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Australia-based Sonny Dickson used to be a prolific gadget leakster before he went on to work on other projects. Understandably, he still leaks out stuff from time to time. Last month, for example, Dickson posted claimed photographs showing a 4.7-inch iPhone 7 next to its 5.5-inch brethren.

And now, he’s back with another leak in the form of a short video that appears to demonstrate a working iPhone 7 Plus in the wild.

He posted this video about a week ago and we figured it’s still worth sharing given we’re just two days away from Apple’s scheduled iPhone 7 introduction on Wednesday.

And here it is.

Granted, this doesn’t prove anything.

For all we know, the device on the right could be an iPhone 6s Plus inside an iPhone 7 Plus dummy case. It’s also not clear if it runs an iOS 10 beta or the shipping version of the operating system. Be that as it may, the backside shows a rumored dual-lens camera and no Smart Connector (which was shown on various iPhone 7 dummies).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t discern whether his iPhone 7 Plus sports a non-moving Home button with haptic feedback that’s supposedly coming to the next iPhone.

Again, leaks and rumors about the upcoming handset do not really confirm anything so we’ll just have to wait and see what Apple reveals on Wednesday. Some of the iPhone 7 rumors have called for features like a fast 2.4 GHz ‘A10’ chip, a new Force Touch sensor, two speakers, the new Piano Black and Dark Black colorways, IPX7 waterproofing, a four-component LED flash and more.

Be sure to read our roundup of everything we do and don’t expect from Apple’s event.

Source: Sonny Dickson

  • Loyo Media

    Why are all those video’s in bad quality. Film that phone with one of the iPhone 7 you have! + I think is the fake one, because every fake iPhone has that assistive touch thing on.

    • Highlander

      Because they probably have an android and sent the video through SMS.

  • Newgunnerr

    Lol potato quality most likely fake

    • Jibbley Gravey

      Any video that is grainy in 2016 us OBVIOUSLY fake. If it was real, it would have been recorded in 4k.

  • Super Guest

    How?! How in christ’s name is it still possible to have such low resolution video this day in age?

    • Jibbley Gravey

      Because it’s fake. So they use a grainy video to hide detail.

  • It’s fake for sure. The FCC markings on the back looks different than what’s on the iPhone 6s.

    • Julio Hernandez

      Wait but the iPhone 6s/Plus doesn’t have the FCC markings on the back of the phone? LOL, I’m literally looking at the back of my 6s+ right now and there’s no FCC markings on it.

      • Yeah that’s what I meant. I just worded it wrong.

      • Julio Hernandez

        Oh yeah that makes sense. Maybe they’re bringing the FCC markings back on the 7? Who knows, let’s wait and see Wednesday 🙂

  • ravinigga

    I see no smart connector

  • Jose Rivera

    Why is touch assist on? That’s something I have only seen on fake iPhone models. I’m sure this is one of those early clones that releases before the real thing does. Think about it guys.

    • Agreed, overtime I see it I laugh… buy people still buy into these things acting like they are legit.

  • 5723alex .

    This “iPhone 7 Plus” run Android.

  • Peter Colbeth

    why is everyone busy trying show what the new iPhone will look like, come on guys , let’s just wait and let us see what they will bring on wednesday.
    all these guys trying to show us what going to happen drives me crazy what a load of SSSSS….T

  • Jake Platt

    What a rubbish video

  • Jerry

    Are people really this bored?

  • John

    They are fakes running android. The guy says so on his twitter feed plus you can see the give away ’round circle’ icon on the phone screen on the bottom of the far left phone, then bottom right of the middle phone and then bottom right on the right phone. Seriously guys. Start writing something useful for once and stop with the bs. Any idiot can see those giveaway clues and since you guys are meant to know what your talking about, it makes you look amateur.

  • Chris

    My god I that was a long video