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Apple today released an eighth beta of iOS 10 (build number “14A5346a”) to members of the Apple Developer Program and the seventh beta of iOS 10 to public beta testers who are signed on the Apple Beta Software Program. It’s worth repeating that iOS 10 beta 8 for developers and iOS 10 beta 7 for public beta testers contain the same features.

The devices on a prior beta can be updated in Settings → General → Software Update, but some users are reporting issues trying to update to beta 8.

Upon invoking iOS’s Software Update feature, some users see a prompt, saying “Unable to Check for Update. En error occurred while checking for a software update.”

Developers can download the full iOS 10 beta 8 installer via Apple’s Dev Center. Speaking of new betas, Apple also released tvOS 10 beta 7 today.

With public release of iOS 10 just a few weeks away, you shouldn’t expect any major feature changes or enhancements aside from bug fixes. And as we inch closer to a Golden Mater candidate, each new iOS 10 beta has become faster and more stable.

  • [RECON1]

    Looks like Public Beta is downloading just fine. Developer Beta is having some issues?

    tvOS Beta is out as well.

    • KhaskiN

      Yes.. Server error

  • iOS 10 will have 10 betas.

  • Mc Jefferson Agloro

    Public Beta is also having some issues. “Unable to Check for Update”

    • VITICO

      they’re working now

    • john snow


  • Troy Schuler

    Golden Mater candidate?

    • [RECON1]

      Did someone call for me?

    • Steve Harvey

      Apple is just like to-mator!

    • besrate hogsa

      Golden Master?

  • Raymond Lanser

    Of all the major release iOS versions I’ve beta tested (the last 4, some as developer) this is the most bug riddled version this close to release, with bugs I reported 4 versions ago. This is besides how aesthetically terrible apps are becoming (music app I’m looking at you). The beginning of the end for Apple imo, especially when a main feature is gimmicks in the messaging app that look terrible and are meekly implemented.

    • John Smith

      That’s because the design team is filled with a bunch of self-centered “entrepreneurs” rather than people who take their job seriously. It’s slowly turning into a tumblr machine just like people used to mock the Macbook for being an expensive “facebook machine”.

      • besrate hogsa

        It is an expensive face book machine
        Windows 10 FTW

      • John Smith

        Screw Shitdows 10.


      • besrate hogsa

        windows7 was okay and it WAS better than mac OS
        but win10 is way better

      • John Smith

        Mate MacOS Cheetah is better than Windows 10. And that’s saying a lot.

      • ck125

        I hate windows 10 on my work laptop. Windows 8 was much more solid for me.

      • Shadowelite123

        Ehh Windows 10 is alright. Not really great.

    • leart

      why so pessimistic lol… iOS 10 looks fantastic to me 🙂

      • Raymond Lanser

        As a graphic designer I can’t help notice a bunch of just sloppy work. It just seems rushed and under developed to me. Apple is supposed to be a company that releases products when they’re done right, not because they can or because of market trends. Added steps to UX experience, overlapping design elements, unnecessarily large fonts that don’t add to legibility (and making some elements larger that, while visually more impactful, decrease functionality and experience), and just a basic lack of consistency in elements across apps. Not saying there aren’t things I like, but I miss the refined done right hard line stance of apple before Cook I guess.

      • leart

        im a senior designer lol 🙂
        but not in america… I worked for 6.5 years in DDB here in my country .. still I’m not good in writing in english… so I can’t argue in a decent way … so I will agree with you

      • Shadowelite123

        Gee man I didn’t realize every designer had the same style.

      • Raymond Lanser

        Style is independent of a design solution. If you can’t work your style to fit a design within a brand’s visual language, you’re a shitty designer. It means you’re a one trick (or visual style) pony that can’t actually design so much as reproduce a style endlessly.

        You work as a team, develop one visual language, and implement it across a platform, not design each app depending on the whim and style of whosever’s hands are touching it.

      • Gerald Qato

        iiii!!! T kam par t komentosh te iphonealbania

      • leart


    • ck125

      Agree. The past 2 betas have actually been worse for me than previous betas. My battery was really tanking the last week or so out of nowhere. I submitted various bug issues and most seem to still be around.

      • Raymond Lanser

        Yeah, same on the battery front. A lot of little bugs in mail, contacts, messages, and clock as well for me. Nothing big, but with that many noticeable ones this far out…

      • ck125

        Agree. Kind of worrying to have this many bugs 7/8 betas out. Especially with the event being rumored for a few weeks, hopefully they get these issues fixed.

  • Matt Perkins

    Can’t help but wonder if this update was released to patch similar vulnerabilities that were patched in iOS 9.3.5 seeing how quickly it was released after iOS 9.3.5

    • ck125

      Apparently the beta before this patched that, at least according to imore.

  • Carlos B

    Is this the most beta builds we’ve seen in an iOS version?

    • Jose Rivera

      Nope! iOS 5 had 8 betas so iOS 10 is in a tie with it right now. If we see another or two more, than iOS 10 will take the crown as the OS with the most betas ever. I even wondered if iOS 10 was the one with the most betas too… LOL

  • 8 Beta’s and no jailbreak.

    • iFlasher

      No one is going to release a jailbreak for a beta release.

      • Shadowelite123

        Its been done before.

  • Michael

    Is there a setting that prevents notifications from showing on the lock screen when on a phone call now? I can’t figure out how to change this but it sure is annoying when the phone just flashes or vibrates but it doesn’t tell me why and I have to unlock it to find out.