iPhone 7 Camera

Apple has unveiled the all-new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at Wednesday’s keynote event and one of the biggest new features of the redesigned device is the updated rear-facing camera.

iPhone 7’s 12 megapixel rear camera is re-engineered with a new six-element lens structure for improved clarity and better low-light performance. With an f/1.8 aperture, wider color gamut, and up to 3x longer exposure, you’ll get clearer photos with better colors.

iPhone 7 Camera

Driving this camera is an all-new high speed sensor that pushes the speed of the iPhone 7 camera far beyond previous iPhones. It’s up to 60% faster than the previous generation, and up to 30% more efficient. The signals then get sent to an Apple-designed image signal processor in the A10 chip so you can view them on the device.

iPhone 7 camera high speed sensor

iPhone 7’s camera also gets a new flash, which is a quad-tone with four individually-colored LEDs, for more accurate color tones in low-light conditions. Apple says it’ll provide up to 50% more light in dark conditions and has a built-in flicker sensor to improve photo output in low-light.

iPhone 7 camera quad flash

With optical image stabilization included, you will have reduced camera shake and jitter too.

iPhone 7 will include all-new photo-editing features inside of the iOS 10 operating system. Among these are new capture and editing API features, which allow you to take full advantage of photo-editing to get the finalized look you really want.

It would seem the iPhone 7 has a single-lens system, while the iPhone 7 Plus has a dual-lens system. For the iPhone 7 Plus, both lenses have 12 megapixels, but one is a wide-angle lens and one is a telephoto lens.

  • Eliijah Moss

    Is it possible to get the picture of the man who had the blue shades?

  • Huh?

    A new camera?? No way who would have thought? crApple NEVER updates the camera EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

    Man crApple just goes hard with the innovation these days! SMH

    • I’m guessing you’d rather have last generation’s camera on this year’s iPhone.

      • Huh?

        What I would rather have is MORE INNOVATION IN OTHER AREAS! Not innovation on the same fuckin things every single fuckin year!

        But I guess that’s just too much for a fanboy to understand.

      • techfreak23

        Such as…?

      • jOn Garrett

        Sensors: why no health sensors so you can use health kit.

        Why not something new for notifications: a dedicated front facing LED or hepatic feedback when picked up. Have you ever seen those migraine inducing rear flashes that some people use?

        Why not wireless charging

        Why not fast charging

        It still doesn’t have 7.1 surround sound!! Why is that when they purchased beats fit for $3b?

        Why not a 2k display: apple could jump into VR

        Why not update Apple pay so it can work everywhere like Samsung pay?

        There’s plenty Apple could have done but chose not to–their goal is it just give as little as possible for as much as possible.

      • jOn Garrett

        Such as the ten things I just listed but my comment got deleted.

      • Crim Nino

        What has other phones produced? I mean after all since android does not make hardware and can’t really use all the “hyped up specs” unless it’s a nexus. Funny how people bash apple off specs and yet it’s still faster

      • Alberto Espinal

        Watch how everyone follows on the no headphone jack, what phone has no headphone jack for no f reason? They heard apple was coming out with no headphone jack and like monkeys they are they did it too! Other phones came out with dual cameras because they heard apple was doing it and they followed and did it with no reason behind it, at least  has a reason for dual camera, not just put it because they heard another company was doing it too!

      • Crim Nino

        I agree 100%. Look what happen when the note 7 was rushed? And because the user can’t remove the battery like once bragged about had to get recalled. Apple is smart, they buy up companies and do stuff in the background and wait for the market to mature for the much needed stuff. Useless stuff vs useful stuff is how Apple sees it. Android users bragged but NFC and yet hackers found a way to hack in their info while Apple already had it but waited to make it better. I will stick with any company who pisses the FBI off to protect our privacy and data.

      • jOn Garrett

        Clown, the Note 7 wasn’t rushed.

        You’re agreeing with another clown, the Oppo R5 from 2014 has no jack and there are at least 4 other Android phones with no jack.

        I guess other OEMs made water and dust resistance years ago too because in the future apple would do it.

        Same with wireless buds, widgets, wearables and all the other years–old tech the iPhone 7 just got.

      • jOn Garrett

        Watch how 5 Android phones ALREADY HAVE NO HEADPHONE JACK! Going all the way back to the Oppo R5 of 2014!

        Dual cameras? OMFG you’re joking right? I had dual cameras on my LG Thrill of 2011 and there’s like a dozen other phones that had two lenses.

      • Alberto Espinal

        But for what? To take shitty pictures, it’s imposible to have an argument with you guys, it’s not who had it first but who implemented it better, was Mercedes Benz the firs car out? Or Porsche? Or Bugatti? No right!

      • jOn Garrett

        You’re right it is impossible to have an argument with me when YOU make this outrageous and ridiculous claims about apple having something first when that something already existed on any number of phones from years ago.

        If it’s not about who had it first but who does it better why do you iFans scream copying when another OEM does something after apple even when they do it better?

        Case and point: apple pay came out before Samsung pay (but after Google wallet) apple pay only works with 10% of retail equipment but Samsung pay works with 90%which means what??? Samsung pay is better.

        Apple rushed to ship with a 64bit CPU on a phone with only 1GB of RAM!!!! 64bit processors need 4GB of RAM to take advantage of 64 bit processing.

        Samsung made a 64bit phone with 3GB of RAM!! still a gig short but 3 times as much as apple. The iPhone 7 still has only 2GB while I have 4GB on my 7 Edge.

      • Alberto Espinal

        And which one is faster the S7 or the IPhone? Because on the speed test the iPhone 6s demolished all the android phones! So what’s your point with all those specs? Why have all those specs if you can even hang with the iPhone

      • jOn Garrett

        Your profile picture is of a grown man but I think I’m talking to a child.

        First of all, speed “tests” don’t mean anything. There’s nothing scientific about them, they’re done using about a dozen apps that more than likely are optimized to run on either Android or iOS. The difference is always a millisecond or two which means what in two world use? Bragging rights because your app opened 1/8th of a second faster than mine?

        Second, these “iPhone is faster” claims comes from iPhone single core vs Android single core which means you run a dual core iPhone at 50% power and an Octocore Galaxy at 25% power. Look at these same “tests” with all cores running and you get an entirely different result–something iFan sites won’t tell you.

        My S7 Edge has to power a 2k display with a pixel density almost twice the iPhone’s 720p display and with only 2 of its 8 cores running and you brag about the iPhone being a millisecond faster????

      • jOn Garrett

        The Oppo R5 from 2014 has no headphone jack and at least 4 other Android phones.

        I had dual cameras on my LG Thrill from 2011 and again on the HTC M8 of early 2014.

        So these companies must be time travelers.

        **NOTE TO ADMIN: WHY ARE YOU DELETING MY COMMENTS? does the truth hurt you?

      • Alberto Espinal

        I know they did it but with no reason behind it!

      • jOn Garrett

        Again you’re wrong. The LG Thrill did it to enable 3D video recording and viewing. It worked quite well except it gave me migraines so I had to stop using it. The M8 did it to improve photo quality and add depth–the same thing apple is now doing.

        You have to stop thinking that apple is this perfect company that does everything right because they’re not.

        They don’t set tends anymore, they just see what trends are already set and they jump in and follow.

        Say what you want about Samsung but no other company innovates and brings new products to market like Samsung does.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Again you wrong, 3D video? Who the hell watches 3D videos, and the M8 with an average camera and photos, no dude they added it for nothing, no one talked about how great this was, watch when comparisons come out, LG and M8 two struggling companies, please don’t compare those cameras that no one talked about how great those features were!

      • Mike

        The camera apple is using are made from samsung…basically the same ones on the Note 7

      • jOn Garrett

        Dude, it’s not about who watches 3D video–it’s about you claiming other OEM’s will now add dual cameras and me correcting you, dual cameras (like everything else that’s “new” on the iPhone) is nothing new or original–been there, done that.

        You’re now trying to flip flop and backtrack from your statement.

        The next time you dribble from the lips about copying apple you might want to take a moment to do a quick Google search first.

      • sam day

        Why do you keep saying that? Apple’s reason for dual cameras is same as LG’s G5: wide and normal.

        Why would ANY company have two cameras with no reason for having them?

      • sam day

        So other companies come out with dual cameras first (e.g. LG, 6 months ago) and instead of saying they did it first, you twist it into “they copied Apple BEFORE Apple did it” ?

        And Apple’s reason for dual cameras is same as LG’s G5: wide and normal. And yes at least two other phones have dual cameras already.

        Sadly Apple is NOT the origin of all ideas. Not anymore.

      • jOn Garrett

        If it’s last year’s S6/S6 Edge camera.

  • Eliijah Moss