Apple Watch Series 2

Apple appears confident that the new Apple Watch Series 2 will be twice as successful as the original model and has reportedly ramped up chip and component orders for the device, according to Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes that has solid sources in Asian supply chain.

The publication claims that Apple’s orders regarding Apple Watch Series 2 components for the month of August and September have surpassed two million monthly units each versus “just” one million launch units for the original model, which sold an estimated 12 million units in its first year on the market.

The notable increase in orders indicates that Apple is still confident about the business outlook for its next-generation smartwatch despite “dwindling sales momentum of the device globally”, said the sources.

The Apple Watch Series 2 sports built-in GPS, a faster S2 chip, swim tracking, improved water resistance and other features and is now available for pre-order from Apple.

Source: DigiTimes

  • Fanboy 

    Not even. Pretty boring upgrade, even for me. And the fact that it’s thicker and heavier than the original one is a joke

    • Joseph Apodaca

      Is the 2nd Series worth it? It’s not that bad for $100 more… I do not have an Apple Watch and was waiting for the 2nd gen. Kind of was expecting cooler things like a bigger battery.

      • Fanboy 

        If you don’t currently have one then yes, worth it. I just upgrade to the new iPhone every year and I was expecting to do the same for the Watch. Not worth it if you currently have Series 1

      • OS3 makes all the difference in the world. Sure the internals are nice and will save you from having to get another watch for an extra 1 or two software updates.. but OS3 makes even the first AW run smoothly. I have no intentions in upgrading my watch for at least 2 more generations based on how speedy it is now.

      • raulortiz318

        Same here.

      • Newgunnerr

        It most likely still has a 35% bigger battery

    • John Smith

      You know how negligible 0.9mm is, right? It’s thinner than the tip of a BIC mechanical pencil. The 42mm original was 10.5mm, or 1.05cm, and the Series 2 42mm is 11.4mm, or 1.14cm. A 0.09cm difference is not something to even worry about. Now if it was 3mm… then you have a problem.

  • pauleebe

    …Why? Series 2 is not even a real improvement over Series 1.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Apple Watch (Gen 1), but wouldn’t pay $600 to do it all over again, for what’s basically a slightly faster CPU.

    • nova voter

      for me, the brighter screen and waterproofing are big improvements. I’ve been wearing series one since day one, and my biggest beef is not being able to see the screen in sunlight (I have the stainless versions which I’ve read is dimmer than the sport version of series one, though).

      and I’ve never been quite clear on how much water exposure is okay with my watch — I’ve been fine rinsing it off after sweating, but it’s always been unclear to me. now I don’t have to worry about swimming, dunking it in water, etc.

      are those two things worth upgrading? For me, yes (since I can sell my series one and get back some money).