Instagram pinch zoom teaser 001

Instagram today announced that users of its free of charge iPhone app can now use the familiar pinch-zoom gesture to zoom in on photos—and videos—found in their feed and elsewhere in the app. I’ve long craved for this feature: in fact, I’ve been using iOS’s system-wide Zoom feature to get a closer look at photos in the Instagram app that interest me. Just yesterday, Instagram pushed another update which brings out a new low-light button for its built-in camera.

“Today we’re bringing zoom to Instagram on iOS,” reads the company’s tweet.

Instagram specifies that the pinch-zoom gesture can be utilized to zoom on photos and videos in your feed, on user profiles and within the app’s popular Explore tab (which now recommends Stories from people you could follow).

As for the new low-light feature, you can now capture better photos and videos in the dark as this new button appears automatically when the camera detects darkness.

The Facebook-owned photo sharing app recently gained a feature that allows you to zoom with one hand as you’re recording a video by sliding your finger up and down while holding the video capture button.

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  • I updated to the new version but I can’t manage to zoom in to posts.

    • Y2J

      I was just about to post that. Mines not working either.

    • This is not dependent on an actual app update. I don’t have the latest version yet, but I can pinch to zoom. It’s something they are rolling gradually server side. Just wait a few hours or a few days for this to roll out to you.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I’m still on version 7.15.0 of the Instagram, the last known major release before it went with the atrocious all-white UI. And yes it still has the old and better icon and I’m perfectly happy with it. Will continue to use it until it breaks and ceases to work.

    • leart

      I’m using 8.0.. working perectly and don’t have any change from your version except for the interface ..
      don’t worry about the functionality of your version.. Instagram is working from 6.2.2 and up so your far away from the bottom line

  • Guilherme 

    Since I’m using the tweak Rocket for Instagram, I’ve got this feature for a long time, I can even download…

  • Budz Camacho

    Instagram gains snapchat features

  • Payaso

    Yeah! finally i can zoom on boobs n’ buts