Luca Todesco yaluX iOS 10 jailbreak

iOS hacker Luca Todesco is at it once again.

Previously having the spotlight for finding a way to jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 shortly after Apple released it to patch Pangu’s iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak, Todesco has published a YouTube video demonstrating a working jailbreak running on iOS 10 beta 8.

As usual, this is probably just another inside job on Todesco’s part that won’t be released to the public, but it shows that iOS 10 can still be jailbroken successfully despite Apple’s kernel patch protection (KPP), which has become a challenge for jailbreak teams in the most recent pre-release versions of iOS.

The jailbreak, dubbed “yaluX” in the title of the teaser video, was demonstrated on what appears to be a 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Also indicated by the title is that it’s once again a 64-bit-only jailbreak.

It appears that the jailbreak yet again uses an app on the Home screen. One can only assume it’s some kind of side-loaded app with jailbreak injection code built into it that was created by Todesco himself.

Upon tapping on a button within the app, it displays the word “jailbroken” and Cydia can be launched from the Home screen.

One thing we did notice from the video is the yaluX jailbreak seems to exhibit all of the same signs of being semi-untethered as Pangu‘s iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak did.

As an example, Cydia was already on the Home screen prior to the jailbreak process and would crash until Todesco launched the jailbreak app and performed the jailbreak process again. After which, Cydia launched just fine.

This jailbreak isn’t without its flaws. Todesco notes on Twitter that despite everything he’s done so far, Cydia “wants to remove itself” from the Home screen for some unknown reason:

Loca Todesco Cydia iOS 10 problems

It’s really unclear what he means by this, but one thing that can be inferred is that there may be some kind of compatibility issue with Cydia and iOS 10 right now that Saurik would have to look into if a public jailbreak for iOS 10 ever did drop.

Although this jailbreak probably won’t be released to the public, an assumption based on Todesco’s previous track record of jailbreak teases, it does go to show that jailbreaking isn’t going anywhere any time soon because there are tons of people who still love modding their devices and showing off their mad hacking skills.

Nevertheless, we’re sure Pangu will eventually come through for us at some point following the public release of iOS 10. After all, they’ve already made it known that they’re working on a jailbreak for iOS 10.

Are you happy to see evidence of iOS 10 beta 8 being jailbroken? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

  • Nathan

    I honestly wish this guy didn’t get publicity. He is nothing more than a troll and will tease until the day he dies.

    • Manu Parker

      Seriously, screw this guy. Cry for attention.

  • Jerry

    He reminds me of that dump that you need to take but doesn’t wana come out

  • e brake

    Ultimately having the iOS 10 jailbreak on a 3D Touch supported device will be highly satisfying

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Surprise surprise. Someone give this man a cookie.

  • Mike M. Powell

    yeh dont care

  • Fahad muhmmad

    1st : no I’m not happy to see an asshole showing off if he’s not gonna release it .
    2 : i hope the other teams such as pangu can work this out when ios 10 is out .
    3 : stop posting about this asshole cuz ur not doing anything but teasing ppl who doesn’t have jailbreak .
    Btw im running ios 9.0.2 .

    • Oh bore off.

      He’s a developer, and like all developers, he displays his portfolio, he has every right to do so, as millions of others do, myself included.

      You have absolutely no right to call him out for not releasing something that you want. It’s his work, and it’s his choice.

      • Rolf Bause

        The guy is about as useful to the average jailbreaker as AIDS is. If nobody would read anything about this guy ever again – it would make no difference.

      • His job isn’t to be useful to you or anyone. His existence does not revolve around you. He posts his work like any other worker does. For himself. I have a portfolio to display my work, as do many millions of other online professionals. Just because we show it to he world, that doesn’t mean we’re trying to help anyone.

      • Blip dude

        Okay then, I can agree with this. What I’m trying to figure out is why others try to display his work when it’s obvious to most that a Jailbreak for iOS 10 was inevitable?? It’s one thing for him to do it, it’s another when others glorifiy it like it’s some sort of godsent.

        Why did the writer of this article waste his time pretty much writing an essay about this obvious event that will guarantee occur?? Maybe this developers intentions isn’t to toxic the community but the bloggers definitely make it out to be as such and it definitely doesn’t help the developer.

        Also, when displaying a portfolio of the success of your personal work, why on earth use Twitter to show it to the world when there are much better and more professional outlets for that??

  • I am

    I think this is a good post. Shows there is hope for iOS 10. Although being in tech industry, you would know there is always hope. if Windows is used by these many ppl in the world and Microsoft patching it month after month and there are still security holes in it, its not a surprise that iOS will always have holes in it to exploit for JB.

    I mean there are some holes that we never hear about that are used by private companies so a public JB is always a possibility. Whether someone is interested in releasing one or not is a different thing.

    But this gives jailbreakers hope and also to those working on jailbreaks because for them, this means that the thing they are looking for is surely out there, they just need to find it.

  • pnh

    My interest in watching this video (and reading this article at all) is 0.0.

    • Julio M.

      Me too, I just skipped to the comments…

  • Teddie Danh

    Maybe he post this video just to claim Apple bug-hunting bounty 😛

  • Rolf Bause

    Why do I always have to think of horse sh*t, every time I read the name: quertyoruiop?

  • therealjjohnson

    Though I really enjoy Jailbreaks for each version of iOS, its a little disheartening knowing that Apple cannot release software without exploits.

  • I’ll jailbreak IOS 10; but its only because I want 2 or 3 critical jailbreak apps that Apple could have easily implemented

    • Alberto Espinal

      What are those if you don’t mine saying!

  • laxman

    Why encourage something that has failed to be useful to anyone since so long? When will we learn? Lets not just post for a post

  • Alberto Espinal

    Hackers are not getting any incentive from the jailbreak community, everyone wants everything for free, if they decide to charge for a jailbreak I will pay for it, $5, $10, $20, it doesn’t matter! But they should start asking for money, that way all hackers start competing to each other and release jailbreaks constantly!

    • YaBoyLilMayo

      They know they could sell the jb for big money he chooses not to cause he’s a teenager and “doesn’t care about money” in a few years he’ll be wishing he cashed out on jb when he has to start paying bills

      • Nathan

        The dude needs to find a subway. Seriously.

  • Of course iOS 10 is going to be jailbreakable. We all knew that.

  • Roland G

    Released or not this guy deserves props. Plus we don’t know if he has been hired by Apple at this point to test vulnerabilities and that’s why he doesn’t ever release JB. Either way he is something else.