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In macOS versions up until Lion, hovering over an item in Spotlight’s search results on your Mac would reveal its full file system path. As of macOS Lion, that’s no longer the default behavior—the Spotlight overlay gives you some information about the selected file, but not its location. But don’t you worry, Apple hasn’t ditched this feature entirely as you can reveal a file’s path in your Spotlight search results at any time via this practical keyboard shortcut.

1) Firstly, invoke Spotlight by clicking its icon in your Mac’s menu bar at the top right corner of the screen, or press the default Spotlight keystroke Command (⌘)-Space.

macOS Yosemite Spotlight menu bar Mac screenshot 001

2) Type your search query in the Spotlight search field.

3) Use the arrow keys to highlight an item, then press and hold the Command key.

macOS Yosemite Spotlight show file path

As the screenshot attests, pressing the Command modifier will temporarily reveal the file’s full path at the very bottom of Spotlight’s overlay. Clicking the file’s path prompts Spotlight to open the file, or you can just highlight it and press Enter.

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  • Jayy

    I didn’t know a suitable place to type this in, but was my iPhone effected by that new hack Apple just patched with 9.3.5? I’m Jailbroken on 9.0.2 I literally have no problems everything works perfectly! But a few hours ago Siri opened itself and starting writing stuff down when I wasn’t talking at all. (Picture attached below) now granted there was a YouTube video playing but nothing in that Siri launch was even remotely close to what was said in the YouTube video where Siri randomly opened!

    • Jayy

      I don’t see the picture attached

      • I see it on my end. Maybe reload the page without content blockers or switch to desktop site? BTW, media in comments on mobile may require you to tap View to have it rendered inline

      • Jayy

        Okay, that’s weird I see the picture now on the op. I kept refreshing the page and not seeing it. I have this site whitelisted with my adblockers. But any idea on how to tell if I was hacked or am I just being paranoid?

      • Nah, don’t worry about hacking. I’ve been experiencing the same problem on mobile site

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