Human Iris (Wikipedia 002)

Rumored iris scanning capabilities may be coming to a future iPhone a year earlier than expected, with Chinese-language MoneyDJ quoting supply chain sources as saying that the feature would be making its debut on the Tenth Anniversary iPhone launching in 2017. The iris scanner for 2017 iPhone refresh should be manufactured by Taiwan-based Xintec.

An affiliate of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (which builds Apple-designed processors for iPhones), Xintec specializes in packaging services for CMOS image and fingerprint sensors and other sensors.

The company should start fulfilling new orders for iris-recognition solutions in the fourth quarter of 2016, in time for the Tent Anniversary iPhone in 2017.

“Xintec is expected to enter mass production for iris-recognition chips in 2017, which will boost the backend house’s revenues for the year,” according to the report. “New orders for iris-recognition sensors include those for the chips that will be embedded in the 2017 series of iPhone,” market watchers were also quoted in the report.

Back in the summer, DigiTimes claimed iris scanning capabilities would be coming to iPhones in 2018, but now it appears the feature could be implemented on iPhones as soon as next year. Iris scanning could augment Touch ID verification to boost security because the human iris, which is the circular colored muscle of the eye, is unique to each person just like the fingerprint.

Source: MoneyDJ (Google Translate) via DigiTimes

  • :|Alain|:

    I don’t know if it’s just me but i really hate this iris scanning trend happening here. The feature itself is a bit useless and an unnecessary addition to the phone’s many unhackable and impenetrable security solutions. It’s the equivalent of bloatware in hardware

    • TechnoBuff

      I agree with you completely. Quite unnecessary.
      But seeing that it is one of the key selling features of Note 7, i see Apple likely COPYING as well with every other OEM going that way at some point.

      • Troy

        Some people like me live in cold places so we often have gloves on and can’t use our fingerprints

      • therealjjohnson

        Small part of the population. These devices are sold all over the world.

      • :|Alain|:

        I’m pretty sure rumors of iris scanning technologies in the 2017 iPhone started spreading around before the announcement of the Note7. Originality is missing anyways from tech companies nowadays.

      • Rowan09

        The iris scanner for rumored years back, I don’t like playing with my eyes and hearing so if true I won’t use the feature.

      • Stephen Hedger

        Yes I’ve just heard apple will also be copying the “instant suntan” feature of the note 7’s battery. Apple eh? Cheeky buggers

      • TechnoBuff

        Hello Einstein!!

      • Stephen Hedger


  • John Wickham

    It’s interesting, but is it actually better? Both in terms of security and the experience?

    • 5723alex .


  • DT

    I dont like it. I think its pointless. You already have your phone in your hands when movin it to your face, so is it that much of a pain to rest your finger on the home button for .25 seconds?

    • Troy

      Is for people like me live in a cold place so we often have gloves on and we can’t use our fingerprints

      • Tommy Gumbs

        That makes perfect sense!!!!!! I race mountain bikes. This would be helpful on training rides because I wear gloves.

      • 5723alex .

        You wear gloves but don’t guard your eyes with glasses, googles.. with which iris scanners won’t work ?

      • Rowan09


      • Tommy Gumbs

        Depends. I live in Spain most of the year and most of the places I train are not filled with trees and such…..unless you go up to the North of Spain. When I am in Florida where my other house is, I always wear eye protection because most of the trails can be overgrown….same for North Carolina, etc.

        So I will wear eye protection if it is needed.

        Also, I wear clear lenses…but not sure if that would work.

        If I am on a road bike I rarely wear glasses unless its sunny.

      • Julio Hernandez

        Well it’s easier to remove glasses than it is to remove gloves so I think iris scanning would be an awesome and welcomed feature. But of course unless you wear contacts then I could see why you would think it’s dumb but it’s actually a really neat and handy feature.

      • Dennis Ho

        Don’t you have to remove your gloves to use the touchscreen anyway?

      • MrSolo816

        There are gloves that work with touchscreens. I don’t believe there are gloves that work with fingerprint scanners.

  • Xee

    Disagree. If Apple implements it better then Samsung so that it can scan and unlock more easily – distance, angle etc.
    It will be like just picking up your iPhone using any grip hold and as soon as your eyes look at the screen it will auto unlock. That would be faster and easier then currently.

    Plus if you don’t like it, don’t use it or disable it. Simples.

  • Dao Sasone

    Definitely a must. The more security features the better. I would use it for mobile banking