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Apple has posted the product videos shown during today’s iPhone 7 event to its YouTube channel. Included in the spots are clips showing off the Apple Watch Series 2, the iPhone 7, and the all-new, wireless, in-ear headphones it’s calling “AirPods.”

Of course if you missed the keynote this morning, we recommend watching a replay of it in its entirety, or at the very least check out this humorous highlight reel. But for folks who just want to get to the meat of the event, these videos will do the trick.

  • Flabalanche

    I think the new AirPods look really good.

  • Mark S

    That iphone 7 video is a joke. It only highlights the stupid camera and stereo audio. Doesn’t talk about what makes it a good phone.

    • Samuel L. Jackson

      For a lot of people (like myself) the camera is one of the main reasons I’m willing to pay upwards of $1000 for a “phone”. Call em what you want, at the end of the day they’re pocket computers. The phone is just a feature.