iPhone 7 Plus Piano and Dark Black AppleArab concept 001

A pair of images posted Monday on Twitter by smartphone leakster The Malignant gave as another hint that the iPhone 7 lineup could introduce two new dark-shaded colorways: a highly glossy variant, called Piano Black, and its matte counterpart, aptly named Dark Black.

The photographs show alleged stickers used to identify test iPhones that seem to have been obtained from Foxconn. The stickers label these prototype iPhones in the rumored Piano Black and Dark Black colors.

The sticker for a matte device indicates a 128 GB model while its glossy counterpart shows a 256 GB version, once again “confirming” that the iPhone 7 should come in 32/128/256GB storage tiers versus existing 16/64/128GB ones. The Piano Black prototype was scheduled to be returned on August 22.

The “D10” on the image indicates a a prototype unit.

Apple is said to have tested at least three prototype iPhone 7 varieties, code-named “D10”, “D11” and “D12”. One of those prototypes was probably the elusive iPhone 7 Pro which the company has reportedly ditched in favor of the two-model lineup.

iPhone 7 stickers Piano Dark Black The Malignant 001

According to The Malignant’s source, Apple will release the iPhone 7 in both new colors.

Now, some people are overly concerned about the glossy device possibly attracting fingerprints, scratches and dings too easily. Fingerprints shouldn’t be too much of a concern as they’ll wipe off easily.

As for the cosmetic damage, I’m sure Apple’s found a way around this problem.

After all, the next iPhone is said to have a tweaked iPhone 6s design so the backside should be metallic. Depending on the kind of anodization process being used, the glossy back may not be as susceptible to dings and scratches as the iPhone 5 used to be.


Piano Black and Dark Black iPhone 7 concept courtesy AppleArab.com.

Source: The Malignant

  • HamptonWalley

    Apple hiding the truth well this time.

  • Joey

    confirmed – said no one ever

  • stulaw01

    I think people forget they are always testing new colors/finishes. Just because someone is carrying a prototype doesnt mean it will be seen in the 7. Some colors/finishes never even make it to market

    • Diego Milano

      Don’t we already know this by now after so many years of rumors? I am particularly bored of all the recurring rumor news, it’s overwhelming, just wait till the release date, guys, in the meantime just enjoy what you currently have in your hands. 🙂 Besides, I personally am not planning to upgrade from an iPhone 6s Plus to an iPhone 7 Plus, I’ll most likely wait another year or so.

  • ck125

    Good they finally are making an actual black phone. Liking the new colors. Hope they end up being true.

    • Amac25

      Yea I’ve been missing it since they changed it with the 6

      • Chris Owen

        Actually they introduced the new colorways (Silver, Space Gray, and Gold) on the iPhone 5s.
        The iPhone 5 was the last black iPhone until now… Hopefully

      • Amac25

        Thanks. I never had the 5s, but had the 5 with the black color, I couldn’t remember if 6 started the “space grey”

  • n0ahcruz3

    Gotta say that piano black caught my attention, reminds me of the iPhone 4

  • Wow those color ways look horrible.

    • Julio Hernandez

      Then don’t get it if you’re planning on buying an iPhone 7/Plus. I on the other hand would love either of these colors.

      • Not planning on purchasing any new apple products now that they changed the color ways again. I’ll wait to see how the hardware pans out next year. If it’s the same nonsense as this year I’ll move on to other things.

      • mafo5000
      • Julio Hernandez

        Yeah honestly if they disappoint for 2017 iPhone I’m gonna go for the Note 8.

      • More then likely that’s my route too. Though there’s some amazing devices released overseas so I’ll be looking into those even closer then I have been.

  • anonymous

    Who cares about colors we always put a case on our phones lol

    • Rob

      I always forget just how good my iPhone looks and feels until I take it out of the case on rare occasions & it makes me go ‘wow this really is a nice device’, then I put it back in the case because I don’t wanna damage such a beautiful thing lol

      • Mike M. Powell

        aint that the truth, i only take mine out like onces a month to wipe it down from all the flint n shit in my pockets xD

      • anonymous

        You’re right one sexy phone I think I only taken my case off 3 times

    • mickey

      Used every iPhone (and other phones) naked until the 6. It’s just so damn slippery. I’ve been resistant but a skin or ultra thin case for grip is a minimum.

  • Sign me up for the piano black!

    • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola