Apple Store branding change 001

What was once “Apple Store Fifth Avenue” is now just “Apple Fifth Avenue” as the Cupertino firm starts dropping “Store” branding from its retail locations and online. The change is live on the Apple Retail website as brick-and-mortar locations no longer have “Store” titling, as first discovered by MacRumors.

That’s part of Apple’s planned simplification of Apple Store branding under the leadership of retail boss Angela Ahrendts. Recent press releases announcing Apple’s first Brooklyn store and a new World Trade Center outlet refer to these locations simply as “Apple Williamsburg” and “Apple World Trade Center,” but the change may have started rolling out with the launch of the Union Square location in San Francisco as the firm’s always referred to that store as just “Apple Union Square”.

MacRumors says Apple recently sent out a memo to its retail army to let them know that the “Store” branding is gradually being dropped from both retail locations and online.

“While Apple told employees the change will be gradual and will start with new stores, pages for almost all stores have been updated to remove the ‘Store’ titling,” the publication explains.

Photo: The old webpage for The Grove Apple Store, at left, and the refreshed store webpage after the branding change, at right.

Do you like this branding change for Apple Stores?

Source: MacRumors

  • John Wickham

    Very strange… It’s always been the “Apple Store” to everyone, at least where I am. I doubt we’ll stop calling it that.

  • Voight

    Hmm I like the Apple Store better

  • Philip Lafaurie

    Same concept as when Facebook was starting, they called it “The Facebook”. A subtle change as removing “The” or in this case “Store” can sometimes make a difference in how we ‘feel’ about a location or a brand. In this case the word store is already implied considering you are walking into a retail location. You don’t hear Macys Store or Nordstrom Store, etc. So it just makes sense to remove the name.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Remove “Apple Store” wholly from listings…

    • Gregg


      • Agneev Mukherjee

        It makes sense but only in the listings…

  • dnice

    so what about the app “apple store” will it not be “Apple” ?

  • John Smith

    Who cares. Stop that. Every tiny bit apple does gets major attention.

    • Inseltraeumer

      It’s what Apple news websites do.

  • Steve Harvey

    Dumb move. Everyone calls it the Apple Store. Let’s fire Angelena Adherts.

  • :D

    I like it

  • Marcus

    So now when I want to buy an Apple product I’ll have to say, “I’m going to go to the Apple?” Or “I’m going to go to Apple?” It sounds better with Store. This is dumb.

    • Christopher Lim

      The latter iteration sounds fine. “I’m going to Apple to get my phone fixed” “I’m going to Apple to get a new MacBook.” It makes Apple seem closer to the customer, like you can always go to them for help.

      • Marcus

        Hmm. Maybe it’s just because I always refer to it as “the Apple Store.” “Apple” in place of “Apple Store” just sounds a bit foreign to me.