A strong Wi-Fi signal can be hard to find when you’re out and about, especially when you don’t have time to track down a local Starbucks. Now you can get connected on the go with Karma Go Hotspot. For a limited time, you can pick one up with an extra 50GB of data for 33% off the retail price.


Small enough to fit in your pocket, your Karma Go device converts your 4G data into a Wi-Fi signal you can use virtually anywhere you need to connect. Work from the beach, collaborate with your team remotely, or just keep up with your digital life without worrying about connectivity or data usage.

Up to eight devices can be used at once on your Karma Go network, with the option to only allow individuals you trust to access your signal. The Karma Go is versatile, and connects to all of your Wi-Fi enabled devices: the Roku, Nest, various smartwatches, and much more.

As part of this great deal, you’ll get an additional 50 GB of high speed LTE data for your first month. And a stylish felt pouch is included, so you can slip the Karma Go in your pocket or bag and take it on any adventure.

Experience the freedom and convenience of your own personal mobile hotspot with the Karma Go, now just $199 for a limited time.