Your iPhone charging needs don’t often work in accordance with your daily schedule. Occasionally you’ll need to power up remotely, whether at the office or on the go. Carrying just one charging cable can be tedious, and put your cord through accelerated wear and tear.

That’s what makes this deal such a sweet offer: for a limited time, you can pick up a 3-Pack of official Apple Lightning Cables for just $21.99, a 61% retail discount.

Good charging cables are no easy task to find, particularly ones at a good value. They get crimped, twisted and frayed to no end just from everyday use, and that’s before the family pet gets ahold of them.

Your 3-pack of Apple Lightning cables provides a double backup option, so you can designate one cable for home, one for the road, and one for the office.

And it handles all the duties of your standard charging cord, including transferring music and data, syncing information, and charging your device.

These official charging cables have Apple’s stamp of approval. Pick up an official Apple Lightning Cable: 3-Pack today for just $21.99.

  • Millticket

    I rather use my 2 meters non-certified 3€ cable

    • Tim

      What is the maximum charge rate? I’ve had a couple of those and they top out at 1A, some even under 500mA. Pushed me back to buying good, more expensive, cables.

      • Nevertrending

        Look up “USAMS” cables on Aliexpress – at 3€ they are a bit more expensive than other Chinese cables but I can vouch for quality after buying 20 different kinds. (2.1a btw), as a general reference I’d say to just stick to 2€+ cables on there.

      • Millticket

        Firstly I thought it charges a bit slow, but when I checked it using BatteryLife it said 1A.

      • Tim

        And the newer iPhone can take 2.1A so I’ll look out for the € 3,- plus ones on Ali.

  • S.Curry

    Trying to clear out the house for USB type C…. jk

  • Josh

    So are these official Apple Lightning to USB cables like the ones you would buy from the Apple Store, or are they Apple MFi-Certified?

    This post is a bit confusing, title suggests official apple but the post says otherwise.

    • These are Apple cables

      • Jeff Laing

        That is explicitly *not* what the actual page says. It says they are MFI certified. You have no idea who the actual manufacturer is.

      • This is actually exactly what the page says. The description reads “courtesy of Apple itself” and the seller is clearly labeled as Apple.

        Now I agree the description is poorly phrased at times, but these are from Apple itself. Stack Commerce, which powers the store, also confirmed to me directly.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Well written!

      • Jeff Laing

        The top-right link does not take you to anything identifying the vendor, and the phrase “courtesy of Apple” does not necessarily mean that Apple is the vendor, it may mean merely that they allow the sale to take place, which is true of anything claiming to be MFI certified.

        Nevertheless, if your sources say otherwise, they should improve the actual listing.

  • Tiago Fernandes

    Global shipping?

  • I live outside the US 🙁