Airmail 1.2 for iOS teaser 001

Airmail, a powerful email client for iOS and macOS, has received a feature-packed update on the App Store, bringing a number of new capabilities to iPhone and iPad owners. Airmail 1.2 for iOS, a free update, is more useful with a brand new Apple Watch complication for your watch face, Dynamic Type support on iPhone and iPad, smart notifications with a scheduler, alerts based on location, auto-refreshing Read status in alerts and more.

Like Airmail for Mac, its iOS counterpart now lets you undo sent emails by defining a time period before the message will actually get delivered. It can now preview Win.dat files that may be included in emails sent from Outlook for Windows.

Likewise, EMLs can now be previewed as well. An EML file is generated by Outlook Express and stores a single email message. You can also get reminded to follow-up on an email, save attachments to iCloud, take advantage of new integrations (Ulysses, Dar One, etc.) and Mute/Block actions, plus much more.

And if you use Airmail on an iPad, you’ll love a new full screen preview feature, too.

Airmail 1.2 changelog

Here’s everything new and improved in Airmail 1.2:

  • Dynamic Fonts Support
  • Smart Notifications
  • Notifications Read Sync
  • Notifications Scheduler
  • Notifications based on Location
  • Watch Complication
  • Undo Send
  • Win.dat preview
  • EML preview
  • Follow Up Reminders
  • Action Mute (avoid future notifications from that recipient)
  • Action Block (avoid notifications from that recipient and auto archive the message )
  • Integration Save to iCloud
  • Integration Ulysses
  • Integration Day One
  • MDM with Full Customization Support with app config
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

Airmail supports 3D Touch, features a high-quality PDF creation tool and integrates natively with other apps and services for a frictionless workflow.

The app is known for its rich personalization settings and is packed to the gills with plenty of advanced features like snooze, interactive push notification, full inbox sync and iCloud sync of your mailbox and app preferences.

Airmail 1.2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is $4.99 on the App Store. Today’s update is being provided at no charge to existing users of the app.

Airmail 3 for Mac is $9.99 on the Mac App Store.

  • Toshke

    Updated and tried everything, but complication is not showing on my apple watch…

    • iByron

      Give it a sec. Mine showed up after a few minutes. Remember, the watch/phone connection can be slow.

      • Toshke

        It’s been more than 8 hours. Tried rebooting watch and phone, reinstalled and still nothing 🙁

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Outlook > Airmail

    • stulaw01

      LOL in opposite world sure. Outlook for iOS has not added a single useful feature in months and barely works properly as is without 99% of Airmail’s features.

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      I would go for AirMail had it been free, I like Spark better.

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        I purchased airmail. dint like it . got refund.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        The thing is that I already got about ₹ 8000 refund so I doubt whether they’ll give me another refund…

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        8k in refund . That’s bad kid.
        LOL. Like you buy the app and ask for refund after 5 days ?

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        In app purchases only.

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        Don’t do it. They’ll blacklist your card.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Card? You mean my account? It was 2013 when I made those IAPs on Asphalt 8. Since then I don’t ask for refunds except for bad apps…

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        Your payment method will be blacklisted

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        I can always order more debit cards from Axis Bank, since I’m a priority customer…

  • Waldemar Sinicki

    After updated I have random crashes

  • Miguel Alcibar

    I’m personally been using myMail and really like it, one the reasons why is because with a single touch I can delete all spam and trash, have you tried ?

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Didn’t Dropbox remove support for MailBox? How are you able to add email accounts and even view them?

  • David Crum

    Push does not work, no clue how to get it working. I have to go into the app and have it retrieve the emails