Your Apple Watch is an incredible feat of technology, and it deserves a classy and attractive presentation when it comes off your wrist. Elevation Lab’s NightStand for Apple Watch is minimalistic and aesthetically appealing, and with a $19.95 price tag to boot, it’s the charging stand you’ve been waiting for.

Made with soft, medical-grade silicone, this premium dock features air-suction cups that will adhere to your desired surface without any annoying and potentially table-damaging adhesives. Its sturdy positioning means you won’t have to worry about knocking it over in your daily movements.

The NightStand is compact and simple enough to use that you can do it with one hand, such as when you’re barely conscious in the morning and fumbling through the first moments of your day.

It’s also particularly easy for travel, with a simple removal MagSafe cord to take on the go. A low center of gravity prevents tip-overs, keeping it safe and sound as it presents your impressive wrist piece in ready-to-charge position.

Convenience, quality and style couldn’t intersect any more nicely than with this great dock, now an impressive 33% off for a limited time only.