Pangu iOS 7.1.1

Pangu has released version 1.1 of its jailbreak app for the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak on Thursday that includes some bug fixes to improve the stability of the app, as well as a new embedded certificate feature that lets you embed the 1-year enterprise certificate.

Pangu v1.1 for iOS 9.3.3

This update is purely for the jailbreak app that gets side-loaded to your device itself. You won’t have to re-jailbreak your device, because it’s already jailbroken, but you will need to re-side-load the Pangu app to your device, only with version 1.1 this time.

Along with the latest bug fixes, which improve the jailbreak’s stability by a long shot, you now get the new ability to embed the 1-year Beijing enterprise certificate into your jailbreak, which Pangu says will guarantee you don’t have to re-side-load the app again until April of 2017 despite having been revoked by Apple after the launch of the Chinese jailbreak tool.

The process to perform the update is pretty easy. You just have to download the latest version of Cydia Impactor and the latest version of the Pangu IPA file from our downloads page, and then basically put your device into no jailbreak mode by rebooting it. Afterwards, just delete the old app, and then re-side-load the new version 1.1 app and run it.

Once you have the new app up and running, you can check a new box for the 1-year certificate, perform the semi-untethered jailbreak process, and boom you’re good for a year. Best of all, all of your jailbreak tweaks along with Cydia will still be there when you complete the process.

This doesn’t circumvent the semi-untethered aspect of the jailbreak. Every time you reboot your device, you are still going to end up in ‘no jailbreak mode,’ and you will have to run the app on your Home screen to re-gain access to Cydia and your tweaks again. Nevertheless, this isn’t all that bad.

Now that the Pangu jailbreak tool officially installs the 1-year Beijing enterprise certificate after a successful jailbreak, the method of having to use iFunBox to force the 1-year certificate onto your device is now obsolete.

If you’re unsure what the differences are between the certificates, we have a good read on what makes them different and why the 1-year Beijing enterprise certificate is so sought after.

Wrapping up

Now that the English Pangu jailbreak tool includes the 1-year Beijing enterprise certificate that will reportedly last until April 2017, the jailbreak is starting to look a lot more appealing. Despite the fact that it’s semi-untethered rather than untethered, the process to boot back into jailbreak mode only takes a couple of minutes and gets you rolling again in no time.

Will you jailbreak now that Pangu supports the 1-year Beijing enterprise certificate? Share below!

  • David

    i may be the only idiot here. but i’m lost! i jailbroke my device under the safari method the first time it came out. have not had any problems with it whatsoever. do i or should i still go under all these updates? or should i just stay where i’m at!? thank you!

    • Dan G

      I did through safari too and I’ve had no issues. I wouldn’t bother with this method unless necessary.

      • David

        Thanks, I just get lost with all these updates!

      • Dan G

        Yea I hear you, but considering I haven’t had any and I mean any issues at all with the safari jailbreak method, I don’t see the point? Ok it has improved stability and a certificate for a year, but using a burner apple ID wasn’t required with safari, so there hasn’t been an issue there. Hopefully someone else can chime in if I’m missing something.

  • cdlenfert

    This is as good as it gets I think. Really glad I moved from 9.0.2 still. Hopefully by the time April 2017 rolls around, we will have a new iOS 10 JB and the OS won’t be wonky like ole 9.0.2. Thanks for the update!

  • Fatejester

    I jailbroke with pangu/pp. then restored to stock to jailbreak with pangu English version. Then did the 1 year certificate with pp version. So what should I do now ? Restore and do this one? Or just side load this new version ? Just want to make sure I’m doing this right.

    • Ramon

      If you’re jailbroken already, you don’t need this. This is another method that people can use to jailbrake.

      • Fatejester

        Thank you also! I already did everything over earlier. But I just wanted to be up to date with everything. Thanks again though

    • TornBodies

      if u want the enlgish version with the 1 year cert just delete the pangu app restart ur phone load this new ipa with cydia impactor and tick the checkmark box that says u want the 1 year cert when reapplying the jailbreak takes less then 5 mins u dont need to restore ur phone

      • Fatejester

        Ok. Thank you for responding. I really appreciate it!

  • Will they release a mac version?

    • Ramon

      Cydia Impactor works with Mac.

      • Thanks, but I was inquiring about Pangu.

      • hurtfulmedicine

        lol, did you read the instructions. pangu is an app and you side load it through cydia impactor. the mac version is using cydia impactor lol

  • Y2J

    Has anyone else seen this issue? Crashes every time I tap on a song

    • Y2J

      Also my phone app crashes and I have open it 4-6 times before it works

      • IllFollowTheSun

        My phone app crashes too! You’re the first other person I’ve seen with this problem. I think I’m going to try this update just in case it fixes it.

      • Y2J

        Ah I’m not alone! Let me know if this update fixes it for you. Do we need to restore then rejailbreak to use this or can we just do it without restoring?

      • Amrit Bains

        Music app crashes for me also, please let me know if update resolves? My friends phone app kept crashing but this was due to a tweak called ‘Copic’ which once removed was resolved.

      • Y2J

        Hm, interesting. My phone app was crashing before I even jailbroke when I first downgraded.

      • Zencowboy007

        My phone app and music app work fine. I truly wonder IF it is a tweak not fully compatible with 9.3.3 as I had themestore installed and would randomly respring phone(not updated to 9.3.3 yet). Deleted it 3 days ago and no more resprings.

      • Y2J

        I would say that it is likely a tweak that isn’t fully compatible, except my issue started before I ever even installed a tweak. I’m assuming my issue is because I downgraded from 10 to 9.3.3 without restoring. There’s really no telling though because there are others with this issue and I doubt all of them downgraded without restoring too? Hopefully we get a fix or something because it’s really the only issue ve had.

      • IllFollowTheSun

        I did the update and it did not fix it, but I didn’t restore. And since you pointed it out, I discovered my music app also crashes. Guess I might try a restore. Hope we both get this sorted!

      • Amrit Bains

        You may already know this but don’t restore to 9.3.4 which apple released yesterday, otherwise you won’t be able to JB.

      • Y2J

        Ah that’s really disappointing, especially since I don’t have an iOS 9 backup I can restore to. Well, best of luck to you!

  • Cones1r

    Sounds a lot more enticing! May take care of that tonight!!!

  • XoloMic

    I’m lost, can i do this directly on my idevice? Or should i do it via windows?

    • Ramon

      You have to use Cydia Impactor, it runs on Windows, Mac, Linux.

  • I know I’ve complained about jailbreaking before but now that the tool includes a one year certificate, I might jailbreak my iPhone now.

  • HamptonWalley

    No, but I will keep the 9.3.3 firmware.

  • Gabriela Furlin

    Why today I woke up whit VIRTUAL HOME and Sweep selection not working anymore and I no longer see IGotYa in the Seetings????

    • Gabriela Furlin

      I can steel open Cydia, delete and install tweaks. But they no longer are working!!! And I have the Beijing!

  • Israel Rouimi

    Would it be possible to make a NEW video for all this?
    So many files on the download page and its showing older versions as newest version etc.
    I just used the PP method using PC. Got the pangs app that looks half half.
    Though, I’m not sure if I got the 1 year thing. It shows Beijing enterprise but how do I know its a year?
    Also, can you include in this video maybe what side loading is? Or how to reload the jailbreak after reboot.

    Thanks so much! Appreciate your help!

  • BAiNZy3

    I am on Jailbroken on iOS 9.1 … does anyone I think should update before the stop singing 9.3.3

  • Adrian

    If not yet jailbroken, do I worry about this Cydia impactor process BS??

  • Juan Ricarte

    Anyway to get an updated vid on how to jb? Completely lost with all of the updates