iOS 10 delete text faster with 3D Touch iPhone screenshot 001

Here’s a time-saving enhancement discovered in the previous beta of iOS 10: deleting text faster—a lot faster—with 3D Touch. Although this very cool feature originally flew under our radar, we’re letting you guys know about it so that you’re kept in the loop. Owners of an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus should be especially pleased with iOS 10’s expanded use of 3D Touch gestures for things like clearing all notifications, sharing apps and renaming folders.

I’ve created a video to show you the difference between the usual method of deleting text by tapping and holding the Backspace key and iOS 10’s faster one that involves applying pressure to the Backspace key on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

Is this cool or what?

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If you’re a developer or public beta tester and have a beta of iOS 10 installed on your iPhone 6s, we’d love to hear your impressions on iOS 10’s extensive use of 3D Touch throughout the system.

What new 3D Touch shortcut in iOS 10 do you find the most useful and appealing to average users, and why? Share your observations in the comment section.

  • no 3d touch for 5S , still waiting 🙁

    • Tim

      You have a long wait ahead, the 5S doesn’t have the HARDWARE for 3D Touch…

      • Long tap support can be added to open that menus in 5S

      • techfreak23

        It’s not going to happen. Long press would work only in a couple of areas that 3D Touch does. Completely pointless to try to get the 5s or the 6 to do even those few things.

      • Tim

        That would not be 3D Touch but a long tap and it wouldn’t be Apple cuz it would negate 3D Touch.

    • Gina Traina

      you’ll need to upgrade to a different phone…

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      LOL, you really think that the 2013-released iPhone is going to get…. 3D Touch?? Just keep it in mind that iOS 11 is the last iOS for the iPhone 5/5c/5s.

      • Long press suppprt can be added to open those menus
        Although while 3D tpuch support cant be added but some features can be added by lon tap and hold

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Look, the sole purpose of 3D Touch on the 6s only is because other iPhones won’t have it, if other iPhones get such features, then it wouldn’t be exclusive to the 6s.

      • Iphone 6 community wont allow 5S users to have 3D touch alike support , how rude 🙁 😛

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        LOL , Duh!

  • Can someone please make this into a jailbreak tweak?

  • Its little things like that which can make an iphone great. Now how about an app icon location search in spotlight, that takes you directly to the icon?

  • I’m on ios 10 beta 5 on an iphone 6s and I’m not seeing any difference with pressing harder on the backspace button.

    • Odd. Tried restarting or pressing harder? Maybe 3D Touch is disabled in Settings → Accessibility?

  • Vasilis 2

    How come you don’t refer to the youtuber that originally found it?

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Or just highlight selected text and delete without fiddling with the (although great yet somewhat) finicky 3D-Touch.