Admit it: you have too many remotes. Let go of the clutter and endless small-task minutia once and for all with AnyMote Home Universal Smart Remote, letting you control all of your InfraRed and Wi-Fi devices directly from your smartphone. At just $74.99 for a limited time, you can ditch the clutter for good and step into the conveniences of modern tech.

Whether it be TV, cable boxes, cameras, gaming systems, home lights or beyond, virtually any smart connected device can be controlled via your phone with the AnyMote Home Universal Smart Remote.

You can even connect to Amazon Echo, to use Alexa’s voice activation as AnyMote helps make all the little needs an afterthought, taking care of such small tasks such as muting your speakers when getting a call, detecting when you arrive home, turning your lights off after sunset and so much more.

Imagine a room filling with your custom-chosen music and light the moment you enter. Your world can become as high-tech modern as your imagination allows. And for a limited time you can take 46% off the retail cost of $139, for a final total of $74.99.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Wonderful concept.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    nice gadget, but not for me

  • Jose Angel Acosta

    Its insanely expensive. pick 15$ on parts and follow tons of diy projects alike in hackaday, there is one esp8266 (3$) + an led +200ohm resistor + 3.3vdc supply that does the same, just add an descent acrylic case. even a raspberry pi 3 which is too overkill do more than that.
    PD some chinese mainstream phone mfr sells a similar (but more beutiful and smaller) device for 15$

    • True. Just like many things, you can do it yourself, or find cheaper elsewhere

    • Zzyzxd

      Yeah. If you have time, you can build your own iPhone 6 with no more than 200 bucks.

  • No I don’t have many. I’m a happy user of Logitech’s Harmony Hub for some years now.

    And after the update it works in the cloud and will be HomeKit compatible. 😉

  • Brian Wiegert

    The Anymote is pretty cool I have one. Its worth it if you don’t wanna spend big bucks on Logitech Harmony stuff.

    However it doesn’t work with the 4th Generation Apple TV yet.