Apple TV price drop

The writing has been on the wall for the third-generation Apple TV since the fourth-generation model debuted in October 2015 with its refreshed hardware, Siri Remote and a brand new operating system, tvOS, that supports an App Store with third-party apps and games.

Apple now appears to be ready to kiss the previous-generation device good-bye: 9to5Mac reports that the third-generation Apple TV is being pulled from store shelves as Apple begins phasing it out.

“Apple has removed Apple TV 3 from its online store, while a source indicates to us that Apple retail locations are also pulling the device from shelves,“ as per 9to5Mac. The company has removed the “Compare Apple TV” webpage and the device is nowhere to be found on the Buy Apple TV page.

Sources told the publication that Apple’s retail employees have been instructed to remove any remaining Apple TV 3 models from store shelves and inventory. “From there, the employees have been told to ship them all back to Apple,” reads the article.

Curiously, the direct link to the Apple TV 3 product webpage worked at press time.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update the article if they respond.

After releasing the latest Apple TV, the previous model was discounted from $99 to $69.

On the downside, removing the Apple TV 3 from sale might inconvenience cash-strapped buyers who may be looking for a cheaper alternative to the $149 Apple TV 4 to do the basic stuff, like YouTube, AirPlay and watching select channels.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • JRDN

    Time to sell my Apple TV 3 online for over $69 lol

  • Rondog

    How long will the 3rd generation Apple tv work?

    • omakad

      It will work forever. They have to support it as they are thousands of devices out there. No worries. If you are good wth 3, keep it.

      • Don Walker II

        There are thousands of 1st Gen iPhones out there as well

  • omakad

    Yup. Maybe not next year, but within 2 for sure. They are looking at 4K tv sales. Once 4K Tv’s sell better then HD for few years it will make sense to make 4K box for them. Right now only small amount of US homes have 4K in comparison.