iPhone 7 dummies S branding

With a little more than three weeks left until Apple’s supposed unveiling on September 7, various iPhone 7 dummies have been cropping up everywhere. Judging by the comments, many of you are excited about a rumored Space Black (or Deep Blue?) colorway replacing the Space Gray finish in the iPhone 7 lineup.

A fresh batch of images posted yesterday to Chinese microblogging service Weibo, republished by AppleInsider, showcase an alleged 4.7-inch iPhone 7 model in Space Black, as well as two 5.5-inch models with and without a magnetic Smart Connector on their backside.

“Interestingly, one image shows an ‘iPhone 7’ beside a presumed larger ‘Plus’ model in which the 5.5-inch handset does not feature a Smart Connector on the back,” writes AppleInsider. The article cautions that in another image showing a trio of ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ units, each device appears to have spaces for a Smart Connector.

The magnetic attachment could be used for wireless charging or a new first-party case.

iPhone 7 dummies Space Black

Another interesting observation: the 5.5-inch dummies with Smart Connectors confusingly feature an “S” engraved below the iPhone branding on the back although the 4.7- and 5.5-inch units simply say “iPhone”.

Could Apple release an “iPhone 7”, “iPhone 7 Plus” and “iPhone 7s Plus” simultaneously this year? I don’t think so—they’ve reportedly ditched an “iPhone 7 Pro” model earlier in the summer.

Besides, such a move would result in a heck of user confusion.

I think these pictures definitely show dummy units.

I can safely conclude this based on prior leaks, no video accompanying the post and the fact that the devices pictured on the photos are not turned on. Regardless, the pics give us a good indication of what the rumored Space Black finish might look like applied to the iPhone 7’s refined design.

By the way, Apple last used Space Black finish for the iPhone 5 in 2012.

Source: Weibo via AppleInsider

  • Prediction: the next iPhone will be another Rectangle.

    • Bill

      • James G

        Prediction: Apple will release an iPhone this year.

      • Inseltraeumer

        You should definitely consider becoming one of these analyst guys. I see a great future ahead of you.

        Guess that makes me an analyst as well.

      • bigkev943

        This is the boss at PWC and we want you both as analyst we must be able to answer what WSJ puts out and you seem to have the answers both of you. Good day now.

      • James G

        With our insights combined, we’ll change what the world expects from Apple.

  • Rob

    Maybe the ‘S’ on the back is an indication that the phone could be called a 6 S Pro seeing as this is rumoured to be another ‘tock’ year

  • John Smith

    It’s the iPhone S. no E, no, number, just an S.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Omg space black! Apple you’re the best! Trully innovative! I remember phil schiller saying “can’t innovate more my ass!” After the mac pro unveiling and that was 3 years ago, Macbook pros and other macs hasn’t changed since then aside from internal upgrades lmfao

  • Bugs Bunnay

    The iphone’s gonna be named Final iphone VII

  • ck125

    They should make it really black. Take a page from Samsung and the note 7 with their “jet black” rather than this bluish black color.

  • Jerry

    That does not look like my watch