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As you know, Apple yesterday seeded a sixth beta of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra to its registered developers and public beta testers along with developer-only builds of watchOS 3 and tvOS 10.

As we’re now weeks away from their tentative fall release, small wonder the latest betas lack new outward-facing features. Here’s Andrew’s hands-on video detailing changes in the latest betas of iOS 10, macOS Sierra and watchOS 3.

Beta 6: video hands-on

In iOS 10 beta 6, search hints now function as expected in Messages.

Siri will now provide appropriate response when the request requires a removed app. Apple also fixed three issues in SiriKit and fixed an issue preventing an iMessage app extension to stop responding or be blank when launched from the iOS Simulator.

watchOS 3 beta 6 allows the debugger to automatically attach when running in Xcode and your watch will no longer intermittently disconnect. As for macOS Sierra beta 6, that release came with minor bug fixes.

Now watch iDownloadBlog’s Andrew O’Hara explaining what’s new in the latest betas.

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What about tvOS 10 beta 6?

tvOS 10 beta 6 is not included in the video because it contains no changes versus the previous beta aside from an UIKit fix allowing an already presented system keyboard to correctly respond to system appearance changes between Light and Dark modes.

By the way, tvOS developers can easily switch between Light and Dark appearance in the iOS Simulator by using the Shift (⇧)—Command (⌘)—D keyboard shortcut.

One more thing…

Before signing off, let me briefly mention changes in the previous beta of macOS Sierra (beta 5): rented movies now show artwork in iTunes, Microsoft’s OneDrive app can store credentials in Keychain, iCloud Preferences which used to appear during Setup Assistant has been removed and Sierra can now automatically discover Apple Pay-capable iPhone or Apple Watch to complete payment.

Found other changes in latest betas?

If you use iOS 10, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3 or tvOS 10 betas on your devices and have discovered other changes in their sixth beta, post them in comments or email us at and we’ll update.

  • Luis Ulloa

    Anyone having a vibrate issue?

    • Jack Wong

      It seems like my phone doesn’t vibrate anymore…

  • Andrieux Querido

    Do you think that we will have a full dark mode?

    • Matt

      Yes but in 10.1 or 10.2

      • Gabriel Anaya

        One can hope.

  • techfreak23

    I really hope they include dark mode by launch and not in a point update. They’ve added wayyyy too much white in the interface and it’s really annoying. The notification bubbles and widgets look really ugly with the white backgrounds.

    • I too am hoping for this.. but I can see them holding it for the last keynote of the year when they reveal the new ipads and macbooks. Then you’ll have dark mode on those devices.. and with that 10.1 or 10.2 ios revision to include it on the iphone. Again, would love to be proven wrong and see it with the release of the upcoming “7” but I just cannot see them tossing it in when it’s not in the last 6 betas.

      • Steve Harvey

        Or they could just be jerks and make it iPhone 7 exclusive. Then we will have to wait for jailbresk to enable it.

      • I was thinking the same thing, only way to get away with that though would be to say it’s OLED only. And that would put dark mode out next year and not this year.. unless they move to OLED screens in 2016 for iphone 7, very very much doubt that.

      • I’m completely in agreement with your assessment, no Dark Mode on iOS until OLED iPhones arrive next year.

  • [RECON1]

    macOS Sierra login screen where you enter in your password looks bigger? The little dots do too…

  • Juan Rohrmann

    Is this version stable enough to try out with a primary iPhone 6? Would really Appreciate your suggestion…

    • RFMFP

      Super! It works awesome with me!

    • Very stable, extremely minor issues at this point. Can’t speak for Beta 6 much since it just came out but I didn’t notice anything crazy like I did with Beta 4 and 5. Lots of signal loss.. it would come and go but pages while in safari would fail to load unless you closed the app. But so far so good on Beta 6 for me.

    • Danuel Carr

      I’ve had no significant issues. Been on since beta 2.

    • Basant

      Its very stable ! No glitches or app crashes whatsoever.

  • I detected a mild tiny tweak in the keyboard sound

  • leart

    ironically just used today the tvOS beta profile on my 6s+ to stop ota updating forever.. it worked perfectly ..

  • Diego Milano

    I can’t believe Apple truly decided to add such HORRIBLE messages huge emojis or whatever they call it, seriously, I don’t think Steve would have done this, at least not those UGLY ones. Come on, Apple, what’s wrong?

  • Stuart Lombard

    When does the full set of new wallpapers typically release?

  • Alex-V

    Gif in facebook app are working again

  • Michael Gargett

    Small change but when you reset the home home screen icons from the settings the layout is different. Haven’t seen the default layout change for a while…

  • Gary le

    And for mac sierra??? Btw i cant seem to login WITHIN news app to post comments anyone know why???

    I have to use safari!