Your Apple Watch is an incredible feat of technology, and it deserves a classy and attractive presentation when it comes off your wrist. Elevation Lab’s NightStand for Apple Watch is minimalistic and aesthetically appealing, and with a $19.95 price tag to boot, it’s the charging stand you’ve been waiting for.

Made with soft, medical-grade silicone, this premium dock features air-suction cups that will adhere to your desired surface without any annoying and potentially table-damaging adhesives. Its sturdy positioning means you won’t have to worry about knocking it over in your daily movements.

The NightStand is compact and simple enough to use that you can do it with one hand, such as when you’re barely conscious in the morning and fumbling through the first moments of your day.

It’s also particularly easy for travel, with a simple removal MagSafe cord to take on the go. A low center of gravity prevents tip-overs, keeping it safe and sound as it presents your impressive wrist piece in ready-to-charge position.

Convenience, quality and style couldn’t intersect any more nicely than with this great dock, now an impressive 33% off for a limited time only.

  • malhal

    I use this one it’s good it’s one of the only ones that hold the watch sideways so it can work in nightstand mode which shows a big clock. Interesting in the photo the watch is upside down the crown needs to be at the top for it to work. Only problem is with the current watch OS it is impossible to keep the screen on but you can tap the table because if the watch senses any vibration and the screen comes on. The other stand like this also has 3 USB charging ports but it makes a noisy hissing sound probably down to cheap electronics so I would recommend this one instead, if you can stomach paying $20 for essentially a piece of rubbery plastic.

  • Not sure what you mean by “larger faces.” I do have a similar dock (mine is the Spiegen one) and it works fine with any band, including by link bracelet. Because of the very similar design, I’m 99% confident that this one would work with any band as well.

  • AndreG

    The company Orzly makes one similar, for a little bit less at $9.98 on Amazon. It works great! Does have an adhesive tape on the bottom if you prefer to have it stick a nightstand or flat surface. I have had it for 4 months now, I don’t use the adhesive on the bottom and i have never had an issue, it never slides or falls. Totally worth it and an easy charging solution, I use it with my 42′ Apple sport watch (Quick Drop n charge method). Only negative is the product does have a weird smell to it (probably from packaging) but a quick rinse in dish soap fixes that.