iPhone 7 backside teaser leak 001

Crisp images of alleged iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices in Gold surfaced today, first discovered by Czech blog Letem svetem Applem. According to mobile peripheral website Topp Ten, which provided the images, the phones will be offered in a Deep Blue variant replacing Space Gray, in addition to existing Rose Gold, Gold and Silver colorways. It’s also possible that the pictures show iPhone 7 dummies, which are readily available from sites like AliExpress.

Certification markings and warning labels can be seen on the backside, suggesting the pictured devices, assuming they’re genuine, could be non-US iPhones.

iPhone 7 backside leak 001

The images you’re seeing are certainly consistent with the iPhone 7 rumors that have been floating around the blogosphere, including no headphone jack, cleaner antenna seams on the backside, a single-lens camera on the 4.7-inch model and a dual-lens shooter on the 5.5-incher and more.

It’s unclear from the images whether the Home button is a mechanical one like on prior iPhones or a rumored new non-moving Home button that should use force sensors and utilize haptic feedback to provide a clicking sensation.

iPhone 7 backside leak 002

Japanese blog Mac Otakara, the original source of the Deep Blue iPhone 7 rumor, later clarified that the actual color is more akin to the Space Black Apple Watch finish.

Source: Letem svetem Applem (Google Translate)

  • 10marcer

    Anyone else leaning towards skipping this gen? I’m still pretty satisfied with my 6+ (But it is getting slower). The 7 just doesn’t seem to have the features that make me want to upgrade, kinda like the 5 which I also skipped

    • Virus

      If it’s a 6SE I will skip it

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        Bumped up screen resolution, dual cam setup ( provided it does anything good), smart connector and space black colour shall warrant for a worthy upgrade

    • igorsky

      I currently have the 6S. If the dual-lens camera is something special then I’ll likely step up to the 7 Plus.

    • FFF84

      I’m going to skip this gen in case it offers the same screen res. I’m still satisfied with my 6 and I don’t care about any camera improvement cause I rarely use the camera.

    • Cones1r

      If this is a minor step up from the 6s then I’m leaning towards a OnePlus3!

      • askep3

        Cause you like android? Or you want a downgrade in hardware and performance?

        Edit: *it’s a downgrade only if you have a 6s now

      • Ken Naron

        I have a 6Plus and am hoping that this phone will be a huge upgrade from what I have not if not……

      • askep3

        I mean in terms of raw processing speed even the 6s is a big jump, but let’s just wait and see if Apple has something in store that hasn’t been rumored, such as a software feature, or hardware feature that isn’t obvious, or is internal.

      • Cones1r

        Trust me, I’m banking on it. Not so long ago iOS 10 wasn’t going to be “a major change”. Look how that turned out.

      • askep3

        Exactly! I thought iOS 10 was going to be a bug fix update but instead they have made a ton of little changes and added little things rather than headlining features.

    • malhal

      probably, because I wish I’d skipped the 6s because 3d touch is pointless and the extra RAM actually had no real use difference in terms of number of apps that stay open.

      • leart

        last month tried a iphone 6 before went definitely for the 6s+ and can tell that the extra RAM is very noticeable … I can open 20 safari pages and 20 apps and they all will stay open.. in the 6 with only 1 GB will not..
        damn people asked for years 1 GB more .. now it come out that its not needed

    • leart

      what do you mean with is getting slower?

    • Jerry

      I would 100% skip it if by doing that my 6s won’t sell for as much next year if I hold off so I’m only getting the 7 to keep up with the latest model and receive the highest profit possible next year when I see the 7

  • I don’t see the ringer switch on the side… Apple logo on the back – something doesn’t feel right… too embossed

  • Cones1r

    I don’t know about anyone else but there’s nothing about these photos that looks gold.

  • malhal

    these dummies have made someone who is clearly not a dummy a lot of money

  • Bruno Pinho

    it´s a shame apple only offer duas lens on iphone plus…

  • John Smith

    FAKE. the 7 + has a IMEI# from a 6.

  • Jerry

    No smart connector really Apple?

  • Martynet

    You know these are fake copies from aliexpress, right?