iPhone 7 assembly spec sheet The Malignant 001

A sketchy order assembly sheet leaked out by Twitter account @The_Malignant reaffirms many of the previously talked-about features that should come to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come this fall, including a 256-gigabyte capacity model and the lack of the widely criticized 16-gigabyte tier. First spotted by AppleInsider, note that the sheet doesn’t bear any clear designation identifying Apple as the client.

According to the sheet, Toshiba will supply NAND flash chips for some 256GB iPhone 7 units, with an unknown manufacturer providing memory chips for other storage tiers.

As noted by Apple Insider, designations on the printed circuit board depicted on the assembly sheet appear to follow a general Apple guidance for format, “but also mirror that of other Foxconn clients.”

It’s unclear if the rumored 256GB tier will be offered across the entire lineup or be exclusive to the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus model, which should also have 3GB of RAM due to the dual-lens camera’s increased compute requirements.

The same Twitter account previously posted images of a claimed logic board that suggested the possibility of fast-charge technology for the next iPhone.

Source: The Malignant

  • Virus

    About time 16gb is pointless but four times more storage for only $100 more I will probably get the 128gb hopefully costing the same price as the 64gb model so we get it cheaper

    • mrgerbik

      “only $100 more for 128GB” — costs apple $2-$3 :/

      • leart

        apple it’s not a reseller of memory slots..

      • mrgerbik

        ROFL … Dont beed to be a reseller to see the profit margin.

      • leart

        they don’t sell just a hardware.. it’s a package hardware/software … I’m not saying that I’m happy to pay more.. just the business works in this way

      • mrgerbik

        Oh the old its the whole package – not just the components price argument.

        Total BS

        Business dosent ‘have’ to include massive profit margins. Unfortunately, most of us are consumer whores and will pay anything to be ‘on top’ of new tech.

        The most irritating thing is how Apple pretends to be altruistic and fair with everything it does.

        Dumb people like us delude ourselves when we think Apple is our friend and on our side while pricing itself fairly.

      • leart

        I don’t even think that Apple is our friend.. and to be completely honest.. I hated Apple till 2012… when realized then all the big brands are selling just copies of iphone with almost the same price… at least Apple is getting our money because they are perfectionists in software and hardware.. I’m a designer and iOS it’s the only interface I’m in love with..
        this is my point of view ..

      • mrgerbik

        Im trying to point out the apologies people love to make for Apples business model and how its basically masking plain old corporate greed

        Essentially youre ‘in love’ and defending a faceless, emotionless, artificial entity that sucks your wealth/energy

      • leart

        in part I already agreed before.. what you suggest ? switch to another brand ? lol

    • It’d be funny if they raised the base price due to them raising the base memory.. Well not funny but you know lol..

    • techfreak23

      It’s more likely to be $150 more if they go by the current iPad Pro tiers…

      Edit: they did also raise the price $100 on that baseline 32GB pro so I wouldn’t be surprised if iPhones started at $750 if they do start with 32GB…

  • Brandon Higgins

    We’ve been hearing about this for a while. My bet would be a 32GB entry level

  • 5723alex .

    I want a 64GB device.

    • Y2J

      Or the 128GB model better be the same price as the 64GB is now

  • pnh

    A true iPhone “sketchy leak”:

  • Dao Sasone

    I hope this is true and about time

  • Xee

    Anyone know what TOP and BOT mean?