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We were first to tell you about the most recent update to the mobile Google Photos app, which packs in 3D Touch shortcuts on the Home screen whilst highlighting a storage optimization feature. The following day Google published this video, a nice play on the widely criticized problem of entry-level 16GB iPhones having nowhere near the capacity to hold all of the photos people take on their iPhones.

“Because life shouldn’t stop when your phone storage does,” says Google. “Free up space with Google Photos and never run out of storage again.”

Yes, Google actually shows an iPhone in the commercial.

Soundtrack: ”Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

The video promises that you’ll never run out of storage again with its app.

Unlike Apple, which gives you a tiny five gigabytes of iCloud storage to back up your photos and videos, Google Photos provides unlimited cloud storage space for your media as long as it’s not beyond sixteen megapixels or 1080p, in which case those uploads do count against your Google storage.

Google Photos 1.13 for iOS iPhone screenshot 002
New in Google Photos: Settings → Manage Device Storage → Free Up Space will remove original full-resolution media from your device that’s backed up to Google.

On the other hand, iCloud Photo Library keeps your media backed up in iCloud in their original resolution and without recompressing the files. Google Photos recompresses your original photos to reduce the file size, resulting in a lot faster uploads.

The problem with Google’s approach is that once those photos have been recompressed and your originals get removed from the device, you’re stuck with recompressed media forever unless you remember to transfer the originals to your computer before syncing with Google Photos.

How do you like Google’s video?

Google Photos is a free download from the App Store.

  • J3ff

    Ive been using Google Photos for over 3 yeas snow and have every photo i’ve ever taken going back to 2009. Thats gotta be 30k photos. You can even download Google Photos on your PC and it will automatically download all your photos and videos on the pc to your Google Drive. This app is awesome and i’m happy its finally getting the light it deserves. Awesome job by Google.

    • Tim

      Still don’t like the fact that they can use any of those 30k photos for commercial use etc.

      • J3ff

        i have nothing to lose. At least if my pc were to crash or burn (worse case scenario) id have them somewhere reliable and available to my via mobile device or internet. Also isn’t Flickr the same? Unfortunately i have a 120gb SSD Macbook and it cant handle all my pics.

      • J3ff

        I think its important to remember that anything on the internet isn’t safe and is vulnerable to commercial use or hacking. My pictures aren’t that precious that i would be upset if someone saw them.

      • :D

        My pictures are precious but I don’t care if anybody sees them
        Even if you do have embarrassing photos what are the odds they’ll be used anyway

      • Ramone

        That’s why I don’t use it. Well, one reason anyway. I already use a lot of Google products and I know they mine, scan and crawl every bit and byte that’s stored on their servers for monetizable data. They don’t say exactly what they do with our data or who they sell it to or how long they keep it etc. Yeah, “sharing” data with the likes of Google (and smaller players like Disqus) can’t easily be avoided but there is something creepy about these companies having a full profile of every person on the internet.

        Let them scan and store your personal photos and you can be sure they know and record who all your friends are, your family and probably even strangers who appear in the background of your holiday pictures. No thanks. Besides I already have all the storage I need for my photos and trusting everything to the “cloud” (i.e. a remote computer in a server farm somewhere) means you have no control over what happens to your stuff. If a company goes bankrupt, gets hacked or their server farms get taken over by zombies…nothing you can do about it.

        If people actually knew what “the cloud” means and the implications of moving all their files from their devices to a corporate server many would probably reconsider. Sure it’s a choice and nobody is forced to store their data remotely…but a choice based on cheery PR (well-crafted propaganda) and pro-corporate media blurbs isn’t exactly based on credible information.

    • Ramone

      You mean automatically upload your photos to Google Drive…and this is not in any way “new”. Every cloud service has had an auto-upload option for years.

      • J3ff

        This is true but its never been from a provider like Google. At least i know that they will support this product and its attached to an account i use daily. Also the availability of the pictures on your phone, online in such an easy to use manor is important as well. Not like Flickr in which i never use yahoo and can never remember my password because of their ridiculous password requirements.

  • TornBodies

    i offload all my originals uncompressed to onedrive i got 100gigs of free space on there from a promo they had then i also backup to mega & dropbox all the pics i take worth keeping get sent to 4 cloud drives and the cloud drives keep them on my pc & mac as well its impossible for me to lose a photo the way google photos makes stories & memories is still better then apples ios 10 version

    • J3ff

      agreed to the memories portion! Ive gotten some really nice short vids out of it and was very impressed with how easy it was and how professional it looked.

  • Rowan09

    Not a fan of Google photos because I thought it could handle videos but it doesn’t do a good job and has a limit. I purchased a 2TB WD cloud drive and couldn’t be happier with it.

    • Timothy

      What do you mean? I have lots of videos in it and they all work fine, including ones shot in 4K.

      • Rowan09

        I have some videos on one of my phones (Note 2) and it wouldn’t transfer. I had some videos that transfered and when I tried to access them from my iPhone I couldn’t for some reason. At that point I just forgot about it.

      • :D

        I think the max resolution is 1080P for vids and 16 MP for pics
        Unless they’ve changed it recently

      • Timothy

        only for the downsizing option. I have plenty of storage so I have it upload original copies

  • Anonymous

    I had to switch to google photo’s because I ran out of room in iCloud. (I pay for the top tire). I do love the app, with its memory feature. I haven’t tried apples ios10 version due to my switch. I may make the trade off of lowering the quality of photo. But at the end of the day a photo is better than no photo because I didn’t have the space for it.

  • John Smith

    Great but it doesnt download from cloud to your pc for offline viewing

  • James G

    Not a fan. They compress images and probably scan my photos for their own nefarious ad targeting purposes. I keep all my data, except search and YouTube history, out of Google’s hands.

  • shar

    google has an original quality upload option, I have free 20gb storage with google and upload all images in original quality, why would I ever go back to icloud.

  • Jayy

    Lol not going to lie funny ad, that’s how it used to be for me on my old 8gb iPhone 4. Wanting to take pics and had to delete 10 pictures just to take one.

  • Or you can use Dropbox, you know right? I have like 4 years using dropbox to clean my iPhone and I have more space for free

  • Innes

    Funny advert 🙂

  • Leslie B

    I pay a dollar a month for a bit of extra iCloud storage. To keep the original photos intact and for backup of all my devices, I think it’s well worth it.