-possible-tonight/ ) I had already chose the devices I wanted, so I just had to add them to the bag.

    I bought them separately to make sure I got at least my first order in. I was able to place 3 orders that will all deliver on Sept 16.

    1 iPhone 7 Jet Black 128GB for me. 1 Apple Watch SS white sport band for me. And 1 black iPhone 7 128GB for my wife.

    Expensive evening… But it went real smooth. I hope everyone had a similar experience.

    • Huh?

      You’re so cool. Can I have your autograph?

  • Dylan Christiano

    iPhone 7 Plus 128GB JetBlack 1-2 weeks. Couldn’t get on until 12:03. Had all my account info saved in the AppleStore app yet it still made me re-enter everything… Hopefully it will be like the 6 Plus and they will scare you with the delay but really deliver it earlier. LOL.

    • Joi Ocampo

      Mine says the same thing. I got the 256GB Matte Black.

      • Dylan Christiano

        Damn. I guess we can’t complain though. Some said they already had 3 weeks.

  • Was anyone able to do In-Store Pickup for iPhone 7Plus?

    • Huh?

      How the fck is anyone gonna be able to do an in-store pickup when they are only available for pre-order?? SMH

      • 9C1

        You really don’t actually know anything and are just a troll, aren’t you?

        You can reserve the phone and pick it up in store on the 16th instead of having it shipped to your house. I’ve done it myself.

      • Huh?

        That’s not what he said though you dumb fck! He asked if “ANYONE WAS ABLE TO DO AN IN-STORE PICKUP FOR THE IPHONE 7PLUS”! He didn’t say anything about pre-ordering for in-store pickup! Not my fuckin fault that he’s illiterate!

        Nice try though Captain Save a Bro!

      • Are you asking, am I trolling? If so, I’m not. It’s a serious question. It didn’t give me the option to do in store pick up on the at&t website or the apple store app. Now you could for 7 but not for the 7 Plus.

      • 9C1

        No, I was replying to the troll who’s comment has since been deleted.

  • paynis

    Got screwed hardcore :/ hope everyone else had a smooth experience. Any advice for me? I’m doing the upgrade program and theres no reservations available for what i want… what should I do? when can I make a reservation?

    • Huh?

      Got screwed? More like someone did you a favor! Why the fck do you even wanna buy a device that is 95% identical to the one you probably already have in your pocket?? lmao

    • 9C1

      Let me guess….

      7 Plus?

      I’m in a similar situation. It would have been REALLY nice to know this ahead of time.

      • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

        I ordered my phone at at 2 am CST they got my order wrong they canceled I had to reorder they got that one wrong and I just ordered for the third time!!! and because of T-mobile screwing up I am now pushed back!!!!

  • 9C1

    Uh…. No T-mobile iPhone upgrade option available, and no GSM 7 Plus’s available in ANY color except Rose Gold ( YUCK! )

    Whelp, guess I won’t be preordering.

  • Rodrigo Duran

    After entry my info was 3-4 weeks for the 256 jetblack plus

  • Spencer K

    Took 40 mins but I got the 4.7″ 32GB Black delivered on the 16th!! so excited

    • Huh?

      That’s so uber cool bro! Now money and girls shall fall from the sky everywhere you go! SMH

  • lou111

    Ok idownloadblog! It’s time for iPhone 8 rumors marathon before it’s too late! we have only 11 months left!

    PS or maybe 7s, but next year can be different

  • Mayank Saraogi

    what does unlocked with t mobile sim actually means? do i have to activate the phone first time with t mobile ? as i was looking for sim free phone

  • Rj McIvor

    Pre-ordered here in Australia. Have to wait 4-6 weeks for 256 Gb Jet Black. I was not fast enough.

  • Ds

    Jet Black, 256GB, 7+, shipping between Sept 26th and Oct 3rd. Ordered at 12:05am. Also ordered a Peel Slim case, and have a InvisibleShield HD glass screen protector laying around from a previous purchase. I went with the 256GB because I like taking a lot of pictures and like to have as much music on my device as I can so I don’t have to carry around a iPod and a iPhone.


    Had a nightmare of a time last night. Apple Store App said my billing password for Verizon was wrong even though on the Verizon site it worked fine. Ended up placing my order around 3:30am EST through Verizon. 256GB iPhone 7+ Jet Black with a delivery date of 9/28. Gonna try and camp out at the local Verizon store if I can to see if I can get a launch phone but 28th from what I’ve heard isn’t bad.

    • That’s what I plan to do in my state. I’ve always been able to just walk in and grab a phone no hassle at multiple At&t’s. It may be different for Verizon though. Good luck.

  • diggitydang

    Never thought I’d say this… as an Apple fan immersed in the eco-system (I’m on a 6s, Mac Pro, iPad Pro, Apple Watch 1 (Stainless), convinced my wife to jump from Android a couple of years ago, Apple TV3), I ain’t feeling Apple as much this time around. I may cave out of routine – it’s like binge watching the last couple seasons of a show that started off amazing, and then got crappy the last couple of seasons, and I continue to watch it anyway.

    I like the Camera upgrades on the 7 plus, but seriously, Portrait mode is only available “later this year”??? I love the depth of field shots, but it sounds a bit odd… like Apple couldn’t get their $hit together to have this for launch. SJ would’ve found a way. Who launches a product with a main feature to come later this year!?! Later this year, that will be closer to the NEXT launch!!

    Don’t get me wrong, I HAAAATE Samsung, but if they can keep a headphone jack and still be water-resistant, why did Apple HAVE to remove the headphone jack enclosure (*cough* Airpods for $160USD) to make theirs water resistant exactly??? And Samsung also squeezed a pretty awesome camera in there as well. What else did Apple fit in this “valuable” space??? And that “courage” line is just BS.

    That’s my rant for today. I’ll try and hold out this round…

  • just got myself the Watch 2 Nike + edition; for the nice band; lightness, waterproofing, and brighter screen. Guess we’ll have to wait at least another year for a camera; and standalone capabilities… Sign. At least I’ll enjoy the year.