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Apple is rethinking what it plans to do about self-driving cars, reports The New York Times. Citing sources familiar with the project, the outlet said on Friday that the company has shuttered parts of its self-driving car project and laid off dozens of employees.

These moves are the latest signs of trouble involving Apple’s oft-rumored initiative, codenamed Project Titan. In July it was reported that the team, under new leader Bob Mansfield, had shifted its focus from building a vehicle to an autonomous driving system.

Apple is rethinking what it plans to do about self-driving cars, just as other big tech companies appear ready to plow ahead with competing efforts. In a retrenchment of one of its most ambitious initiatives, Apple has shuttered parts of its self-driving car project and laid off dozens of employees, according to three people briefed on the move who were not allowed to speak about it publicly.

Apple started building its electric car about two years ago, pulling engineers from its own divisions and recruiting battery and automotive experts from across industries. The team, which features over 1,000 employees, is believed to have spent billions in R&D.

And it has made some progress in the space. The Times says the company has a number of fully autonomous vehicles in the middle of testing, running limited routes in closed environments. But its sources believe that the tech is still years away from mainstream.

Source: The New York Times

  • Jamessmooth

    Too bad. Definitely don’t like to hear this. I was excited about their car project.

  • Mark S

    Like the typical person could have afforded it. This is apple we’re talking about. Not sad about it one damn bit.

    • Not even about the people that were laid off?

    • Pete23

      There’s plenty that I can’t afford but I’m not so mean spirited or selfish to deny others, nor decry those with the vision and ambition to drive technology forward.

      • “drive technology forward” – I see what you did there…

      • Pete23

        Ha! Appropriate but not intended!

    • jOn Garrett

      Why can’t the typical person afford it? Cars are not like phones my friend, nobody will pay thousands extra just because it has an apple logo on it, nobody will camp outside stores for it and nobody will “upgrade” every year–apple knows this otherwise they’d build cars that will sit at dealerships.

  • Crim Nino

    I guess apple seen the problem with the telsa that killed that driver. Smart move on Apple. That’s what some don’t get about Apple, They have everything out current or advance but don’t want to rush a product to the market until it becomes mature enough.

    • YaBoyLilMayo

      Or they just knew it would suck and no one would want it so they killed it off

      • Nick Jones

        Don really believe that. Apple is at a point that if they make a spoon and say it’s so advanced it will make food taste better and help you lose weight, there will me millions of people lining up to buy it. If they make the car people will buy it. “If you build it, they will come”

      • jOn Garrett

        Except cars cost tens of thousands of dollars and people don’t upgrade every year–especially not for the minor “upgrades” apple is known for.

    • jOn Garrett

      Right, apple maps was so ready for release. Siri still can’t handle basic tasks, iPhones so thin and brittle r that they bend on their own and screens stop responding. And here we are with iOS 10 upon us and I still have to fiddle with WiFi Everytime my child wants to use the iPad.