Your iPhone charging needs don’t often work in accordance with your daily schedule. Occasionally you’ll need to power up remotely, whether at the office or on the go. Carrying just one charging cable can be tedious, and put your cord through accelerated wear and tear.

That’s what makes this deal such a sweet offer: for a limited time, you can pick up a 3-Pack of official Apple Lightning Cables for just $21.99, a 61% retail discount.

Good charging cables are no easy task to find, particularly ones at a good value. They get crimped, twisted and frayed to no end just from everyday use, and that’s before the family pet gets ahold of them.

Your 3-pack of Apple Lightning cables provides a double backup option, so you can designate one cable for home, one for the road, and one for the office.

And it handles all the duties of your standard charging cord, including transferring music and data, syncing information, and charging your device.

These official charging cables have Apple’s stamp of approval. Pick up an official Apple Lightning Cable: 3-Pack today for just $21.99.