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Pokémon GO is all the hype right now, and lots of people are enjoying playing it, but there is a substantially high number of people who are upset with the removal of the Footsteps feature in the game, and even more-so game developer Niantic’s decision to start shutting down real-time Pokémon trackers.

If you’re having trouble finding the Pokémon you want after the update that removed Footsteps, you might consider trying a crowdsourced Pokémon tracker app instead of one that relies on Niantic’s servers to feed information.

By using a crowdsourced app, the information may be a little less accurate, but the community is pretty good at weeding out the good from the bad. We recently showed you an app that did this, but while it was free at the time, it has suddenly become a paid app.

A good, free alternative

One good alternative is Go Radar, which is free in the App Store. While it’s ad-supported, it still seems to be maintaining a strong four-star review average for its usefulness.

Go Radar notes in the app description that it tracks Pokémon in real-time by using crowd-sourced information. With that being said, it doesn’t actually seem to rely on user input to track Pokémon. Instead, it seems to find Pokémon spawns automatically and display them for you to see.

Go Radar map

Here, you can see a map of San Francisco, California, and it’s just Pokémon galore there, but we can tap on any of the Pokémon that appear on the map, and a prompt shows us its name, as well as what time it’s expected to disappear, which gives you a good indication of how much time you have left to try and catch the Pokémon.

You can also tap on the steering wheel button if you need help navigating to the Pokémon, which might be useful if you see a rare one that you want to get to and you’re in unfamiliar territory, which you often might be as an adventurous Pokémon trainer.

App features

When you tap on the Settings button at the top right of the app, you can access the app’s internal settings, which are going to be your best friend when you’re in the middle of tracking down your most-needed Pokémon.

Go Radar Settings

In this section, you can configure what your favorite Pokémon are, as well as what you consider to be the most common.

Go Radar Favorite and Common Settings

The favorites section is great for putting the Pokémon that you’re most interested in finding, because the app will try to prioritize showing those for you if you set it to do so. You can place the less-desired Pokémon that you can find anywhere in the common section, and you can configure the app not to show common Pokémon on the map later on to help narrow your focus down on rarer Pokémon that you’re interested in.

The app’s settings give you the following abilities:

  • Showing Pokémon, Pokéstops, and gyms
  • Hiding Pokémon you’ve deemed “common”
  • Showing only Pokémon you’ve deemed “favorites”
  • Display the distance of the Pokémon from your current location (meters)
  • Show the time the Pokémon spawned
  • Show the timer before the Pokémon disappears

You can also configure notifications for when rare Pokémon spawn anywhere near you, which is going to be an invaluable tool for you because it lets you know when something you want is nearby. You can configure the app to vibrate when normal Pokémon that you haven’t designated as common or favorites spawn nearby, or you can configure it to vibrate only when your favorite Pokémon spawn nearby.

Notifications Go Radar

As good as it gets?

Although it’s not as spectacular as the real-time web-based solutions that were around before Niantic ripped the Footsteps feature from the game, it’s still a semi-real-time solution for players. The only catch is that many people in one area have to be using the app for it to be effective at crowd-sourcing information near you, as it relies on users.

If you live in an area where not a lot of people are using the app, it will fail to populate a ton of information about nearby Pokémon. That’s not to say it won’t show any, but it just won’t be as robust as a location like San Francisco.

For what it’s worth, the app seems to give accurate estimates of Pokémon locations, so if you need a way to track them down easier because you live in a rural area, this app may be worth trying.

A word of warning

It goes without saying that Niantic is very against Pokémon tracker apps and has openly stated that using them is a direct violation of the game’s terms of service and is considered cheating.

It’s unknown if the Pokémon GO app can detect whether or not Pokémon-tracking apps like this one are running in the background on your device while you play, and as a result, there always comes the risk that you could get caught, warned, and even worse, banned.

We don’t condone cheating, and personally, I don’t even use Pokémon-tracking apps while I play the game because I certainly don’t want to cheat or be banned, but I’ve been asked so many times if there are any good alternatives to Poké Vision since the web-based tracking service was shut down that it seemed worth writing about.

If you choose to cheat, you do so at your own risk, and we are not responsible for your decision in doing so. This post has been created for nothing more than educational purposes only. As long as you understand the risks, the responsibility of making decisions to is up to you.

Wrapping up

Although Niantic has made finding Pokémon in your area harder than ever before with the removal of Footsteps and by shutting down many third-party Pokémon-tracking services, that’s not to say that there aren’t alternatives out there.

If you want to download Go Radar, you can grab it in the App Store for free.

What are your thoughts on Niantic’s decision to shut down multiple Pokémon-tracking apps? Share in the comments below, but keep it civil.

  • Ducky

    App is working perfectly. If they decide to keep closing down these tracking apps then I might just stop playing the game. The new tracking feature they’ve started to use is useless to me as I only have 1 stop near me for miles. Yes it helps knowing a good Pokemon is near that stop, but it’s pretty useless unless you’re in an area with lots of stops.

    • Ben Monte

      yes if was near your place like me i use to survey where good pokemon spawn area what time than i will go there wait for them

  • Adan

    “strong four-star review average for its usefulness” No, it is because the developers promises if you leave him a 5 star review and screenshot of it, he removes the ads, which he then doesn’t!

  • Just give Niantic time. The tracking system will come back. They’re just testing it right now.

    • Jibbley Gravey

      No they are not… they made an announcement… it’s not coming back, and they are not working on it…

      • I’ve seen people tweeting screenshots of the new tracking system. It will come back. Niantic isn’t that dumb.

      • Claire Matthews

        The new system system literally just puts grass behind the pokemon’s image. I have it. It is as useless as 3 steps.

      • x4nder

        you obviously have not been keeping up with the news. YOUR system with grass is the current system. The new system that they’re TESTING is only available to a few people and it shows the exact pokestop that the pokemons are nearby

  • Jibbley Gravey

    This game sucks… I caught ALL the pokemon except for the unreleased legends of course. ..

    But really? I have a 3250 Dragonite, and it loses to a 1700 Arcanine?? The Gym computer SUCKS… If I were playing… I’d beat that arcanine without losing 10% health…. What gives? they need to change computer difficulty based on Pokemon CP level… this is just CRAZY… Computer controls your pokemon like a NOOB…

    • How do you have such a high Dragonite?! My highest is a 1200 Vaporeon.

      • Tim

        I have a 2120 Vaporeon, play more. 😛

      • I would if the tracking system was working and that I lived in a city.

      • Tim

        Then why are you surprised people are ahead of you? It’s just regular gameplay besides the odd one out that is cheating sadly.

        Also, I have no trouble tracking Pokémon..?

      • Jibbley Gravey

        I have 3 Dragonites over 3000 CP. When your trainer level is high enough… you can simply catch 2800CP pokemon in the wild. 😉

    • Wilber Alexander Flores

      If the pokemons IV is garbage it doesn’t matter how high the CP is 🙂 search up Pokemon independent values to see what I mean

      • ThunderLord

        He food a Dragonite to 3250 with low IV?
        Ppl control them pokemon like a NOOB… xD

      • ThunderLord

        Did he food a Dragonite to 3250 with low IV?
        Ppl control them pokemon like a NOOB… xD

      • ThunderLord

        Did he feed a Dragonite to 3250 with low IV?
        Ppl control them pokemon like a NOOB… xD

      • Jibbley Gravey

        100% IV noob…

      • Claire Matthews

        “If the pokemons IV is garbage it doesn’t matter how high the CP is”

        That’s… literally not true. The IV adds to the CP and HP. So if you’re talking about the total CP then the IV and base CP doesn’t matter, only the total…

      • Wilber Alexander Flores

        If the IV of the Pokemon is say 0 Stamina 0 attack 5 defence and you upgrade that to 2500 cp that Pokemon is not going to win a gym battle at all. But if one for example has 15 15 13 that Pokemon has a better chance at winning a battle than one that’s 10 5 8 also that Pokemon would be the best one that would pay off when u evolve it that’s assuming you’ve also upgraded it enough to have a good pay out

      • Jibbley Gravey

        My dragonite is 100% IV buddy…. I know everything there is to know about pokemon Go… 15x attack 15x Health 15x Defense … Perfect IV. Caught a perfect dragonite at 49 CP… leveled up to 3250. You will also know your pokemon has max IV because when you level up, you always get the max 50+ points. I have nothing but 98% IV and above pokemon.

      • Wilber Alexander Flores

        Lol 🙂

      • Jibbley Gravey

        I’m PRO.

      • Gideon Martin

        What a bunch of nerdy twats

    • Motu Lemafa

      your dragonite shouldn’t be 3250 unless you’re cheating, and if you are,
      then you shouldn’t be crying about anything…

      • Jibbley Gravey

        Level 34 players can have level 35 pokemon … which Dragonite can max out at 3400 CP if it has perfect IV…. sooo what the heck are you talking about noob? Obviously you don’t play the game rookie. Get out the way…

      • Motu Lemafa

        Whatever. Reading comprehension isn’t one of your strong suit, is it?

      • Jibbley Gravey

        You’re just mad that you suck at the game and can’t be PRO like me… rookie. Didn’t even know you could actually level up a pokemon to 3250 CP…

      • Motu Lemafa

        I can’t believe that I have to explain to you…

        “This game sucks… I caught ALL the pokemon except for the unreleased legends of course. ..

        But really? I have a 3250 Dragonite, and it loses to a 1700 Arcanine?? The Gym computer SUCKS… If I were playing… I’d beat that arcanine without losing 10% health…. What gives? they need to change computer difficulty based on Pokemon CP level… this is just CRAZY… Computer controls your pokemon like a NOOB…”

        You’re claiming this game sucks because you cheat to get to where you are and you place your best Pokemon in a gym ruining the game experience for those who don’t cheat and for beginners. I don’t care if you cheat, just don’t act like a little bitch about it. Enjoy your game cause your pro status is going to get you far… dork.

      • Jibbley Gravey

        I don’t cheat… all cheaters have already been banned noob. Mad bro? Everyone is level 30+ now… learn to catch pokemon noob…. Go to a university … .literally millions of pokestops surrounding you ever 2ft… ALL WITH LURES ON THEM…

        I’m PRO at this game… and I don’t like my hard work getting wasted by weak computers…

    • x4nder

      how do you know it loses to a 1700 arcanine? the pokemon that is put in the gym after defeating a gym is not necessarily the pokemon used to defeat the gym.

      • Jibbley Gravey

        I know 100% because I know the people taking over the gym personally… They used their best pokemon and healed them… The computer is literally a standing goose… it doesn’t dodge, it attacks SUPER slow… I mean… what the heck is up with that???? Look, Dragonites dragonbreak constantly used will defeat any pokemon in 15 seconds max… Yet the computer uses dragonbreath ever 4+ seconds? the heck? I could have used dragonsbreath 10+ times already…

        The computer SUCKS. There is no way any pokemon should be defeating my dragonite played correctly…

  • :D

    How would they know if it’s running in the background?

  • Mario

    It’s the same developer as Pokemon Go++ a hacked version (location Spoofing). I guess that’s what the crowdsourced data is coming from. From other cheaters

  • n0ahcruz3

    It only works in major cities..

    • The information is crowd-sourced. So it relies on many people in an area to use the app at one time to generate data.

  • will

    Can anyone confirm that it doesn’t work in Japan? I’m in Osaka and getting nothing showing up anywhere, when I zoom out and look at other main cities e.g Tokyo, New York, Sydney etc nothing showing up either. Am I doing something wrong?

    • The information is crowd-sourced, and so it relies on more people than you using the app in your area.

      • will

        Thanks Anthony

  • Roevin sharma

    Why facebook opens when i try to download hacks from cydiaplus??

  • WCOY

    I got the app and it isn’t showing anything anywhere. I don’t know if it’s down or what.

  • william fisher

    Ye very good