Apple Watch ceramic

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2 at yesterday’s keynote event alongside the iPhone 7 lineup with improvements to speed and capability, and also bumped up the specs of the original Apple Watch all while re-branding it the Apple Watch Series 1.

But is the second-generation Apple Watch everything you were hoping for? Let us know in this poll whether or not you’ll be ordering one.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 2 start September 9th, so you only have a few more hours before the race to get yours on time begins. Of course, iPhone 7 pre-orders start at the same time, so you’ll have to decide which one takes the priority on your clock.

Apple Watch Series 2 comes with a number of new features and improvements, not limited to:

  • A brighter 1,000 nit display for better outdoor viewing
  • Significantly improved water resistance rated for 50 meters
  • An all-new dual-core CPU for instant-open apps
  • A built-in GPS chip for improvements to navigation
  • New ceramic enclosure material option
  • And more…

For some, many of these improvements were deal-breakers from the initial Apple Watch, but the instant-open apps effect is probably going to sway a lot of people into finally ordering one; the dual-core processor, of course, finally makes this possible, and ships in the Apple Watch Series 1 as well as the Series 2.

For the most part, you can expect about the same battery life from the Apple Watch Series 2 as you were already getting with the original Apple Watch; 18 hours before you need to juice it back up. That means you can still get a full day’s use out of the Apple Watch Series 2 and then toss it on the charger right before going to bed every night.

The improved water resistance is a big deal. Although the original Apple Watch proved to fare well against water in various tests during its initial release last year, Apple Watch Series 2 does nothing but improve upon this luxury. The new rating standards now give Apple Watch Series 2 the water resistance it needs to be used in deeper  water environments, including at the beach or in swimming pools.

So with all of these goodies packed into a small package that’s the same size as the one you may have been wearing before, are you sold on buying the second-generation Apple Watch this year? Let us know in the poll below:

Feel free to chime in about why you made the choice you did in the comments below!

  • Mike M. Powell

    if they give me my “gold casing w/ midnight blue band sports edition” then yes, cuz i dont wanna buy the “gold casing with cocoa band” and end up buying a midnight blue band n waste $ less i sell the cocoa n make even less….

    • askep3

      yeah the gold w/ blue is really nice

    • Khalid Tahhan

      exactly why i change my mind too… they previously had that combo for the original apple watch

  • NanamiAsuri

    The Apple Watch, to me, always felt like a dev kit. The series 2 watch is heading the right direction but I still think it’s more of a dev kit than an actual consumer device. The apps just aren’t really apps but more like a remote for an app on your iPhone.

    • Newgunnerr

      That does not have anything at all to do with a “dev kit”

      • Jerry


      • leart

        maybe he wanted to say that the first gen was like a test.. teasing the market and giving to the developers time to make their apps ready for the “real” apple watch 😀

    • askep3

      yeah but imo the apple watch isn’t meant for apps, I’d rather just take out my phone its not that hard, the apple watch is for glances of information, and notifications..

      • Cody Prince

        Exactly my thoughts

    • jOn Garrett

      You annoy me just like the Android watch users so I’ll tell you the same thing I tell them.

      1. Shut up

      2. These are first gen devices, they’re not going to be perfect. Just look at the first iPhone or Galaxy S and compare them to the current models of those phones!!

      Just chill out, let the OEMs do their thing.

  • edwilk55

    Sticking with my Pebble. Already water proof. Always on display. 4 day battery life. Looks like a watch.

    • Merman123

      Like a toy *

    • Newgunnerr


    • Fanboy 


    • :D

      That’s a completely different product with very different design aims

    • jaimem17

      Bought a Pebble Time Round last week and I love it! It does exactly what I would expect from an actual “smartwatch”
      – Tells the time without “turning on the screen”
      – I get all my notifications
      – Custom watch faces!!!
      – Extremely light
      – Great battery life

      While I do like the Apple Watch shape, I don’t like the UI and the tiny touchscreen is a pain.

  • Ds

    Nixon Mission for me when it comes out.

  • Brent Shelton

    GPS was really all I was waiting for, but the addition of the water proofing makes it even more attractive. I’ll be selling my Garmin ForeRunner 235 and picking up a Nike Edition once it comes out.

    • J3ff

      you are the kind of people that will be getting the apple watch. GPS is all it was missing to make a big hit in the market for smart watches!

      • jOn Garrett

        Why was it missing in the first place? I’ll tell you why, so apple can include it as the one trick pony for the apple watch 2.

  • Love my first gen, can’t see me purchasing the new ones… not much there. I don’t feel the watch needs a yearly or even 2 year upgrade. I’ll hold off for a while, they’ve not tapped into what it can really do it. Watch OS3 made some major enhancements that proved internal component upgrades weren’t necessary.

    • k j

      Agreed, receive 1st Gen iWatch for my birthday last week. Thoroughly enjoy the present iWatch experience, but I am eager to see how Watch OS3 runs on it. It suites my needs JUST fine as it is. I will consider adding an iPhone 7 to my life however 🙂

      • OS3 is a major game changer on the Apple Watch.. it really does make all the difference in the world.

      • Xee

        Your birthday date sucks for Apple releases then – getting year old kit just before new models are released. Happy B-Day though

      • k j

        I caved, I returned my Gen 1 Apple Watch and pre-ordered a Series 1. An even exchange so to say :))) Now I patiently wait for it to arrive on Friday.

    • J3ff

      I agree Tony! I have been on watch OS 3 for quite a while now and it seems to suit my needs. although the waterproof aspect is really nice but another 700$ for a new apple watch isn’t justifiable (price including apple care).

  • David Pomerleau

    I really wanted an always on display and thinner/lighter casing. GPS and faster processor may be enough for me though.

    • Leslie Bee

      The case is actually thicker and heavier, but the display, when lit, is supposed to be brighter. I’d personally rather have thinner and lighter, and since the ver 2 OS upgrade, speed hasn’t been an issue for me.

      As for waterproofing, unless a watch is rated for skindiving, you should really try to avoid the water. (Just ask any jeweler.) Even Apple says you should avoid high-impact water, so it’s really no good for true swimming. And if you spray it with a hose or even wash it under a faucet, you’re taking a chance of ruining it. Of course Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover any sort of water damage. Just check the fine print!!!

      • David Pomerleau

        I wash my hands and shower w first gen watch. 2nd gen is fully waterproof. There’s pictures of people swimming w it underwater. Do you really think it can’t handle faucet or hose??

      • Leslie Bee

        You’re right. I guess I’m showing my age. Time was when you could expect a watch to easily last 10 or 20 years. I own a 20 year old solar powered watch which still works great. Apple watches are clearly not designed to do that, and no one really expects them to.

        Chlorine and salt and other things will degrade the seals and adhesives eventually, but that’s not an issue with an Apple Watch. It will likely be in a trashcan long before that ever happens.


      • David Pomerleau

        This makes me sad.

    • MrSolo816

      Yes, as soon as I heard it was slightly thicker and heavier I was out. That’s the opposite direction I was hoping for. Maybe Series 3 they’ll make it at least thinner.

  • n0ahcruz3

    If they manage atleast 3 days battery life, I’ll gladly buy it. I don’t wanna charge multiple devices every night.

    • Fanboy 

      Omg NOOO, why would ANYBODY spend a whole other 3 seconds setting their Apple Watch down on its wireless charger at night. How inconvenient

      • n0ahcruz3

        Because battery life matters duh what an idiotic comment.

      • Fanboy 

        It lasts all day, everyone’s established that. I always have 25 – 35% remaining at the end of the day. Takes 3 seconds at the end of the day to lay it on the charger, so I don’t see what the issue is?

      • n0ahcruz3

        Well good for you if you’re satisfied with its battery life, like i said i don’t want to charge it every night. And i workout alot. I don’t wanna run and ran out of battery in the middle of my workout. And considering these devices have small batteries they only have little charge times til their battery life depletes faster.

      • :D

        Even if you work out a lot and use the watch a lot it should still last the whole day. The only time it would ever really inconvenience you is if you forget to charge it at night.

      • You don’t work out do you? Workouts drain the battery immensely. On days I don’t workout my watch lasts considerably longer.

      • :D

        I do workout but don’t have an apple watch yet. What I said is based on what I’ve heard. Maybe it’s just down to the apps you’re using for your workouts.

      • Just the regular workout app. The nature of tracking your stats is the reason. When it has to constantly track your heart rate to ensure accurate calories burned it eats up the phone. The heart rate sensor may be the single biggest battery eater on the watch.

      • :D

        Interesting. If the heart rate measurements are causing the issue though then you might as well just turn it off – calories can be estimated fairly accurately based on distance, speed, etc.

      • Yeah you’re right but most times I’m home before the battery dies and it charges fast so for me it’s not really a bother. Just shedding some light.

      • Blip dude

        Thing is, it CAN actually be inconvenient. Thing about it, being exhausted after a really long day, focusing on only washing up and heading straight to bed, completely forgetting to charge not just one, but ALL devices for that matter.

        I’ve definitely had days where I’ve completely forgotten to charge my phone and tablet and only half enough time to charge one.

        Sure it’s no big deal, but it’s still an inconvenience.

      • J3ff

        I go to bed with 60% battery life. I can make it a day and a half if needed. If i turned it off i could probably go almost 2 days. You are making an exaggeration of the battery life. And my watch stand takes 1 seconds to put my watch to charge, and the watch only takes like 2 hrs to charge full.

    • nova voter

      It’s pricey, but I have the belkin charger that charges my phone and watch, on my nightstand. it’s really nice — pics don’t do it justice, but I’ll post a couple anyway.

      edit: also will charge the Apple TV remote. 🙂

      • n0ahcruz3

        I don’t see the relevance to my op, but that thing looks really neat!

      • nova voter

        Just pointing out that there are convenient and neat/tidy ways to charge your phone AND watch overnight. that’s how I read your post.

      • n0ahcruz3

        I know they’re convenient to charge because of wireless charging but thats not my point. I just want to atleast use it 2 days staright without worrying about running out of juice. Focusing on my progress rather than looking at the battery indicator. I used a jawbone before battery life was 7 days, i ran atleast 5 days a week then charge it afterwards.

      • nova voter

        Oh okay then. I don’t like wearing a watch/jewelry to sleep, so I don’t mind putting it on the cradle at night. keeps it out of the way, and might as well get a charge while it’s sitting there. To each his own, though.

        FWIW, I usually have around 30-50% when I take it off at night after about 18 hours. And it’s basically being bombarded with notifications all day and is tracking my activity all day (runs are no more battery intensive than just walking around, I don’t think).

      • n0ahcruz3

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the apple watch. Its rich when it comes to features and seamless when pairing with iPhone. But my only gripe is the battery life. I mean samsung was able to put 3 days battery life with their S3 smartwatch or whatever its called so i don’t see why apple wont achieve that.

  • Christian

    Being able to safely use it in the shower was all the justification I needed to get a new one haha

  • Pedro Cambron

    Doesn’t have the “I need one” factor yet.

    • I realized before this announcement that there’s only so much a watch can do. There won’t be much groundbreaking shit without sacrificing the form.

  • Considering it’s thicker than before, and only boasts a brighter screen, faster processor and waterproofing I’ll likely hold off until 3rd series.

    Although I don’t have GPS, the watch is actually eerily accurate at guessing how far I walk/run anyways and I don’t swim. A brighter display would be nice on occasion when I’m outside, but I typically am not using my watch much then anyways.

    IDK, I think this will be a fantastic watch for some people or people buying their first Apple watch but I can’t justify the price considering my lifestyle. Guess I’ll have to see if new apps come out that aren’t compatible with mine. That’s probably when I’ll update.

  • nova voter

    Absolutely. Been wearing “series 1” since release and I love it, and I never wore a watch before that. I just need to decide which one I want — regular or Nike+. the latter might force me to actually get my ass off the couch lol.

    • If you aren’t motivated now, a new watch isn’t going to change that.

      • nova voter

        ok. well, I’m going to buy it just to piss you off, then. k?

      • It wouldn’t piss me off at all. Have at it, fat boy.

      • nova voter

        so your dickmeter goes to 11, I guess. cool.

      • Didn’t mean to offend.

  • Johnny

    If someone gives me a applewatch. Then i can sell it on ebay

  • :D

    Ordered a gen 1 off eBay just now instead

  • Blip dude

    Now?? Maybe. Was pretty much considering just getting a current gen off eBay now that it will be cheaper. But I’m also looking at other things outside of Apple (Mainly consoles).

    • :D

      I just bought one off eBay
      If you can live without the new features (there aren’t many and they don’t appeal to everyone anyway) then I’d say you should just go for it

  • Jared

    When the watch is it’s own device and doesn’t rely on a phone for functionality, I will consider getting one, for now it’s pointless.

  • BAiNZy3

    “No” -waiting for 2018

  • Andre

    I am going to see what Watch OS3 does for my current watch and make a decision after that.

  • David Pomerleau

    Is there no option to just buy the case for series 2? I already bought all the bands!!

  • joostiphone

    The only thing I want is to have this thing on my wrist and to enjoy my run with GPS and music. But the last one, music, isn’t possible without an iPhone carrying with you right?

    • nova voter

      You should be able to do all that with the built in GPS now. Series 1 watches will load music right into the watch for local playing so I don’t see why they’d drop that capability.

    • You can download songs to the watch; then choose the watch as your source

  • Sebastián Junca 

    Does anyone know if the series 2 will work under water? I know it is water resistant, but will the screen recognise when is pressed? The original apple watch doesn’t.

  • Furrnace

    Perfectly happy with my 38mm sport black Apple Watch. I won’t be upgrading to any Apple Watch until they get thinner.

  • Harris Rap

    Have the original Watch Sport edition, no need to upgrade for now..At Gen3 we’ll see. Small but right update for those waiting to buy though.

    • askep3

      yea ive been waiting, seems like a good time

  • waverdr

    Finally a smart watch i can surf with. Hoping the gps will enable apps
    that track waves ridden and paddling similar to the RipCurl watch. Been
    looking for a smart watch that is not only waterproof but with decent
    gps and Apple have delivered this time 🙂

  • Riley Freeman

    no camera = no purchase. Hope i dont have to wait another 2 years

    • I hear ‘ya; but enjoy the 2 year wait…

  • ZeRoLiMiT

    I have a Apple Watch one and love it! only difference is water and a better cpu not worth it for me!

  • John Austin

    What sold it for me is the waterproofing. Finally I dont have to worry about wearing it around the farm or in the bath.

  • Getting it for the brighter screen in the sun and the waterproofing

  • tariq

    Not with that price tag

  • HamptonWalley

    When it is going to be half the thin? Until no deal…

  • MrSolo816

    I’d like an Apple Watch Air. As thin as they can make it with everything the Series 1 has plus waterproofing and the faster processor…. Don’t “need” GPS and I could personally make due with a little less battery life in exchange for it being thinner. As long as it lasts from the time I take it off the charger in the morning to the time put it back on the charger at night. I usually have 25-35% left at the end of the day. Just what I would like to have.