Sony XAV-AX100 002

If you mind buying a brand spanking new car just to get CarPlay, aftermarket solutions from Pioneer, Alpine and Kenwood allow you to add Apple’s in-car infotainment system to older vehicles.

Now Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has unveiled its first-ever in-car audio system with CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

It sports high-fidelity sound and includes voice command features, Siri integration with support for Maps, Music and iMessage features, plus other perks.

Featuring a 6.4-inch touch panel at 800×600 pixels, the forthcoming Sony device supports firmware upgrades, has Bluetooth connectivity, one USB port on its back, extension and external amplifier connectors, a plug for rear view camera and more.

Sony says the gadget’s sound system is actually capable of overcoming engine noise.

High power sound comes full throttle with the XAV-AX100 in-car audio system. 55 watts x 4 Dynamic Reality Amp 2 and Extra Bass low boost circuitry overcome engine noise and reproduce clear sound at any volume level with deep and punchy bass.

The 10-band graphic equalizer gives an astonishing variety of sound, perfectly complementing Extra Bass for an enjoyable drive. 3-pre out connectivity allows system expandability to connect external amplifiers with a wide range of speaker connections, allowing sound enthusiasts to build their own bespoke system.

Additionally, Sony’s proprietary Dynamic Stage Organizer technology aims to solve the problem of muddy or unclear sound from front-door mounted speakers by creating the illusion of dash-mounted virtual speakers.

Like all Sony products, the system is cryptically named as the XAV-AX100. For those interested, the XAV-AX100 will go on sale in late November, priced at $499.99.

Source: Sony

  • Compatible with any car model? Toyota Corolla 2013?

    • Burge

      If you can fit it in then yes. Don’t forget it’s a double din.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      Also compatible without a car… Not trolling.

      • Shinonuke

        We used to do that back in the days. I would get a cheap to decent single deck then install speakers around my bed and have surround sound with CD player. Cheap setup but sounds pretty good

      • jzack

        except this thing is not that cheap 🙁

  • Not bad..

  • malhal

    The first one to make a high-res screen wins

    • Burge

      The first one to make it fully compatible with the cars built in screen and steering wheel control with hi-res screen wins. And in my car the USB and AUX port.

    • Tim

      Been sporting the Pioneer SPH-DA120 myself. It supports steering wheel control by way of an adapter (sold seperately). It has USB and Aux in the back which you could throughput. Includes a seperate GPS antenne and microphone. About the screen, at the current length away from it (about 2 feet) I don’t really notice the low-res screen to be honest.

      Eventually I added a third-party reversing camera and subwoofer to it and it works wonderfully. I recommend it if the Sony is out of your price range.

      • 5723alex .

        I have a similar Pioneer AVH-X8550BT with USB, HDMI… reversing camera, amplifier, sub-woofer, …iPhone connected by BT and Lightning Digital AV Adapter which let me charge and stream video to the set.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    How many volts out the rca? Don’t tell me 2 or 3 for paying a premium!

  • Rowan09

    Is it wireless CarPlay?