Our devices are constantly hungry for power. It’s the Achilles’ heel of the information age, where our most advanced gadgets need to be juiced up after just a few hours.

We need a reliable, fast charging solution to meet the power needs of our devices, and Mophie’s Powerstation XL is primed to deliver thanks to its 12,000mAh capacity. You can easily charge two tablets at the same time with the fastest output possible, all for a discounted price of just $39.95 (manufacturer refurbished).

Mophie’s rugged external battery is a godsend for travelers, hikers, and anyone else who might find themselves away from an outlet for any length of time. It offers capacity for up to 8 complete smartphone battery charges, more than enough to keep a single phone running for an entire week. The Powerstation also features a sleek presentation, which will fit in nicely with your Apple product ecosystem.

You’ll conveniently access 3 levels of charging — 500mAh, 1A, and 2.1A — giving you control over how fast you want to charge your device. An LED indicator takes the charging guesswork out of the equation, showing illuminated power levels with the push of a button.

There are two USB 2.0 ports on the top of the device for charging, while a micro USB input is used to power it up when it runs out of charging juice. It also features intelligent amperage for less power waste.

if you need serious backup juice in a small, reliable package, Mophie delivers. You can now get a manufacturer refurbished battery for 69% off, or just $39.95.

  • NervJMSL

    You haven’t been playing Pokémon GO right? If you would you’d know a 12000 Mah lasts about an entire day.

  • Tim

    Taking power loss into consideration, this pack will probably deliver around 7000mah and that about 3-4 full charge cycles not the whole week.

    • Diego Milano

      Yeah, the title seems quite misleading, but I guess it all goes down to personal usage. I get to use my phone during business hours for time tracking reports so I’m constantly using it, during and after work so I can’t see how this would allow me to feed juice for a whole week (neither 5 nor 7 days), but still mophie is a respectable company which manufactures this type of toys. 🙂 Limefuel is another one I recommend, but there are others.

  • lukemul69

    I bought a 30000Mah for a much better price on amazon. Comes with 3 USB ports all with turbo charging.

    • Alberto Espinal

      What’s the name please?

    • Mariano Martinez

      Please specify the name , thanks