iPhone 7 Plus Space Black leak 002

Dummies produced by third parties previously hinted at what an Apple Watch Space Black-like colorway reportedly in tow for the next iPhone might look like. Such photos are as fine as plasticky dummies go, but there’s nothing quite like seeing the real aluminum unibody construction with Apple fit and finish.

Leaked out of China and discovered by Dutch blog TechTastic.nl, the latest batch of photographs presumably taken inside a Foxconn factory give us our best look yet at the rumored Space Black finish for the iPhone 7.

It’s unclear if these new photographs were leaked out by the same source who snapped up images of an alleged iPhone 7 Plus aluminum casing inside a Foxconn factory, seen below, but they certainly look like it judging from a person’s fingernails.

iPhone 7 Plus Foxconn leak

Are you guys excited about the Space Black-like (or Deep Blue?) color option replacing the existing Space Gray colorway in the iPhone 7 lineup?

Source: TechTastic.nl

  • Mike M. Powell

    I’ve been getting space black since the ip4 ! Probably gonna keep getting it, Since I’m attached. When the gold came out i as also tempted cuz it looked damn awesome! but, I’m just gonna have a case on it anyway, so I won’t get to admire its beauty… .-.

  • Corey Hawkins II

    I’ve already customized my phone with a space black frame and gold logo/buttons. A deep blue option without having to customize the device would be ideal, for me. But more people would go for a space black color option, for sure.

  • ProllyWild

    gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the smart connecter is less about keyboard options and more about providing an alternative charging method, while allowing people to use lightning headphones.

    • Jon20

      I agree. I also think it’s going to be some sort of a hub connection method when Apple’s car comes out

  • n0ahcruz3

    Space black so innovative and revolutionary! Apple be killing it watch out samsung and your outdated tech! Lol

    • Heatfan316


  • Chindavon

    The home button still looks mechanical.

    • Bill

      Let’s hope it stays that way.

      • Chindavon

        I’d rather it not be, so it helps make the iPhone one step closer to being water proof.

      • Christopher Lim

        Also so it possibly won’t break so easily…hopefully…that always gives first.

      • Bill

        Being water proof is of little to no concern to me, personally. We don’t live in Waterworld. Software buttons really really suck.

      • mickey

        I don’t think a physical button is a roadblock to waterproofing. Samsung’s devices for example still have them. I’d like a less bezels for a more compact phone or a larger screen in the same chassis. The home button has to shrink or go for that to happen.

  • gadgeteer_uk

    Perhaps fake, other leaks suggest no smart connector.

  • Scott Curry

    Edges are still rounded. Can’t wait for the SE2…

  • DT

    Gotta be fake. Why is there an S on the back?

  • John Smith

    Fake. Smart connector dots are plain black while on iPad Pro they have a metal ring around them.

  • Fake. It has FCC logos and an S.

  • naga

    Why can’t I click the images to enlarge them?

  • techfreak23

    I’m pretty stoked to see if they do release a space black. The space gray on the 6/s is really light (almost silver) when compared to the Apple Watch Sport or the 5s. So disappointed when I got my phone and saw that. So much so that I got a black skin to change the color and add some grip.