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Think your Mac is immune to viruses and other problematic issues? Think again. Even your Apple device is vulnerable to attack, but that’s no reason to live in fear. With The Ultimate Mac Cyber Security Bundle, you’ll get seven top-notch security apps to give your Mac the all-encompassing protection it deserves.

For a limited time, this premium bundle is just $49.99, or 79% off.

A few of the system-securing apps featured in this bundle:

VPN Land: Masked IP addresses deliver secure internet browsing, with lightning-fast connections anywhere in the world thanks to over 400 reliable servers. Traveling overseas? You can keep up with your favorite Netflix shows by avoiding geo-restrictions.

Periscope Pro 3: A top-notch video surveillance program for your Mac lets you covertly monitor or record any setting. Its motion and audio detection capabilities allows you to record and upload clips instantly, or store them on your Mac for easy viewing.

Mac Internet Security X9: Believe it or not, Macs need antivirus protection too. With the combination of two powerful antivirus softwares, VirusBarrier and NetBarrier, you’ll be protected against OS X and Windows malware attacks.

Sticky Password Premium: Too many passwords to remember? A one-year subscription to Sticky gives you access to a secure and efficient password manager and form-filler, complete with AES-256 military-grade encryption.

Peace of mind and system security are priceless. But the Ultimate Mac Cyber Security Bundle can be yours for a limited time at 79% off the retail cost.